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    Cruel Intentions

    Cruel Intentions

    Vera Perov

    It took Taras a little bit of convincing to get Vera to schedule an appointment with Tim. She was worried about her memory and was a little naive in thinking that if she just waited it out, her memory would come back on its own. Taras had to recruit Vera's older siblings and her cousins to try and convince her to see a doctor about it. They told her they loved her and wanted her to get help if that's what she needed. She was nervous, though. What if Tim told her she was doomed to be like this forever. Having to have her little nieces and nephews help her remember the names of simple things? Uncle Taras came with her for the appointment that they scheduled after the last round of weddings in the community.

    "You don't have to stay, Uncle Taras. I won't back out. I'm sure you'd rather spend time with Jagoda. Planning your wedding or-"

    Taras shook his head and squeezed Vera's hand. While he loved spending time with Jagoda and was eager for his own wedding, Vera needed his support. He felt his place was with her right now and he was sure that Jagoda would be angry with him if he didn't stay with Vera at the appointment.

    "No, dear. I'm exactly where I want and need to be right now. Whatever happens, we'll get through this as a family."

    Actually more members of their family wanted to come but Taras said that it would be best to not have too many people in the doctor's office. He'd keep them all updated. She nodded her head and nervously waited for Tim to come see her.
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    Tim was glad to see that Taras was with Vera. He was sure that the young woman could use the support. This had to be difficult for her, and more than a little scary. Tim invited them back into one of the exam rooms, and explained what he was going to do.

    "Firsts, I'm going to do a basic neurological exam, ask you a few questions about your symptoms, and give you some mental exercises to do to see where the problem areas might be. Then I'll do an MRI and a PET scan. None of it will be painful - although you may find yourself bored during the scans. Hopefully that will give us enough information to identify the problem and consider treatment options."

    Tim made sure Vera could still track with her eyes, and that her pupils were still reactive. They discussed when and how the memory lapses were occurring, and possible patterns. He gave her some memory exercises, and made notes of where there were problems. Finally, he and Taras briefly left the room so Vera could change into a hospital gown for the MRI and PET scans. Then he returned and performed the tests. Fortunately, the community had purchased open scanning machines, so Vera wouldn't have the claustrophobic feeling of being in the older enclosed versions.

    When all that was finished, he let Vera get dressed again, and began analyzing the results.
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    Vera Perov

    Although Vera told her uncle he could leave, she was glad he hadn't. She was gripping his hand when Tim came to get them. She nodded her head in understanding of the tests Tim had to run. It seemed very overwhelming for the seventeen year old Lycan and she was glad she wasn't alone. She told Tim how she had trouble remembering the names of colors and other things that she shouldn't. It was frustrating to be lost at what something was called, especially when she could perfectly describe it other then the name. Taras offered that he and the family had found that Vera had started to use a roundabout way to describe things. Although she could recall complicated things she had learned in school but not something as simple as a color. It had all began after Regina had attacked in her Krems and she had sustained a bad head injury. She was glad the community had open scanning machines, she wouldn't have liked the old ones Tim told her doctors used to use. She nervously got dressed and held Taras' hand to find out the results. The scans showed damage to the left parietal lobe. Given that and her symptoms she had anomic aphasia. There was no way to completely cure it but with activities, she could help her recall the name of the things she was struggling with.
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    Pablo and Cheyenne Montgomery

    Márton had thought that Pablo and Cheyenne were just playing games but they were just beginning. At first, it had been satisfying to Pablo to pull the pranks but it still made him angry that Márton thought he could just move on from him. It was getting to the point he didn't even care about having Márton back, he just didn't want anyone else to have him. That's why he and Cheyenne ruined his car. They wanted to see who he would call and hired a kid to take pictures. Pablo recognized Paloma and frowned looking at pictures of the two men who had came with her to see Márton's car that day. He didn't recognize either of them. Cheyenne was helping him look through them and pointed to Paul.

    "That one must be Márton's new boyfriend."

    "Him? But he only has one arm. I have two!"

    Pablo declared, as if having two arms some how made someone a better boyfriend.

    "You sure it's not the other guy?"

    He asked, scrutinizing each picture the kid had taken. His sister shook her head.

    "No, body language says the Indian guy's with Paloma. See?"

    She said, telling her brother about the non verbal she could see in the pictures that suggested to her that Dipak was with Paloma and Paul was Márton's new boyfriend. Pablo was angry, he had face but not a name to go with it. How was he going to make this one armed guy dump Márton if he didn't know who he was?

    "Now what?"

    "We find out who he is, silly."

    Cheyenne said and Pablo rolled his eyes.

    "Well, duh. How are we going to find who he is?"

    "I got this one guy totally wrapped around my little finger. He'll find out everything there is to know about him."

    Cheyenne told her brother with a smile. There was a computer guy who had a major crush on her, she didn't really think he was worth her time but she'd pretend he was if he'd hack into some databases and give them a name and a life history on Paul. Pablo told her to hurry up and call this dude because he needed to know who Paul was right away.
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    Tim knew that the diagnosis he had to give was both good and bad. At least now they knew why Vera was having trouble, they could start helping her, and she didn't have to worry that the situation was a life-threatening neurological problem. On the other hand, he couldn't pretend there was a cure, even though there were ways to help her improve and make her life easier. Tim explained the exercises that would help her adjust to her condition and teach her brain to compensate, and stressed the importance of positive reinforcement to help maintain Vera's confidence in your speech.

    "You're going to be okay," he assured her. "You're still going to have a good life, and everything you dream about is still possible. This is a challenge. But you're strong, Vera, and you're going to meet it."
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    Vera Perov

    Vera wasn't sure what to make of the news. It was good and bad. At least she didn't have some major, life-threatening neurological problem. That was a blessing but it was still shocking to know she had something she'd have to deal with the rest of her life. It would never fully go away and she'd always have to keep at it. Doing these exercises to help her brain. It also made her angry at Regina, it was her fault Vera was like this. Not that being angry would much of a difference. Regina was dead and even if she wasn't, Vera would still have anomic aphasia. That wasn't going to change. It felt very overwhelming and she remembered she wasn't alone when her uncle squeezed her hand.

    "He's right, Vera. You can do anything you put your mind to and our whole family will help you."

    Taras told her with a smile and she smiled back.

    "It's good to not be alone."

    She used to feel alone, like all the Markovs' slaves did. She wasn't alone now, though. It would be hard but she could handle it because she had people who loved her and would help her. She turned back to Tim and started to ask him questions about her treatment so she had better understanding of what she could do to help her memory and how the condition was going to change her life.
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    Cheyenne Montgomery

    Cheyenne's wanna be boy toy came through. He actually had to pull security video around Márton's paintball field to get a good enough picture of Paul to run through any databases to get his name. The one armed man was named Paul Coleman and the thing that both Cheyenne and Pablo found very interesting was that he had been in prison for beating up his ex. They wondered how much Márton knew about that, although with the plan they had, it didn't matter if he knew Paul had been in jail. One way or another the relationship would be over, they were sure of that. Cheyenne, who didn't give the guy more then a long kiss, took the information and headed to Márton's paintball field. They had never met, so he wouldn't know who she was right away. Pablo trusted his sister could handle this and she had a kid hiding nearby with a camera. Márton, assuming she was a customer, greeted her and was surprised when she said they needed to talk.

    "I'm Cheyenne Montgomery, Pablo's sister."


    The pleasant attitude Márton had suddenly died. What the hell did she want? Cheyenne didn't give him a chance to say anything before she continued on.

    "Look Pablo has accepted you moved and that you're happy."

    "Good. I-"

    He was going to tell her needed to get back to work or that she and Pablo needed to buy him a new car, when she cut him off. Cheyenne wasn't done yet.

    "However, he is concerned."

    "Why is that?"

    Márton asked in annoyance, her brother hadn't been concerned about him until a very recently. She pretended to look troubled as she handed him a file folder. Inside was the information they had found out about Paul's trial.

    "Because Paul Coleman is a convict. Did he tell you that?"

    "I already know he was in jail."

    Márton replied, barely glancing at the papers. Cheyenne wasn't about to give up and replied.

    "I bet he said he didn't do it, right? That's what they all say. But look. He beat the shit out this poor guy."

    She said shoving a picture of Paul's ex with his bruises in Márton's face.

    "Pablo wants you be happy but he doesn't want something terrible to happen to you."

    The picture looked bad and Márton had never asked Paul why he had been in jail. Although Paul said he had been in jail for something he didn't do. Considering the shit Cheyenne and her brother did to him, he was more inclined to believe Paul then her.

    "Tell your brother I'll be fine."

    Márton said and was going to walk away when Cheyenne suddenly grabbed him and forced him to kiss her.

    "What the hell did you do that for?!"

    Márton asked her after he grabbed her shoulders to pull her away. Shocked and feeling a little violated. He had no interest in her and she clearly didn't respect boundaries. Cheyenne shrugged.

    "It was the goodbye kiss he asked me to give you. Later."

    She walked out with a swagger and Márton wasn't entirely sure what had just happened. She found the kid a few minutes later and he said he got the picture of her kissing Márton that she wanted. She paid him and sent the picture to Paul, saying that Márton was cheating on him with a woman.
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    Elisha Mester

    Elisha didn't like this new Lycan life. It felt wrong and she felt like a monster. The only thing that surely saving her soul was that she was doing with for Charma. She needed to save her granddaughter, each day she waited, the innocent child grew more and more corrupt. Of course, if the HPL knew what she had done, she'd be dead. It wouldn't matter to Aric and Amos that she had only done it to save Charma, she'd still be on their hit list. Thus why she was avoiding all the HPL's calls. Once Charma was saved and she was back to normal, she'd come up with an excuse that she was out of the country on a "family emergency" and that's why she missed meetings and such. She did leave out her club membership to Alek's little group of immortals as well. She didn't think they'd appreciate that bit of information.

    "When are we going to make a move? I'm tired of Jael and Vencel playing house."

    She said to Alek. The sooner she got Charma, the better. She wanted her old life back as soon as possible.

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    Paul ripped open the envelope, glanced at the photo, and laughed. Obviously someone was messing with them, and it didn't take a genius to figure out who it was. Cheyenne wouldn't be the first woman who ever grabbed a gay guy and gave him a kiss, hoping that... what, it would be enough to turn him straight? As if one's sexual identity were so simple that one good smooch could change it. It was ridiculous.

    He tossed the photo in the trash, and didn't give it another thought. An image didn't prove anything, and he trusted Márton a lot more than some anonymous "informant" who didn't even have the courage to confront someone to his face.
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    Alek looked up from his newspaper, and regarded Elisha calmly. Truth be told, she was starting to get on his nerves. She was so edgy all the time, and her conversation tended to be rather one-note about her handful of obsessions. It was tiresome.

    "We're waiting for the opportune moment," he replied evenly. "In case you've failed to notice, they hardly ever leave that compound - it's like a military base, even if you get in there's no hope of getting out. Unless you have another suggestion? One that might actually work, for example?"

    He managed to keep the sarcasm in his voice to a minimum, but not to suppress it entirely.
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