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    Márton Szarvas

    Márton wasn't truly sure what Cheyenne's game had been when he was working. He doubted she kissed him because Pablo wanted to "say goodbye". She was up to something else but he wasn't sure what. Perhaps she thought telling him things about Paul would make him suddenly go back to Pablo. Or she could make him straight by kissing him. He wasn't really sure why she had even came here. He closed up and headed home. The community was quickly becoming home to him and the more time he spent there, the more tempted he was to take Dipak up on the offer of moving with the rest of them to Russia. He went to see Paul after he changed and told him.

    "Cheyenne, Pablo's sister, showed up at work. Claiming that she and her brother are 'concerned' about me. "

    He didn't realize that Cheyenne had sent Paul a picture of the kiss but he didn't think Pablo and Cheyenne's concerns were about his safety either.

    "She told me a version of why you got sent to jail."

    A version that the court and police had taken as the truth. Márton wanted to hear Paul's side of what really happened, though. All stories had two sides and it was obvious from the papers that Cheyenne had left behind that Paul's side never got truly heard.
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    Pablo and Cheyenne Montgomery

    Cheyenne was certain that Paul and Márton would break up with each other and decided to go get ready for her date. Unlike the computer guy, she was excited for this one. Solomon Danko was smoking hot and worthy of her time. Pablo nagged her the moment she returned. Not happy that she hadn't tried to see if the plan actually worked.

    "I got better things to do then worry about your love life. Unlike you, I don't have actually have to pay for sex tonight."

    That comment pissed Pablo off and Cheyenne didn't care. She was tired of him acting like she had focus every moment of the day on his love life. She had her own stuff to deal with. She locked herself in the bathroom ignoring him and yelled at him to get the door when Solomon arrived. Solomon didn't realize that Pablo was his date's brother or that both had been adopted. He was confused why some guy he didn't know was in Cheyenne's apartment.

    "Umm...hi. Is Cheyenne here?"

    "She's putting her face on. It'll take her an hour since she looks like a banshee when she isn't wearing makeup."

    Pablo replied, pissed at his sister for thinking that her date was more important then him. Both were pretty self centered.

    "I see."

    Solomon replied, still not sure who Pablo actually was.

    "Umm...Who are you?"

    "Pablo, her brother. I live here."

    Solomon nodded his head, now that he knew who the guy was. Cheyenne said she shared her apartment with her brother. Pablo yelled at Cheyenne to get her ass out of the bathroom. Solomon looked around and noticed a stack of photos that had been pulled from the security cameras around Márton's paintball field while Cheyenne started yelling at her brother for being an asshole.

    "Cheyenne? Why do you have photos of Ferenc Lantos?"

    Solomon asked, shocked to see Ferenc in them. Cheyenne and Pablo both turned to Solomon and had no idea who he was talking about.


    "Lantos, he raped and killed an old lady and got let out on a technicality. He then tried to rape and a kill a kid. He's all over the news...You two don't watch the news much, do you?"

    He asked when Pablo and Cheyenne still had no idea what he was talking about. Both admitted they didn't. They had better things to do then watch that. The news was for losers. They were rich thanks to their daddy and didn't have to worry about a lot of things.

    "Why do you care about him?"

    Pablo asked and Solomon replied.

    "He's a Lycan, this group I'm involved is trying to protect the city from them and Vampires. Actually this guy's one too."

    He said pointing to Orin. Deanna and Regina had happily left a tip to the HPL about Orin after he and Noah had threatened them at the hospital.

    "Where were these taken? Because these other people are probably like them and they're dangerous. They needed to be eliminated and people associated with them are enemies too."

    Solomon said and Cheyenne and Pablo exchanged an evil grin. If their plan to break up Márton and Paul didn't work, then telling Solomon and his buddies about Márton being friends with immortals certainly would. Cheyenne and Pablo whispered back and forth a few minutes and Cheyenne asked.

    "You sure?"

    "Yeah, he should have just said yes."

    Pablo said with a nod of his head. Cheyenne nodded back and turned to Solomon and said they had some information they were sure his HPL friends would love to hear.
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    Paul nodded when Márton said Cheyenne had shown up in his work. "Ah, yes, the kissing girl. I wondered when that happened," he said, gesturing vaguely toward the wastebasket. "I wasn't impressed with the stunt."

    His heart sank when Márton brought up why he'd been in prison, and he rubbed his forehead with his hand as thought massaging away a headache. This was hard to talk about.

    "I should have told you before," he said. "It would have been easier for both of us. I stupidly thought it wouldn't matter."

    Paul rolled up the front of his shirt to his ribcage, showing a mark on his side - clearly in the shape of a burn from an iron. Then he covered it up again.

    "I didn't know what to do when he started hurting me. I'd heard about domestic violence, but I thought it was something men did to women. I didn't realize..." He shrugged helplessly. "Most of the time he just hit me. Sometimes he got really angry, and did worse. Like the burn... that was because he 'caught' me on the phone setting up a 'date' with another guy. The man on the phone was a repairman, and I was setting up an appointment for him to fix the furnace. Once Rudi got mad, though, there was no reasoning with him."

    "Eventually, I found the strength to move out my stuff and tell him it was over. That was when the real hell began. He bruised himself up, and went to the police and told them I'd done it. Rudi wasn't a big guy. I could have fought back. I just... didn't, because I thought I loved him and I couldn't hurt someone I loved. One look at him, and one look at me..."

    Paul was strong, well-built, in good shape in spite of the time he'd spent locked up in Nagy. "Well, which of us would anybody believe? I'm not sure even I would believe me, if I wasn't the one who it happened to. So why would anyone else?"

    He looked away, as if gazing into the distance, although there was nothing in front of him but a blank wall. "I'm sorry, Márton. I should have known better than to try to make this work. Sometimes someone does something to you that's just... irreparable. And you just have to get used to being alone. I'm not going to ask you to stay and take your chances with me. You shouldn't have to wonder if your boyfriend is going to be a danger to you. You can do better than that. I'm sorry you wasted your time on someone like me. It was too late for this a long time ago, at least for me."

    It didn't even occur to Paul that Márton might still want him. It seemed like too much to ask, under the circumstances. Having lived through abuse himself and knowing how awful it felt, he didn't see why Márton would consider risking it.
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    Elisha Mester

    Elisha narrowed her eyes at Alek. His attitude towards her annoyed her. Seriously if it wasn't for Charma, she wouldn't even care about Vencel and Dulica. They were both going to hell together. So was that girl Mila. All she cared about was Charma and once she had her, Elisha was ready to wash her hands of these people. Perhaps make Aric and Amos happy by offering up the names of some immortals that weren't a part of New Haven.

    "Oliver and his whore are on good terms with them. Perhaps Vencel and Jael would let him take the children somewhere and the two of them could go on some 'date' without my granddaughter and the child whore."

    That might work on getting Charma. Oliver and Catalina were just humans. They wouldn't stand a chance against her now. One little benefit of having to be a living demon.

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    Márton Szarvas

    Márton raised an eyebrow when Paul said "the kissing girl" and looked in the wastebasket and saw the picture. Well, that made more sense to him then the reason Cheyenne had gave for it. She was trying to make Paul think Márton was with her.

    "I didn't enjoy it."

    He replied and got quiet when Paul told him about Rudi. His eyes got wide seeing the scar that the iron had left on Paul's side. And then he felt bad about what Rudi had put Paul through and that no one believed Paul because he was bigger. He believed Paul, though. It was very obviously from the look in his eyes and the tone of voice, that Paul had been the victim of abuse. It was horrible that the victim had been the one put in jail instead of the abuser. He gave Paul a hug and told him.

    "You aren't alone. I believe you about what Rudi did. I wish he had never hurt you but I know I'm not in danger being with you."

    He trusted Paul and didn't think he'd hurt him. Despite what other people would try to claim.

    "Cheyenne and Pablo are just trying to start shit because he's pissed I won't get back with him. He cheated on me and didn't give a shit what I did for the last year when I single."

    Not until Pablo suddenly decided he wanted Márton back and Márton had told him no. Since Paul had been willing to share his painful past, Márton felt he should tell Paul more about Pablo. Especially since it was clear he and Cheyenne knew who Paul was and they'd probably continue with trying to break them up.

    "Their father is this very rich movie actor and he spoiled them rotten with money since he didn't show them affection. They got whatever they wanted as kids and never truly grew up. Since Pablo is used to getting what he wants, he's acting like a spoiled little brat because he can't have me."

    Suddenly Márton thought how incompatible he and Pablo had been. They claimed opposites attract but they were far too opposite. He had more things in common with Paul and their personalities meshed much better.

    "He and I never should have been. He's far too selfish to have a relationship with. I was just...I didn't want to be alone and I tried to make things work with him. Despite the fact common sense told me that it never would. Pretty pathetic, huh?"
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    Alek had expected mere drivel from Elisha, but he'd forced himself to pay attention anyway... and to his surprise, she'd come up with an idea that actually might work. Maybe he had underestimated her. No, probably not - but at least she'd proven he hadn't been entirely foolish bringing her in on his plan.

    "Yes, I'm willing to give that a try," Alek said. "Do you think you could get Oliver to volunteer?"

    Otherwise, he didn't see how they could make it happen. Either they would need to wait for Vencel and Dulcia to make those plans on their own - and waiting was what Elisha objected to in the first place - or they would have to contact the family directly. He didn't see another way around the problem.

    "We also need to discuss what to do with the whore. I don't want her. She may be my biological granddaughter, but she's an embarrassment to our family. Do you want her?"

    If not, their options were limited, especially if Catalina and Oliver had to die. Mila might become a... casualty.
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    When Márton hugged him and told him he wasn't alone, when he said he believed him, Paul felt like chains were being lifted from him. Until this moment, he'd been holding back a little, guarding his heart against the rejection he couldn't help thinking was inevitable. Paul had always thought, deep down, like Rudi had hurt him in ways he could never recover from. Not the physical pain, or even the emotional trauma, but the way he'd been branded as a monster who wasn't worthy of love. Up till now, Paul hadn't questioned that he was marked for life. Now, he was starting to have an inkling that happiness was possible, not just a fantasy he and Márton were playing at.

    Paul returned the hug like a drowning man clinging for dear life. In a way, he'd just been saved.

    He shook his head when Márton called himself pathetic. "No, it's not," Paul said honestly. "Everyone needs love. No one wants to be lonely. It's normal. If you want to talk about pathetic - I stayed with Rudi for six months after he gave me that burn. Sometimes it's easier to let yourself be hurt by your partner than to face being alone. I understand that. Not all injuries are physical. The emotional ones are much worse... and it sounds like Pablo gave you no shortage of those. I'm glad you're here, Márton. I'm glad you're not with him anymore. And... I'm glad you are with me."
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    Elisha Mester

    "Yes, I'm sure I can."

    Elisha replied to Alek. While she couldn't just make the suggestion to Oliver without him getting suspicious, after all, she had made a big point already that she wanted nothing to do with Mila. Oliver wasn't dumb enough to think she'd just suggest he and Catalina, who she made no secret of hating, should go spend time with the girls and "bond". She did know how to push his buttons. She could get into an argument with him and make him think he had to "prove her wrong" about it. She made a face when Alek asked if she wanted Mila.

    "God, no. She's already corrupted my innocent granddaughter enough. Just find someone to sell her to. She probably misses that type of life anyway."

    Dulcia might say Mila was her daughter but Elisha wanted nothing to do with the child whore. She was far too damaged at her age to possibly be saved and be made into a good little Christian girl.
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    Márton Szarvas

    When Paul returned his hug, Márton knew he believed him. Márton was glad, because he didn't want to lose Paul because Paul thought he wasn't good enough to be loved. He smiled when Paul said he wasn't pathetic.

    "You're not pathetic either."

    Márton told Paul. While Pablo hadn't physically hurt him, emotionally he had done a number on Márton and that was before he found out that Pablo was cheating on him. Pablo liked to pick fights, drama seemed to be his middle name. Márton didn't miss that. He didn't like drama and really didn't see if anyone, man or woman, wanted to pick fights with their partner. Love wasn't supposed to be a battlefield.

    "You're who I want to be with."

    Márton told Paul and gave him a kiss. There was no question in Márton's mind that he'd pick to be with Paul over Pablo any day of the week. Even if, as a Lycan, Paul would out live him and they'd only have Márton's human life together. He'd rather have whatever time he had with Paul and the risk that came with being a human dating a Lycan, then not have Paul in his life at all.
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    Alek nodded. "I'm sure she does miss it," he agreed. "Why else would she have agreed to sell her body in the first place, if she didn't like it? I'll see what I can do about finding a buyer."

    This was a deflection, though, because Alek probably wouldn't take the time to do that. Unlike Elisha, Alek didn't care if something might be a sin. He didn't believe there was any higher power out there to judge that, anyway. Alek didn't have any qualms about killing the girl. She was worthless to him, and although they might be related by blood, he didn't see someone like her as a true family member.

    Sure, he'd put out some feelers, ask around. Alek wasn't in the same business his older son had been in, though, and had no interest in it. He wasn't going to waste a lot of time. If the girl was inconvenient, it wouldn't be hard to simply eliminate her and leave her body in a ditch somewhere.

    "Go work your magic with Oliver, please," Alek told Elisha with a rare sincere smile.
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