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    "You're who I want to be with, too," Paul agreed, and kissed Márton back.

    Of course, there were still things they needed to consider. Paul really had no choice but to move when the community left. It was too dangerous here, and he couldn't have any sort of life with Márton if he was being hunted down like... well, an animal. He also wouldn't want to force Márton to give up a job he enjoyed and all the rest of the life he had built here, though.

    There was always long-distance, of course. They'd have e-mail and telephones at their new home. It wouldn't be quite the same, but they could make it work. Paul wasn't going to spoil this wonderful moment by bringing up the challenges, though.

    For now, he would just enjoy being the one Márton wanted. The conversation had started out difficult, but it had turned out very, very well.
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    Elisha Mester

    Elisha nodded her head that Alek would find a buyer for Mila. She didn't care what happened to the girl as long as she was out of her and Charma's lives. She'd never suggest killing someone, though. Elisha was far too religious for that. Killing was a sin and she was determined to not go to hell. Although she wouldn't kill someone, she also wouldn't save them either. If something were to happen to Oliver, Catalina, Mila, Dulcia, or Vencel she'd make no effort to save them even if it meant one of them would die.

    "I will."

    She said and left. It wasn't hard to find what Oliver was spending his money on lately. They might not live together but they weren't divorced or legally separated. That meant Elisha could access all his credit card records. It seemed he was buying Mila and Charma toys. She found him leaving the toy store and shook her head at him.

    "I see you think you buy those girls' love with toys."

    It wasn't a secret that Oliver liked to spoil Charma and Mila, they were his granddaughters and it was a grandfather's job to spoil them. Although he wasn't trying to buy their love. He loved spending time with them and was happy that Dulcia and her family wanted him and Catalina to spend time with them. The first few visits were a little awkward since he and Catalina were just getting to know the girls but now it was very natural. He thought Elisha was missing out not spending time with them.

    "I can buy my granddaughters whatever I want."

    "Only one is your granddaughter, the other is a-"

    "Don't you dare insult Mila. She's a better person then you."

    Oliver glared at Elisha, knowing she was going to insult Mila. She wasn't a whore, she was a child recovering from abuse. Elisha rolled her eyes.

    "Right. Anyway, as I was saying, obviously your toys aren't working. Since Jael and her convict aren't letting you and your harlot spend time alone with the girls. She must not trust you."

    She was getting him angry, and she wanted to grin but didn't.

    "Dulcia trusts me. I like spending time with her and Vencel as well as the girls."

    "Keep telling yourself that. I bet she'd tell you no if you even suggested taking the girls on your own for an hour."

    Oliver was sure that Elisha was wrong. At first Dulcia would have said no but their relationship was better now. He was proving to her that he wasn't going to make another mistake. He always showed up early to any family thing they planned.

    "You're wrong."

    "Prove it."

    "Why should I? I don't owe you anything."

    "Maybe not but I still think she'll tell you no."

    Elisha said and started to walk away. Oliver didn't know she was a Lycan but she stayed with in earshot to hear him call Catalina and ask if she thought Dulcia and Vencel might let them take the girls for a day. She smiled, pleased with herself.

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    Ariel Caspi

    Ariel was sitting on the couch and flipping through a magazine as Alek and Elisha talked. She half paid attention to the talk. She found Elisha annoying. No wonder her daughter and husband had left her, who could live with her? All she cared about was religion this and religion that. Telling you how you were going to hell and how awful Oliver and Dulcia were. Ariel didn't even care about those people and she couldn't wait until Alek got his new wife and Elisha got her granddaughter so they'd both shut up about Vencel. Between Alek and having to put with it with Gaston, Ariel was tempted to just kill the man herself so no one could go on about him. When Elisha left to go terrorize Oliver, Ariel asked Alek.

    "Does this mean once you two get what you want, we can rid of her? I'm about ready to snap her neck as much as she talks about God."
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    Márton Szarvas

    Márton grinned, very happy that he was the one Paul wanted too. Márton knew they had others things they'd eventually have to talk about, like how their relationship would work when the community moved to Russia, but Márton thought one serious discussion was enough for tonight. They still had time to talk about it, but Márton was leaning more and more towards moving with them. He did love his job but it was still just a job. He could always get another one. He wouldn't be able to replace Paul. The next day he headed off to work. He had to always get there before the field opened for business to get things ready for the day. He felt bad having to depend on someone to give him a ride to and from work right now. He wasn't poor but a lot of his money was tied up in his business. He lived pretty comfortably on what he did make but he didn't have enough money to just drop on a new or even a decent used car. No one seemed to mind, though, and he thanked Chester for the ride. Márton was going to unlock the door when a woman with long dark brown hair approached him.

    "Are you Márton Szarvas?"


    Before he could ask the woman who she was or what she wanted, she pulled out a rag soaked in chloroform and put it over his mouth and nose. He passed out and dropped to the ground. The woman dumped him into her car and drove off.
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    Alek shrugged and said mildly, "I'm sure we can both put up with her a little longer."

    Although he'd grown up in a Roman Catholic household, Alek had never really taken any religious principles to heart. His wife had, though, and he'd pretended it to please her, so it wasn't difficult to pretend again. Vencel had taken after his mother in terms of faith, which Alek found odd since they'd never actually met. Alek considered their beliefs mere superstition, and although he'd found it endearing in his wife, in Vencel it was an annoyance. Elisha definitely fell into the latter category too, even if Alek could tolerate it better than Ariel could.

    "There's no need for any action on our part. Elisha has no wish to remain here either. Once we all get what we want, she'll move on. Just be patient for now, Ariel."

    For a moment, he sounded like he was talking to one of his sons - he had addressed Ariel in a tone that was almost fatherly, though he would not have acknowledged it as such. It was merely a habit.
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    Ariel Caspi


    Ariel replied, not fully convinced she could tolerate Elisha much longer. She wasn't like Alek, she couldn't fake caring about this religious crap. Although she did believe Elisha would move on when she got what she wanted. She didn't say it out loud, but Ariel could tell she didn't like being a Lycan.

    "I will. Although the old bat is going to be in for a rude awakening when she finds out there isn't a cure."

    She said with a smirk. She was sure that Elisha would very pissed off about that.
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    Maureen Landers

    Maureen used to be an interrogator for the CIA. She had always gotten results but had to be "let go" because she was viewed too cruel in her interrogations and that she violated basic human rights. Her enemies didn't have rights and she didn't care how far she had to go to break someone. Solomon had reported that Márton
    Szarvas was friends with the New Haven immortals. He had photos from Pablo and Cheyenne to prove it. After some brief recon of seeing Márton living in New Haven and having confirmed immortals drive him to and from work, Maureen knew he was an enemy and she could take him. She used to help fight terrorists. Now the enemies were Vampires and Lycans and any human who associated with them was the enemy too. Maureen was browsing through his cell phone when Márton started to come to. She had zipped tied his hands and feet together and he was laying on the cold tile floor.

    "About time you woke up. We need to talk."

    Maureen said, pocketing the cell phone.

    "About what...Where am I? Who are you?"

    Márton felt disoriented and each question he asked, earned him a kick in the ribs.

    "I ask the questions, not you. You only get to speak when I allow it. Understood?"

    She asked as she kicked him again and Márton groaned a yes. Maureen gave him a devilish grin.

    "Great. Now that we are on the same page we can begin. My rules are simple. You tell the truth and I won't hurt you much. You don't and well, things won't be 'pleasant' for you."

    Things already didn't feel pleasant and Márton had a feeling he wouldn't like this at all.
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    The corner of Alek's mouth turned up slightly in a half-smile. It was the only indication he was being lighthearted, because his tone didn't change as he said, "We can't predict the future, Ariel. Someday a cure may come."

    His half-smile became a full one, showing how seriously he actually took the idea. There would never be a cure. It was in no one's best interest to work to create one. The humans just wanted all the immortals dead, and why would an immortal give up all they had gained?

    "With luck, Elisha will be successful with Oliver. Then we can move forward, and I think we'll all feel less frustrated."
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    Paul's first indication that something was wrong was when the phone in the lounge rang, and the man on the other end asked, "Is Márton there?"

    "Nope," Paul replied. "He's at work. You should try him there."

    There was a pause. Then the caller said, "I'm at the paintball field, is the thing. Me and my buddies had a booking, but Márton isn't here. The place is deserted, and there's no note. We're regular customers, so I don't think he'd just forget about us."

    Paul was a bit worried. It wasn't like Márton to miss work, or to leave the desk unattended during business hours. "I'll try his cell and see if I can get a hold of him," Paul said. "If I can, I'll send him over." You never knew. Maybe something had come up.

    The customer thanked him and hung up. Paul tried Márton's mobile phone several times, and got no answer. Maybe he was being paranoid, but he was worried enough that he asked Helen Yeats to drive him to the paintball field to check that everything was alright.
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    Dulcia Mester

    Dulcia was playing a game with the girls when the phone rang. She told Mila to take her turn when she got up to answer it. She smiled when she heard it was her father. She was glad that she had given her father a chance. It had scared her a little to let him back in her life because she was worried he'd just disappeared again. That wasn't the case, though. Her father and Catalina had been keeping their promises. Showing to her that he wasn't going to repeat the mistakes in the past. She moved into another room when she could tell from the tone of his voice he had probably had some fight with her mother.

    "What did she say to you?"

    "Oh, don't worry about her."

    Oliver replied, he didn't want Dulcia to think his suggestion was only because Elisha had pissed him off and he was determined to prove her wrong. He was going to prove her wrong but that wasn't why he wanted to spend time alone with his granddaughters.

    "Catalina and I were talking and we were wondering if you'd be okay with us taking the girls out sometime, just the four of us. You and Vencel could go on a date or something by yourselves."

    If her father had suggested something like that a few weeks ago, she would have quickly told him no. Now, though, she was considering it. Mila and Charma would probably like to spend time with their grandparents and it was true that she and Vencel didn't always get to spend a lot of time alone.

    "I'll have to talk to Vencel about it first."

    She wasn't going to say yes unless she was sure Vencel was okay with it too. He seemed to like her father and Catalina but that didn't mean he thought they were ready to have alone time with the girls. Oliver said he understood and told her to just call him back after they decided. She went to find Vencel and told him about the phone call.

    "...What do you think? I'm leaning more towards yes personally."
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