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    A series of emotions passed rapidly over Allison's face. Joy that her daughter was still alive. Concern that if her little girl had different parents now, she might not want to be uprooted. Finally, anger and horror about how the little girl had been mutilated. What kind of monster amputated the hand of a child to hide the crimes that had been committed against her? It was horrific.

    "We have to save her," Allison said. "Please. We have to find her and bring her home."

    She took a few deep breaths to calm herself. "I'm sorry," she said. "This is just... a lot to take in. I'm kind of overwhelmed. Thank you for your help, Diego. I'm sure you and Turner will be able to figure out where she is. I just hope she doesn't get hurt any more than she already is."
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    Diego Mester

    "We will. Turner's already finding out where Green and his wife live. As soon as he knows, he'll send a team to go get your daughter. You won't be apart from her much longer."

    Diego assured Allison. He could understand why she'd be overwhelmed and didn't hold that against her. He smiled at her.

    "You're welcome and I don't want her to get hurt anymore either."

    He didn't even know the girl and he hadn't known Allison very long but he already cared about them both. He wanted the girl to be safe and reunited with her mother.
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    Larissa Perov

    Larissa smiled back at Vanna when she saw how excited she was about school.

    "I think you'll like it."

    Larissa thanked her for the sympathy about bad dreams. Larissa didn't like having dreams about Vladimir or Claude but those experiences did help her understand what her children and other family members were going through. She thought it was a good sign that Masha hadn't ran out of the room and seemed willing to sit on Ferenc's bed, even if she wasn't making any physical contact. She smiled when Masha said she'd stay with them.

    "You're welcome. I know it's too early to believe it but you'll be happy."

    It would take time but in time, Masha and Vanna would both have much better lives then what they had left behind. They would be safe, get to go to school, have lots of friends, and be a part of big loving family. One that not only included Larissa, Ferenc, and their children but lots of aunts, uncles, and cousins too.
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    "You're a good man, Diego," Allison said, and meant it. Not just anyone would put in this much work to find a child they'd never even seen for a woman they'd just met. Allison counted herself fortunate that the people of New Haven, especially Diego and Turner, would go out on this limb for her.

    "Could you... stay for a little while? Sort of a pre-date? I mean, unless you have other plans."

    Turner wouldn't be able to find the information instantly, so they were at a temporary standstill. In the meantime, Diego's company would be reassuring.
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    Diego Mester

    "Thanks, Allison."

    Diego replied when she called him a good man. It meant a lot to him that Allison thought he was. He tried hard to not be a man like his birth father. He nodded his head when she asked if he could stay for a little while.

    "There's no where else I'd rather be."

    He said with a smile.
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