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Thread: The Tributes

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    Name: Fayth Hansen

    District: Three

    Age: 17

    Selection Details: Standard reaping, no volunteers

    Physical appearance: 5'3", 120 pounds. Long, dark brown hair and eyes. Tan skin and average built.

    Skills: Fayth is highly knowledgeable and creative with electronics. It is yet to be seen how Fayth will fair physically since she seems to possess only average strength and doesn't seem to be very gifted in any weapons.

    Training Score (1-12): 6

    Publicity Bio: Fayth's parents are inventors in District Three and it seems Fayth is taking after her parents. While she might not be the strongest competitor in this year's Hunger Games, she could still be a formidable opponent with her knowledge of electronics.
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    Name: Titus Adamson

    District: Tweleve

    Age: 18

    Selection Details: Volunteered.

    Physical appearance: 5'11", 180 pounds. Short light brown, wavy hair and blue eyes. Slim but athletic built.

    Skills: Titus works in a coal mine and has above average strength from the hard work. He quickly picked up using a battle ax and is also skilled at hunting.

    Training Score (1-12): 9

    Publicity Bio: Titus volunteered to take the place of Cain Darrow who was reaped in District 12. Rumors have it that Titus' deceased father owed a lot of money to Irvine Darrow and that Titus volunteered to take the son's place in hopes of wiping his family's debts away. Since his father's death, Titus has taken his father's place in the coal mines and trying to provide as much for his family as he can. He plans to win to make sure his mother and younger siblings no longer have to live with the shame Horatio Adamson brought to his family.
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    Name: Yvonne Morrison

    District: Two

    Age: 18

    Selection Details: Career tribute, volunteered.

    Physical appearance: 5'7", weighs 115 pounds. She has a slim but athletic build. Fair skinned with wavy blond hair and blue eyes.

    Skills: Swords, bow and arrow, and knife throwing. Yvonne is a fast runner and skilled in hand to hand combat.

    Training Score (1-12): 10

    Publicity Bio: Yvonne has trained her whole life to win the Hunger Games. Daughter of a peacekeeper, she is definitely her father's daughter. Failure is not an option for Yvonne. Don't be fooled by her pretty face, Yvonne is a cunning and more ruthless then she appears.
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    Name: Lucky Byrne

    District: One

    Age: 18

    Selection Details: Career Tribute, volunteered.

    Physical appearance: 6'3", 220 pounds. Shaggy blond hair, hazel eyes. Lucky has a muscular build.

    Skills: Knives, swords, spears, javelins, hand to hand combat. Lucky has above average strength and is skilled in a variety of weapons.

    Training Score (1-12): 10

    Publicity Bio: Lucky has spent his whole life preparing for the Hunger Games, eagerly awaiting his chance to volunteer and return as the victor. The athletic young man can adapt to many situations and will prove to be a formidable player. His only weakness seems to be that pretty blond from District Two.
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    Name: Mona Parr

    District: Eleven

    Age: 16

    Selection Details: Volunteered as a replacement for her younger sister

    Physical appearance: 5'6", 115 pounds. Thick curly hair, brown eyes, and dark skin tone. Tall, lean, strong build.

    Skills: Climbing, endurance, finding food, building fires, locating shelter, and scavenging supplies. She has moderate skill with knives at close range.

    Training Score (1-12): 7

    Publicity Bio: Mona bravely volunteered as tribute when her thirteen-year-old sister Maggie's name was called on Reaping Day. She is pursuing a risky strategy of avoiding alliances, choosing not to get to know any of her fellow tributes, and hoping to outlast her foes with her wilderness survival skills. If it comes down to a fight, though, Mona may have to demonstrate the knife skills she acquired helping with butchering animals on her family's farm. I think we the viewers all hope we'll get to see Mona put to the test!
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    Dash Wilsen

    District: Three

    Age: 17

    Selection Details: standard reaping, no volunteers

    Physical appearance: 5’9”, average build. Very pale skin, curly red hair, and golden brown eyes

    Skills: Dash is skilled in the areas traditionally associated with District 3: Tinkering, engineering, traps, etc. But he is also a fast runner.

    Training Score (1-12): 7

    Publicity Bio: Dash is the only child of prominent engineers in District Three. His parents have taught him well and he has a great talent for making gadgets. We will if the arena offers him an opportunity to shine, and if he can use his machines to win this year’s Games!
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