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    Other Characters

    Other Characters

    This is the bio thread for all characters who are not tributes. Any other citizens of Panem belong here.
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    Name: Nicolai McBride

    Age: 20

    District: Currently at a duty posting in One, originally from Two. He has been temporarily reassigned to assist with this year's Games.

    Occupation: Peacekeeper

    Physical Appearance: 5'11", 155 pounds. Sandy blond hair cut short, and blue eyes. Strong, muscular, but lean build.

    Background information: Nicolai did extremely well in school, and upon graduation he was immediately scheduled for recruitment into the Capitol's experimental weapons development research program in District Two. He chose service as a humble Peacekeeper over this plum assignment, demonstrating his devotion to the greater good of Panem. He has been assigned to District One for the two years he has been enlisted so far, although he has requested temporary reassignment to the security detail for the Games to better serve the citizens of this great nation. His service record is impeccable, and his conduct is consistently exemplary.
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    Name: Lodi Eloka

    Age: 23

    Physical Appearance: 4’11”, 75 lbs. Black hair, black eyes, rainbow-coloured skin augmentation on face and neck (perhaps other body parts as well). Some believe she was made petite artificially through genetics and a careful physical regimen.

    Personality: Eloka plays the part of courtesan well, but her vicious nature is well known. Her tongue is quicker than any mind in the Capitol and many have felt her barbs at parties and soirees. Full of energy, she rarely remains still. A long platform had to be installed in the control room for her to be able to see all screens as she paces.

    Spiel: This year’s Gamemaker promises to make this the best Games yet! She’s learned from the best and has the creativity to make sure every single person is glued to their feeds until the last Tribute remains. We can’t wait to see what the Queen of Wit has cooked up!
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    Name: Allasayne Brighten

    Age: 34

    District: One

    Occupation: Victor/Mentor/Physical Education Teacher

    Physical Appearance: 6'0" with an extremely toned, muscular, athletic build. Her hair is light brown with lighter highlights, and her skin is tanned.

    Background information: Allasayne Brighten was the winner of the 58th Hunger Games, renowned for her skill with an axe, spear, and throwing knives. Although she would be entitled to retire and live a comfortable life aside from her mentoring duties, Allasayne has decided out of the goodness of her heart to teach physical education to the children of District One, to keep them in excellent shape and hone their skills. Allasayne is mentoring Gossamer Portmore in this year's Games; Portmore is known to be one of the more highly strung tributes, and popular opinion is that Allasayne has her work cut out for her keeping her feisty charge in line.
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    Name: Blaine McIntire

    Age: 23

    District: Three

    Occupation: Victor, Mentor, Engineer

    Physical Appearance: 6'2", 200 pounds. Shaggy light brown hair and green eyes. Usually seen with a five o'clock shadow. He is muscular built.

    Background information: Blaine is the winner of the 69th Hunger Games. He was viewed as one of the underdogs in his game but survived by luring his stronger opponents into various traps that he created from his knowledge of electronics. Blaine is Fayth's mentor this year. Since she is lacking in physical skill, he is trying to teach her the way he had won the games. The Games aren't always won by the strongest, but by the smartest. When not mentoring Tributes for the Hunger Games, Blaine works as an engineer because he would be too bored to sit around and do nothing.
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    Name: Adrian Penner

    Age: 37

    District: Twelve

    Occupation: Victor, Mentor

    Physical Appearance: 6', 225 pounds. Short kept dark with with blond streaks. He has grey eyes. He is muscular built.

    Background information: Adrian was the winner of the 55th Hunger Games. While he wasn't traditionally trained like the Careers he had been pitted against in his game, he won by a combination of strength, learned skills, and smarts. He enjoys a life of retirement when not mentoring. Although it is slightly lonely, since not many victors in the games' past come from his district. He especially likes his newest tribute, Titus, because sees a lot of himself in the boy.

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    Name: Maggie Parr

    Age: 13

    District: Eleven

    Occupation: Student, agricultural worker on Capitol-owned collective farm, helps with family's tiny subsistence farm

    Physical Appearance: 5'0", 95 pounds. Curly black hair, brown eyes, dark skin. Her build suggests she'll grow up to be tall, but she hasn't yet hit her growth spurt.

    Background information: Maggie's name was selected as the District Eleven girl on Reaping Day, but her older sister Mona volunteered in her place, so she is not headed to the arena but has to watch her beloved sister there instead. Maggie attends school during the few months of the year when there's nothing to harvest or plant, but like the other children and adults from her district, she spends the majority of her time working on the farming collectives where her District Eleven grows food for the Capitol. In what little free time she has, Maggie helps her parents and older sister (until Mona was sent away as a tribute) raise vegetables and food animals on the tiny patch of land where the family ekes out a living for themselves.
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    Name: Gemma Reynder

    Age: 22

    District: Two

    Occupation: Victor, Mentor

    Physical Appearance: 5'6", 125 pounds. Long black hair, slightly curly. Dark brown eyes and tan skin. She is curvy built.

    Background information: Gemma is the winner of the 67th Annual Hunger Games. She is one of the youngest victors in the Games' history, winning at age 15. She is skilled in knives and various short ranged weapons. Gemma had volunteered her year. She thought being a victor would be a wonderful life. She'd be able to take care of her ill mother. She quickly learned there was a dark side to being one. Especially when you are young and attractive. It didn't long for Gemma to start to hate the Capitol and drink after she had survived her arena.
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