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    Yeah. Turns out Vampire priests are not all that accepted outside the community.
    "Sleep to dream, and we dream to live..." -Great Big Sea

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    Poor Marek and Mayumi. Greta won't be happy that her little sister is crying.

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    Mayumi could use some comforting for sure.

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    I think I worded my last Tajana post in a way that was confusing. Sorry!

    What she was saying was that before the HPL kidnapped her, life wasn't too bad because she was just physically abused now and then. The HPL tortured her, not just Amos.

    To Tajana "moving" means switching families, not just switching houses, so she'll be very relieved by what Egor said.

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    That makes more sense.

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    Oskar would be a good fit in construction.

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    Sounds good. He'd make some friends there.

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    I thought so. He'll be nervous to see Jurgen since he attacked him. And all the parents that he helped kidnap the kids of.

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    He and Ferenc will likely need to talk a bit, too.

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    I figured that and probably Vencel too.

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