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    I added the barest of family trees, as close as how you're doing them as I could figure. The families aren't very complicated yet, but I figure that's the time to start.

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    I updated the family tree. And I agree, Anne. You can always add on as the story develops.

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    Exactly, Sojourn. As we meet or learn about more relatives, I can add them on.

    Optimus? I mentioned "willow bark tea" for pain because that was a favorite remedy in some pre-industrial fantasy fan fiction communities. It's supposed to actually have some basis in reality: there is a willow whose bark was used that way. Chemists who analyzed it eventually developed aspirin, I believe. Unless they developed Tylenol/acetaminophen instead, but I think it was aspirin. In case that information helps.

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    It was aspirin.
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    Thanks, MK. I thought so, but it's good to know I'm right. I don't quite always remember things the way they actually happened.

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    Well, it would be important for Chase to know that Horace can't have aspirin.

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    Exactly. Especially since it'st eh easiest painkiller to find an herbal equivalent too, if you're trying to extend time between visits to the store.

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    I'm not sure quite how to handle the negotiations. I'm not the best negotiator, to be honest... certainly not as good as the gnomish clan's designated negotitors would be. Maybe we could work it out ont he side and summarize?

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    We can definitely do that Anne. Plus, you wouldn't have to write up anything fancy or create a bunch of temporary NPC's to have to rp with. We can just summarize everything in a post without drawing anything out.
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    {Sigh of relief} That summary sounds perfect, Tigers! I said what I did about the gnomes wanting to bargain not because I want to play thru all the haggling, but because they're the kind of gnomes who Scandinavian myths and legends claim tried to trick the gods themselves with their bargaining. That tells me that bargaining is very important to these folks... tho it's not my favorite type of role-playing scene.

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