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    Thanks. I was mostly good by the next morning, and back to as stable as I ever am the day after that . Which means I wasn't good, but I was better than I was right after that speed bump. {lop-sided smile}

    {thoughtful look} About that group of kids... a character just popped into my head who doesn't fit your parameters, but...

    ...Clara's and Horace's uncle. He's too old to fit your "it's all kids" plan - he wants to be late 20's - but... he's forest wise and town foolish, if you know what I mean. When it comes to the ways of the modern world, and especially of city streets, he's absolutely clueless. Now get him into a forest, and he's in his element, but you talked about living on the streets, not in a forest, and the poor fellow will need to be taught everything there, starting with how to cross a street. Yes, he's that clueless.

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    Sojourn - Sounds good.....let me know if you and OP want to do anything specific before we go to the new story line with the kids.

    Anne - Actually, your character would be a great addition and add to the challenges the kids have to face. Not only will most of them be young kids/ pre-teens, but they will all be of different races, from different backgrounds and have different abilities. This all adds to the difficulty in the challenges they will all face, it will definitely make or break a character. There is one ancient Vampire that will be in contact with the group from time to time, this is someone from one of my other character's past. So, if you still want to, feel free jump on when we get this next segment of the train started. Just let us know where you would like your character to join and we'll make it happen. The kids should be fun to write, and definitely more challenging.
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    The only plan Sojourn and I got for the characters were using right now is for Toby and Eden to be reunited during the shopping trip.

    We do still plan to re-introduce Flynn and Greta in the next arc. They'll have been traveling with Eden's family.

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    Tigs, I do plan to have Jacinta join your kid group still.

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    Chase will be happy to talk to Shazia. Just let me know when you need him.

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    I think that this scene is wrapping up, so maybe he could go ahead and come in, unless Anne has more to add?
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