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    I added the barest of family trees, as close as how you're doing them as I could figure. The families aren't very complicated yet, but I figure that's the time to start.

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    I updated the family tree. And I agree, Anne. You can always add on as the story develops.

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    Exactly, Sojourn. As we meet or learn about more relatives, I can add them on.

    Optimus? I mentioned "willow bark tea" for pain because that was a favorite remedy in some pre-industrial fantasy fan fiction communities. It's supposed to actually have some basis in reality: there is a willow whose bark was used that way. Chemists who analyzed it eventually developed aspirin, I believe. Unless they developed Tylenol/acetaminophen instead, but I think it was aspirin. In case that information helps.

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    It was aspirin.
    "Sleep to dream, and we dream to live..." -Great Big Sea

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    Thanks, MK. I thought so, but it's good to know I'm right. I don't quite always remember things the way they actually happened.

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    Well, it would be important for Chase to know that Horace can't have aspirin.

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    Exactly. Especially since it'st eh easiest painkiller to find an herbal equivalent too, if you're trying to extend time between visits to the store.

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