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    Underworld: Aftermath OOC - Part 2

    Underworld: Aftermath OOC - Part 2

    Hello folks, yes, we've been working on a new RP. My friend Monkey Kitty (who has just joined) and I have been talking about this for awhile and we'd like to see our ideas come to fruition. We're looking for some fellow fans - and some people who think they'd like the setting - to join us in Budapest and beyond. And so, without further ado, the introduction to the RP written by Monkey Kitty herself:

    The Basics:

    This RP is set in the universe of the Underworld movie series. Vampires and Lycans (a.k.a. werewolves) have been fighting a generations-long covert war, and both races have attempted to hide their existence from normal humans.

    The beginning setting is approximately the same period of time as the second movie, but focusing on different events than what the movie portrayed. Basically a sort of "Meanwhile, back in Budapest..." while the main movie characters were off elsewhere.

    The plot will start by exploring how the surviving Vampires and Lycans are regrouping following the events of the first movie, and how theyíre adapting to their changing situation. Will the war continue? What factions and powers will arise? What is the future of the two races, both separately and in relation to each other? The directions The Pack and The Coven will take are now in the playersí hands.

    Please note: This story would probably carry about the same movie rating as the films did, so expect some adult material.

    Q&A about the Storyline:

    Do I have to play a character from the movies?

    No. Original characters are welcome, and in fact encouraged.

    Can I play characters who died in the movies, or use them as living NPCs?

    Sorry, no (aside from flashbacks to before they died, of course.) For death to be meaningful, it canít be a minor inconvenience easily overcome. While some of our favourite characters are dead too, so we feel your pain, in a story about war, there will be a high human/Lycan/Vampire cost. To avoid trivializing that cost, as well as to avoid major lapses of continuity, we ask that the dead stay dead.

    Does my character have to pick a side?

    No, itís not necessarily required, but since the war and its aftermath are the main plot element, it will probably be more interesting for you if your character does have some connection to whatís going on in the story. However, certainly your character may be an innocent bystander caught up in things, rather than an active combatant.

    Does my character have to stay in Budapest?

    Nope. Just like the real world, your character isnít trapped in the city. Threads can take place in other locations as well. Budapest is where the story starts; where it goes, who knows?

    Are other things besides Vampires, Lycans, and humans allowable as characters?

    Generally, yes. There are two rules of thumb to follow with that.

    1.) It should not contradict the established movie setting. So for example, since the movie never said that there were not things like mages, fairies, ghosts, etc., they could potentially exist in the RP, though they should not become the main focus.

    2.) It should not detract from the overall tone of the story. This is a bit subjective, but Underworld does have a certain look and feel. This isnít just a generic urban RP, and whatever you do in the setting should fit the mood of the established story.

    Within those guidelines, youíre free to expand beyond what was shown in the films.

    What about future movies?

    As of this time, Underworld is an ongoing film series, with a prequel forthcoming and another sequel planned. While we ask that you not contradict anything established in the films that have been released to the public, we know you have no way of predicting upcoming ones. Since the sequel will likely take years to be produced and released, our RP will probably end up getting ahead in timeÖ and thatís fine. Elements of future films may be adapted into our storyline if itís reasonable to do so and isnít disruptive to our plot. Our hands are not tied by that, however, and any contradictions caused by movies not yet released will be ignored for the sake of RP.

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    This is a continuation thread, the old thread is Here

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    LOL! That's good. :D

    MŠrton is up for starting a new business with Paul. Although I'm not sure what it would be yet.

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    Yeah, I'm still thinking over ideas for Paul to suggest.
    "Sleep to dream, and we dream to live..." -Great Big Sea

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    Too bad Diego's going to pay for offering that help and wanting to spend time with them later.

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    I don't feel sorry for him. I like making my characters go through "character growth".

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    Larissa really hates Aric.

    Off topic but Corey and I are super proud of Teddy. We had a parent/teacher conference and we're told he's doing really, he's a good boy, and that he's one of her favorite students. Of course, he's not perfect and needs to learn not to rush through his class work but it feels good to know that we are raising a good kid. It makes you feel good when a teacher says you can tell that Teddy comes from a loving home.

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