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    I moved things ahead a little because I figured not a lot that was interesting would happen until after the song was recorded. If Riff wants to go to Switzerland with the band, I'm ready to move on to that. Obviously he can do whatever he wants, but logistics-wise I will offer the spoiler that Maria and Sofie are currently in Switzerland.
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    Oh, that boy is going to Switzerland!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tigers View Post
    Started the thread for the kids, the idea that was mentioned awhile ago. If anyone is still interested, just scream at me here. Anya won't have a post yet, but it is in the pipeline.
    I think I was going to have Jacinta in that thread. I'd like to bring her and her sister Paloma back. If I remember right, AJ and Ivy (Eden's aunt and uncle) were going to be with Paloma.
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    My long term plan for Eden is not only for her to be reunited with Toby but also her aunt and uncle. I think AJ and Ivy are with Paloma, while Jacinta got separated from her sister and ended up in the kid group.

    MK, I got a question for you. Since Paloma was married to your character Dipak, did you want to bring him back and have him with Paloma? If not, it's fine. Duncan ended up with Paloma during the escape.

    I'm starting to think up a post for Paloma and just need to know who all she got separated from.

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    I don't really have any great ideas for Dipak at the moment, but feel free to have him around in the background if you want. I can write him if he becomes necessary for the plot at some point. If it's easier to have him gone for the time being, though, that's fine too.

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    Hmmm....I like Paloma, she became one of my favorite characters, but I like making her suffer sometimes too. Perhaps, for now, it'll just be her and Duncan with Ivy and AJ. More character development for her that way.
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    Sounds good. Maybe a happy reunion someday after she has suffered sufficiently.

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    That sounds like a good plan.

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    Paloma's back.

    Tigs, I put her post in "Hunter's moon" since her story will be tied to Jacinta's. If need be, I'll move it.

    MK, hope you don't mind but I assumed the reason Dipak and Paloma got separated was because he went to find Jacinta during the attack. I can edit it, though, if that doesn't work for you.

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