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    For example, I keep imagining immortals bravely fighting Nazis during Word War 2...
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    That sounds very tempting, even if I do have a lot of characters running around.

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    So do I! But I'm really tempted too.

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    Okay, the more I think about this, the more I want to.

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    Lol, it does sound fun.

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    It DOES sound fun.

    Also, Riff is pleased that people remember him fondly...and think that he is a good judge of character!
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    Well of course everyone is fond of Riff!

    Since there seemed to be some interest in the historical idea, I will get some preliminary stuff posted and people can join in if they want. Likely won't get much posting of any kind done tonight, though, since my brain is tired.

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    Soooo... yeah. I have a historical character formed in my head. I really wanna do this.

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    Finally got my historical bio posted! I think this character will be a lot of fun to write.

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