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    "I do have an entire army at my beck and call. That will keep the Hunter and most of Nero's Firsts busy for a little while."

    Seth's army was created from his own powers and he could create as many soldiers as he wanted. Once they were alive, they had enough free will to be able to carry out his orders.

    "Plus Gwynn will be too upset to put much of a fight."

    After what they had planned to do to her and boyfriend, Seth didn't think that it would take long for Dayana and Afon to kill the Goddess of Storms and come to the orphanage to assist him in killing the other Firsts. A large attack on Eirini would draw out the Hunter.

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    "The army will definitely help," Afon agreed. "Even the Hunter won't be able to stand forever against that. We can wear him down before we ever get near him... if not kill him outright. Besides, the only Firsts we really have to worry about are Barrett and Selene. Angel's powers are mostly healing - she'd have to get close to you to drain you. Gwynn is barely a goddess at all. Her powers are weak, and won't get stronger because she gave her amulet away. Between the four of us, we can take them easily."

    He added to Camillus, "And you can have all the treasure you want."

    Personally, Afon didn't care about gold or plunder. This was about settling scores.
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    "I'll keep Angel so busy trying to heal her brats she won't have time to drain any of us."

    Seth told Afon and agreed that other then Maverik, Selene and Barrett would be the biggest threats. Although if he kept the army going, which was possible as long as he didn't expend too much energy at once, they would find themselves overwhelmed. Seth asked Camillus.

    "So you in or not?"
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    Camillus tapped his dragon tail as he thought. He liked shiny things...but he liked being alive too.

    "They're really rich."

    Dayana told Camillus, which made his eyes light up.

    "I don't have to get directly involved in the fighting. I help you trick them and I get their treasures but that's all that I have to do."

    If this blew up in their faces then he definitely didn't want to be on the radar of their enemies and especially not Maverik's. He'd help trick them but he wouldn't be involved in the actual killing. Besides they might not need him since Seth seemed pretty confident in his army. Dayana wasn't sure and looked over at Afon.

    "Your plan, your call."

    She told him quietly.
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    "Fine," Afon said. "We don't need him to fight." He turned to Camillus and added, "We have a deal. Treasure payable on delivery of services rendered."

    It didn't make sense to put their shapeshifter on the front lines anyway. With Seth's army, they would have plenty of bodies in the fight, and Camillus would be more useful elsewhere anyway - so Afon didn't really feel like he was giving up anything by agreeing to those terms. In fact, this was all going exactly as he'd hoped.
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    Camillus replied in a voice that sounded just like Afon's. He was pleased that his terms were agreeable. Dayana told Afon.

    "Seth and I will need a little more time to heal before we can attack Nero."

    Her powers hadn't fully returned and she knew at full power what Seth's army was capable of. She had fought against it a few times over the centuries. Camillus spoke up and said.

    "That's fine. I still need learn these people's voices."

    He said in his own voice and Dayana asked.

    "How do you plan to do that?"

    Firsts could sense each other and if they found out about Camillus that would ruin everything, he morphed into a mouse.

    "I'll be as quiet as a mouse."

    "Well, it's good they don't have a cat then."

    Dayana replied and Camillus morphed for once into his human form. He looked like a teenage boy with shaggy light brown hair.

    "Who am I learning the voices of anyway?"

    "Selene, Barrett, and Geoffers. Geoffers is a loser human that Afon's ex is hooking up with."
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    "Neat trick," Afon said when Camillus shifted forms, but he wasn't really too impressed. It was a showy power if you liked that sort of thing, but Afon's mind had already moved on to important strategic matters.

    "I can't teleport you to Nero," he said. "The Hunter will be keeping an eye out for me, and we don't want to bring him down on us prematurely. Can you teleport yourself? If not, Dayana or Seth will have to take you."

    Since Maverik presumably didn't know Dayana and Seth were involved, there was less chance he would notice anything amiss if he perceived their energy on the planet, unlike Afon's.

    "We should get started right away," he added, using the sort of 'we' that really meant he was telling Camillus to get busy. "The sooner we move, the less chance we get interrupted before we see this thing through."
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    Camillus didn't think that Afon really thought his powers were impressive. Not many of the Firsts did, not unless they wanted something in return. Like these three wanted. He didn't remember ever being on Nero and he had nothing against the Firsts who lived there. Although Maverik was a problem, Cam preferred being alive. It was kill or be killed in the jungles in Naga and Cam felt it was the same in the universe. Since Camillus viewed Maverik as a threat to his well being, he was willing to help Afon, Dayana, and Seth get revenge on Nero's Firsts. Plus he never objected much to treasure. It might seem petty to some gods but Cam preferred animal forms to his youthful looking form. The longer he stayed in an animal form, the more he took on the characteristics of that animal. He especially liked being a dragon because dragons were powerful but they also tended to hoard treasure. He told Afon.

    "I can teleport myself and it won't take me long."

    He only need to hear the Royal Family talk for a little while to be able to perfectly mimic their voices. Teleporting was a minor power and since he was going to assume the form a mouse, it wouldn't take much of his energy. Not like being a dragon did. Dayana was glad that Camillus didn't need assistance getting to Nero. She didn't want anyone to know she had escaped from Taurus if she could avoid it.

    "Good, meet us on Llyr when you're done."

    She told Cam how to find Llyr after telling him which part of Nero to go to. He morphed into a mouse and teleported himself to the palace in Eirini to do some recon.
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    When Camillus arrived in the villa at Eirini, he realized he probably should have asked for more of a description of the people he was supposed to mimic the voices of. Selene and Barrett were the rulers, they wouldn't be hard to find, but he had no idea who Geoffers was. Other then that he was a loser human. Not much to go on when he was in a place full of humans that worked for the Royal Family. He quietly made his way through the halls, the place was huge and as mouse, it felt almost overwhelming. He was tempted to morph into a larger animal but the Firsts who called this place home would be more likely to detect his presence. All the walking around made him hungry and he found the kitchen. The cooks were busy making lunch and a grin appeared on his little mouse face when one of the women dropped some food on the floor. She was a good cook but always left a pretty messy kitchen. Other people would tease her that she dropped as much food as she cooked. Cam followed her around and ate what she dropped. It was going well until another woman grabbed a broom to clean up the mess and saw him.


    She screamed at Cam and tried to smack Cam with the broom. He ran fast as he could on little mouse legs to get away from her. He didn't want to die at her hands anymore then he wanted to die at Maverik's. She chased after him but Cam found a way to avoid her. One of the guards was dating the messy cook and wanted to get some free food. He had just came in the kitchen and Cam ran through his legs. The woman with the broom was running so fast she didn't have time to stop and ran smack into the guard, knocking them both to floor and giving Cam a chance to escape. He ran through the halls and when he felt he had put enough distance between himself and broom of death, he stopped and leaned against the wall.

    "That was close."

    He said out loud to himself in a very tiny and quiet voice. He needed to find the Royal Family and after catching his breath, he set out again. Although he didn't get too far when he saw Lizard Dog.
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    Lizard Dog and Gwynn

    Lizard Dog had not been born to palace life. He was a mutt who had lived on the streets before Gwynn found him. Now he ate his food out of a dish by the table, but he used to live on scraps and small creatures... much like the mouse skittering across the floor. He gave an excited little yip, and started chasing Cam down the hall. Lizard Dog wasn't really hungry, though. He'd had plenty to eat today. Some instinct long suppressed in his extremely mixed up ancestry told him that rather than eating this thing, he was supposed to bring it to Gwynn.

    His jaws closed lightly around Cam, picking him up but not biting down, and he trotted off to find his owner... who was coming down the corridor in the other direction, limping slightly.

    "What do you have?" Gwynn asked, kneeling in front of her dog. "Drop it! Good boy."

    She gently cupped the mouse in her hands, firmly enough so he wouldn't get away, but without crushing him. "I'll just take you out into the garden and let you go... hey! You're a First!"

    Gwynn had been too distracted to notice that right away, but when she touched Cam, she could sense what he was. What she didn't know was that he was a shapeshifter. When Gwynn had been a lizard, she was just a lizard, so she assumed that Camillus was just a mouse.
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