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Thread: Quid Pro Quo

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    "Okay," Holly said. She took the girls behind a clothing rack so they were somewhat protected, but still in clear visual view of Amy and Dulcia. She didn't think it was a good idea to split up.

    "It's going to be okay," she told the younger girls, and hoped that was true. Being responsible for them weighed heavily on her young shoulders, but Holly would do her best.
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    Márton Szarvas

    Márton nodded his head to Dipak. Deep down he knew Dipak was right, he was just feeling guilty. Just like Paloma had felt guilty when the HPL had kidnapped him. He frowned trying to think of the car. He had only caught a glimpse of it since Pablo had been firing on him.

    "It didn't see the plate but...It was bright red and looked like an SUV."

    Running the description against known HPL members helped Turner. Solomon was dead but he had driven a red SUV, which Maureen was now using instead.
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    Amy Diamant

    "Thanks, dear."

    Amy replied to Holly. She and Dulcia went to confront the men. One of the men made a catcall at them which just caused both the Vampire and the Lycan to get angry.

    "What do you want?"

    Amy demanded to know and one man told her.

    "I was wondering how much a night with you would cost, baby."

    He reached out to touch her cheek and Amy grabbed it and twisted his arm painfully. After Gavin's birth, she had started to take some self defense classes. Although, if she hadn't, she'd still easily be able to take on a human. The man yelped in pain as Amy told him.

    "You'd never be able to afford me."

    "Get lost."

    Dulcia told the men. As the one man nursed his arm, one his buddies said.

    "What you going to do, blondie?"

    "I'll make sure you can't ever get it up again."

    Dulcia said with an angry look on her face. While the four men were distracting Amy and Dulcia, Rook was approaching Holly and the girls. He was already glad that he had told Oskar yes. He was a Lycan now and he liked the extra strength. He had been arranging meetings for Oskar and Laurel with other criminal leaders when he had seen Bianca going into the store. The little slut thought she could leave him? He had decided to teach her a lesson. He had his men distract the two adult women while he and two other guys went after the girls.

    "Hello, Bianca."

    Bianca was about to scream until she saw Rook's gun.

    "Don't be stupid or my guys will do more then just annoy them."

    Bianca nodded her head and Rook told the other girls.

    "Come along and be good girls and no one gets hurt."

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    Dipak thanked Turner for the information. Solomon was dead, but that didn't mean much - the HPL probably shared vehicles, and it was unlikely they would stop using the car after his death. Likely someone was still driving it, and it didn't really matter who that was. They just needed to know where they could find Paloma.

    "What address is the car registered to?" Dipak asked. "Paloma might not be there, but it would give us a starting point to look for evidence or start tracking them."

    It might not pan out, but it was better than waiting and doing nothing.
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    "Rook," Holly said quietly. She knew who he was, although their paths hadn't often crossed. Elek had maintained a cordial working relationship with his fellow pimp, so Holly and Mila knew he was dangerous. He would probably also know they had been whores.

    She glanced over at her mother and Dulcia, and saw they were thoroughly distracted. If it hadn't been for the gun, Holly would have tried to attract their attention, but Rook could shoot one of the kids - and that wouldn't be worth it.

    "Come on, let's go," Holly told the other girls. "Our families will find us anyway, so it doesn't matter."

    Her heart sank as they followed Rook... because whatever happened, her own life was over. She was supposed to protect the younger kids, and she had failed. Her family would never love her or want her again after this. Holly just had to make sure the kids were safe. As for herself... there was no option but to let herself disappear, either back into her old life or into oblivion. She'd already used up her second chance, and nothing was left.
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    "Oh, I know you and you."

    Rook said with a grin, he recognized Holly and Mila. He hadn't paid that much attention to their faces since Bianca had distracted him, but when Holly said his name, he realized that she and Mila had been two of Elek's girls. He and Elek weren't exactly friends but they were cordial to each other. After all, in world where there were good cops that wanted to put people like them out of business, it helped to have ties.

    "I'm sure you miss your old line of work."

    He told them. They were whores, all whores missed their jobs. Their new families could dress them up in nice clothes like good girls wore, but at the end of the day, they couldn't change what they were. Bianca got scared, she didn't want Rook to hurt Mila, Holly, or Clover. She waited until they were out of the store and in the parking lot when she told him.

    "I'm sorry, Rook. They came for the detective and I-"

    "You went with them. Bianca, they can dress you up all they want but that won't change you belong to me."

    "I know and I'm sorry. Please let them go and I-"



    "Get in the car."

    He told her and shoved her into the car. While he didn't know what Clover's former master had forced her to do, he figured she could learn. Bianca, Mila, and Holly all were little whores and he could always use them. He sent a text to tell the other men to leave Amy and Dulcia alone. He had gotten what he had wanted and a little more.
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    Amy Diamant

    The men continued to distract and antagonize the two women until they got Rook's text. By that time, a security guard for the store had came to see what the problem was.

    "...You leave them alone or-"

    The men were about to demand the guard what he would do to them when the one checked his phone and saw Rook's message.

    "Fine, we'll go. See you later, ladies."

    Both Amy and Dulcia were confused about why they suddenly left and after assuring the guard they were fine and didn't want to call the cops, they looked for their daughters. That's when they realized their children were missing.

    "I'll go get the guard and-"

    Amy was going to look for the guard when Dulcia shook her head.

    "No, Rook took them and he's...a Lycan."

    She said in a low voice that only Amy could hear. Dulcia knew Rook's scent from the clothes Bianca had been wearing. When she had been found, Rook had been a human but obviously that had changed. Amy was shocked.


    She said and agreed they definitely couldn't call the guard. Instead they acted like their daughters had decided to get ice cream at another store because they were bored of shopping. They paid for their things and at the car, Amy called Orin.

    "Orin, Rook took the girls."
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    Márton Szarvas

    Turner did a little more digging and found out that the car was registered to Solomon and the address was the farm that Sándor had been tortured at. Solomon was the nephew of the farm's owner. That man had been a HPL supporter until he died the night New Haven had came to rescue the reporter.

    "I remember seeing this place on the news."

    Márton said, he thought it had been horrible. Sándor could have died just because he tried to show that not all immortals were evil. After what happened, the Dankos had abandoned the place. Although Solomon had been using it to live and work at. There was a laptop but it was password locked.

    "Could you crack it?"

    He asked Turner on the phone, who replied it'd be easier to have it in person.
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    Paloma Sandoval

    When Paloma came to, she found herself in an old warehouse. Apparently Maureen had a thing for those. She could torture people all they wanted but no strangers could hear them. Paloma spit blood at Maureen, she was becoming a bloody mess thanks to the beating Maureen had given her. Actually Maureen was enjoying this. When she had abducted and tortured Márton and Diego both men had been human. Paloma was clearly some kind of an immortal. Which gave her more of a challenge. Maureen loved challenges.

    "I hope you...rot in hell."

    Paloma hissed at Maureen, who laughed.

    "You're fun. I'll be back."

    She said and told Pablo to watch the prisoner. She needed to figure out which type of immortal Paloma was. So she'd be back with UV bullets and silver ones. Paloma watched her leave and said to Pablo.

    "We were friends...How can you-"

    "It's all Márton's fault! He should have told me yes."

    Pablo replied. He and Paloma had gotten along once but she had obviously taken his ex's side. Márton didn't deserve to live and although he didn't hate Paloma, she wasn't on his side. Paloma sighed.

    "He was...never going...to take you...back..."

    "I know. It's all Paul's fault."

    Too bad Paul hadn't come with Márton instead but Paloma was a good second choice. She and Márton were close, like siblings. Paloma shook her head.

    "No...Even if Paul...wasn't in....the picture....Márton still....would have told...you no....You cheated....on him...."

    "It's not cheating if you pay for it!"

    Pablo yelled at her, pissed that she couldn't see anymore then his ex had that Pablo had done nothing wrong. Sex with Márton had gotten a little boring and Pablo had paid for a male prostitute to excite him. It wasn't cheating, though. At least not in Pablo's mind. Paloma sighed.

    "You sound....just like...Klaus...."

    Klaus had told her the same thing. Why in the world she and Márton had put with two assholes for so long surprised Paloma now. Paul was much better for Márton and Dipak was much better for her...Dipak was probably worried sick about her...Pablo was going to scream at her more when Maureen returned with a gun and two bullets.

    "Time to find out what type of immortal you are."

    She told her with an evil grin.
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    Holly's mind was racing about what to do, even as she gently guided the girls to do as Rook said and get in the car. The situation was bad, but maybe it could be salvaged. Her own future was forfeit anyway. There was no way Amy and Orin would ever let Holly come home after she'd allowed her little sister and Dulcia's daughters to be kidnapped by men like this. Her life was done. Gone. It wasn't much of a sacrifice to give up what you were about to lose, anyway.

    "Yeah, I remember the business, Rook," Holly said. "I started when I was even younger than Bianca. I also remember that Elek lost money on me at first. Sure, some clients paid a lot for fresh young flesh, but a lot of them wanted their money back when I would scream and cry, and try to kick and bite. It was a huge pain in the ass for him. And guess what... you've got four girls now who are going to kick up a fuss. You're going to be paying out a lot of refunds and giving a lot away for free, unless..."

    She let that hang in the air for a moment, giving Rook a chance to digest what she was saying, to remember how much trouble underage girls could be.

    Then she went on, "Unless you let me help you. Right now you have four unwilling whores who will end up costing you money and trouble, and are eventually going to cost you customers. If you let the other three go, you get one willing whore. I'll do whatever you say, with whoever you want. I'll work off Bianca's debt, and you won't have to do anything to keep me in line. I'll make you money. You know I can. Lord knows I did for Elek. Oh, and I'm legal, so you won't have to give money to the cops to look the other way like you would with these three."

    Holly shrugged, and added, "Your choice. But I don't think the little ones are going to be so cooperative, and I don't really care what happens to me anymore, so I have no reason to be helpful either unless I'm getting something out of it."
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