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Thread: Quid Pro Quo

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    "Damn it!" Orin said angrily. Amy would know it wasn't her that he was mad at, of course - obviously this could have happened no matter who was watching the kids. He was furious at Rook for taking his daughters and nieces, and at himself for not being there to fight for them.

    "Well, there's one good part about this. Rook won't be that hard to find. He's a known name on the streets. I'll get a team together, and we'll go pound the pavement and threaten to crack some skulls until we find out where he's holed up."
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    "Let's get moving, and get this back to Turner," Dipak said when the phone call had disconnected. "There's nothing more we can do here."

    There hadn't been a clear scent to track, but hopefully the data on the computer would help them figure out where Paloma had been taken. Dipak was terrified, but he couldn't let himself fall apart. He had to be strong for Paloma - and the easiest way to do that was to keep working on getting her back. Having something to fight for gave him the resolve he needed to go on.
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    Márton Szarvas

    Márton agreed with Dipak that there was nothing more they could do at Solomon's place. He just hoped that Turner would find some kind of a lead from the computer. It took Turner about 20 minutes to crack the password when they gave him the laptop. It seemed that this was the only computer Solomon owned. He used it for work, recreation, and HPL stuff.

    "I think I found something."

    Turner said and Márton joked.

    "It's not more 'adult' stuff is is."

    It seemed Solomon had a quite a collection of adult pictures and videos on his computer. Márton didn't really feel like joking but he was trying not to think about what the HPL could be doing to Paloma right now. He had almost died in their hands, and while Paloma was a Lycan, that just meant Maureen could torture her more. Turner shook his head.

    "No, thankfully. It's a list of properties."

    Which wouldn't seem that bog of deal since Solomon had been into real estate, except all these properties were old warehouses. Turner recognized two of the addresses.

    "See? That was the one we found Diego at and that one..."

    He felt a little bad bringing up that the other address he recognized was where they had found Márton at. Márton nodded his head that he understood what the other address meant.

    "There's over ten addresses, though. It'll take forever to search them."

    "Well, with traffic cams, I'll be able to narrow it down."

    Now that Turner had an idea of where in Budapest Paloma could be, it made it much easier to find a location. He looked for Solomon's former SUV and eventually had a pretty idea where she was.

    "I think she's here."

    Turner told them, giving them an address and pointing out which building it was on a map. Márton hoped Turner was right. He knew Paloma was a strong and a fighter but he also knew exactly what Maureen was capable of.
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    Paloma Sandoval

    Paloma screamed in pain when Maureen shot her with one UV bullet and one silver bullet. Maureen sneered when she saw that the silver bullet left more damage on Paloma's arm then the UV one had.

    "Obviously you're a Lycan."

    "No, shit....What are you....going to do now? Pump me...full of silver?"

    She was starting to think she wouldn't get out of her alive. She hoped Márton wouldn't blame himself for that and that he, Jacinta, and Dipak would still have good lives with out her. It would suck not seeing Aras and Elzé grow up. Not getting to meet Allison's kids. Not seeing her sister become an adult. And it would definitely be awful to not have the future she and Dipak had talked about...Maureen laughed like Paloma had told a joke.

    "No, not yet. We got to wait until your friends come for you. I'm sure you boyfriend will. It'll be more fun killing all of you together."

    Maureen wasn't going to fail at a third trap. third time was the charm after all. Paloma growled hearing what Maureen had planned. Maureen didn't care and turned her back. She was going to leave Paloma in the room as bait when suddenly Paloma got off the floor and tackled her from behind. The two women struggled but even in pain, Paloma was still stronger then the human.

    "You stupid bitch. Did you really think what you did was enough to keep a Lycan down?"


    "You hurt my friends in the past and I won't let you hurt anyone else, ever again."

    Paloma said and ripped off Maureen's head. Pablo had heard the struggle and went to see what was wrong and his mouth dropped open in shock.

    "Oh, shit!"

    He said, he was sure he was going to be next and he quickly shut the door and tried to lock Paloma inside the room. Screw this place, he was out of here. He was running for the exit when Lyric and another man saw him. Lyric asked.

    "Where are you going?"

    "Paloma killed Maureen."

    Pablo yelled over his shoulder and kept running. The man and Lyric looked at each other in shock and grabbed their guns. Obviously the immortal would need to be put down.
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    Rook sneered at Holly.

    "It's tempting but you see, Bianca already knows how to be a good girl. Don't you, Bianca?"

    He said waving his gun at the young girl. She nodded her head in fear. She knew what would happen to her if she didn't listen to him.

    "Plus if I let them go, they'll go running back to their new mommies and you and I can't have fun."

    While Bianca was too young for his own personal tastes, as was Mila and Clover, Holly was at the age he liked. He was sure the girls would put up a fight but he already had a plan for that.

    "I made some new friends, so you get to be Vampires. Well, you three do, I'm not sure what you are."

    He told Clover, he wasn't sure what a Fae was. All he knew was that she wasn't a human or a type of immortal Oskar and Laurel knew about. It was a short drive back to his home and Oskar asked.

    "Why are they here?"

    "None of your business."

    "It is when I gave you-"

    "I got your meetings arranged. I still have a business empire to keep going."

    Rook replied and Oskar glared at him. Laurel told Oskar to let have his fun. Oskar replied that his "fun" better not ruin his plans. Rook didn't give a crap what Oskar wanted right now and told Laurel.

    "Turn them into Vampires."

    "Umm...if they bite you, you do realize that-"

    Laurel was going to warn him that not too many survived a bite from both species when Rook replied angrily.

    "They try to bite me, I'll bite them back."

    Rook replied with a glare and Laurel shrugged her shoulders. Fine, let him risk his own life over sex. That was just plan stupid but whatever. Rook had his men hold the girls so they wouldn't fight and Laurel attempted to turn all three human girls. Bianca yelled out in pain and Rook said.

    "I should have had my fun with the older girl before I told you to do that."

    He told his men to throw the girls into a room to recover, if they did, that was. Clover was too young for him as well but he could find her a customer while he was waiting to see if Holly would recover.

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    Amy Diamant

    Obviously Amy knew her husband wasn't angry with her over what happened. There was only one person to blame and be angry with for their daughters and their nieces being missing and that was Rook.

    "Dulcia and I will help you guys do it."

    Amy was pretty pissed herself that Rook had distracted them and got the girls. Dulcia called Vencel to let him know she was okay but asked him not to tell Charma. There was no point upsetting her about it, not yet anyway. It wouldn't be hard to find Rook. All the community had to do was threaten a few people who didn't like him much and those people told them where Rook could usually be found.
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    Holly woke up with a throbbing pain in her neck and fire coursing through her veins. She sucked air deep into her lungs a few times, flooding her brain with oxygen so she wouldn't pass out again. First, Holly crawled over to check to make sure the others were alright. Mila and Bianca were still unconscious, but both had a pulse. Clover appeared to be physically unharmed, but she was crying and cowering in fear.

    "Mom and Dad are coming, Clover," Holly told her sister - no, her former sister, she reminded herself. She didn't have a family anymore, not after letting the girls get abducted and Mila and Bianca be turned. "Try not to be afraid. It's going to be okay."

    Help would surely be there soon. Holly just had to make sure nothing had happened in the meantime. She went and pounded on the door and called, "Take me to Rook! I need to talk to him!"

    If only to shut her up, one goon grabbed each of her arms, and they escorted her to Rook. After all, what could she do in front of the boss?

    Holly wished she had some alcohol to dull the feelings about what was going to happen - but now that she was a Vampire, she couldn't drink anyway. Not anything but blood, at least. Trying not to focus on that, she smiled coyly at Rook, and started unbuttoning her blouse.

    "I wanted to thank you," she said. "I always wanted to be turned, but those New Haven people wouldn't let me. They were selfish and wanted to keep the immortality all to themselves. I owe you a debt now... and I'm here to pay it."

    Rook would kill her if she caused trouble, she knew. Not that she cared at this point, except that her death would put the younger girls at greater risk. She would bite Rook if she got the opportunity, but she wasn't counting on that. She just needed to keep him distracted till help came for the others, and she knew very well how to distract a man.
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    Dipak nodded. "I think you're right," he said. "Let's go get Paloma."

    When they got to the building, they moved cautiously, but Dipak could smell Paloma's blood mingled with silver, and the scent filled him with rage. How dare they hurt someone like her? She was so much better than them, but they called her the monster. As they fought their way in, Dipak kept moving instinctively toward Paloma, and he felt like he could finally breathe again when he was holding her in his arms - even though they weren't out of danger yet.
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    Rook was a little angry that he was being interrupted in his private meeting with Oskar and Laurel until his man told him Holly wanted him. Good, she was awake and seemed to survived. He needed to see how well Elek had taught her and if she was "rusty".

    "Rook, we need to-"

    "Not now, Oskar."

    Rook replied and left the room. Oskar growled at Laurel that humans like that only thought with the brain below the belt. Oskar liked having sex as much as the next man but considering they were outnumbered in a city of immortal hating humans, sex wasn't as high on his list of priorities as it had been in Gaston's Pack. Laurel shrugged her shoulders.

    "You're the one who wanted us to deal with him."

    "Because of his connections. But now-"

    "We got what we wanted, we have meetings with the other powerful criminals. Rook kidnapped New Haven girls, he's a dead man walking. We should split before the parents come to rescue their little whores."

    Oskar realized that Laurel was right. The people who called those girls their daughters would come for them and both had learned in Gaston and Breena's alliance that New Haven wasn't always that nice when it came to rescuing their kids. Rook had made his own bed and he could lie on it. Both took their leave and hoped the other criminals in the city didn't just think about sex all the time. Rook, meanwhile, could have cared less if he knew that Oskar and Laurel had left and weren't coming back. He was far more interested in Holly right now.

    "That was mean of them, not granting you immortal life. You must show me how 'grateful' you are."

    He told the girl and grabbed her by the back of her head to force her to kiss him.
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    Bianca Vasile

    Bianca felt like she had slight fever when she woke up. Her neck hurt and she remembered that the woman had bit her. Laurel must have been a new friend of Rook's, Bianca didn't remember her or the the man who seemed angry that Rook had brought them here. She realized Holly was gone and when Clover said her sister had went to look for Rook, Bianca started to cry.

    "I'm sorry! It's all my fault. I never should have left him. If I stayed, ran away when Mom...I mean Dulcia found me, then he wouldn't have taken you two or Holly."

    It was all Bianca's fault. She should have just ran away when Dulcia and her friends had came to take out Detective Dali. If she had, then none of this would have happened. Even if she never called Dulcia or Vencel anything other then their names, she had started to think of them as her parents. They'd never want her now. Not when it was her fault Mila, Clover, and Holly had gotten kidnapped. She never should have thought she could be happy and have a good family.
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