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Thread: Quid Pro Quo

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    Paloma Sandoval

    Paloma grinned when Dipak said he'd play paintball with her too. She had liked when they had played before and was glad that he enjoyed it enough he wanted to continue to play it with her.

    "Maybe but I'll still probably kick you nice looking ass."

    She said with a wink so that he'd know she was joking. Which she was, for the most part. Paloma could get pretty competitive playing sports. She was happy when he liked the idea of them spending nights together.

    "I liked waking up with you too."

    Paloma told him. When Jacinta returned from her archery lessons, she asked Paloma how her session with Millie went. Jacinta was glad that it seemed to go well and that Paloma was going to keep going.

    "...Dipak and I were talking and we wondering if it would be okay with you if he spent the nights here. It would help us both with nightmares."

    "Yeah, it's fine."

    Jacinta said, which surprised Paloma a little. She knew her sister liked Dipak but she didn't think she'd just accept them sharing their home with a man after what had happened to her.

    "You're sure?"

    "Yeah. I trust him and I don't you to have to deal with your nightmares alone anymore."

    Jacinta replied and Paloma smiled. She was happy her sister trusted Dipak.
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    Dipak knew that Jacinta trusted him to a degree - they had talked about this before - but even so, he was a little surprised that she was willing to put that much faith in him. He smiled at her. She really was like a little sister to him. He would never hurt her, and in fact, he would give his life if necessary to protect her.

    "Thank you, Jacinta," he said sincerely. "That is kind of you, and I'm grateful for the trust you're placing in me. It will be nice to live together as a family."

    Living with his girlfriend and her sister would be much better than living alone. To Dipak, this wasn't just a place to spend his nights, but the opportunity to be a household and begin their life together.
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    Jacinta Sandoval

    Jacinta had meant it when she told Dipak she was starting to think of him as a big brother. She had been around enough men to get an idea which ones you should and shouldn't trust. Dipak wasn't like Benito or Gaston and his Pack. He also didn't give her the creeps like Klaus used to. She trusted him and she fine with starting to live with them.

    "You're welcome, Dipak. I think it'll be nice for us to be a family too."

    Paloma agreed with her little sister. It would nice for them to start living together as a family.
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