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    When the medic stood up and stepped away from his console, it was the first time he'd moved in hours. The technician to his left startled slightly at the movement, having nearly forgotten the medic was there.

    Of all the jobs in the control room, the medic's role was the only one that could be described as consistently boring. The Games provided no living patients for the medical staff to work on; instead, their role was simply to monitor. With eyes glued to their screens, they followed the tracker feeds and confirmed deaths, occasionally reported to other staff about the condition of a tribute's health if it was relevant, and even more rarely dispensed the medications the sponsors had purchased for favourites in the arena. That left a lot of boring hours in between, and the job was enviable only for its prestige and not at all for its potential for interest.

    When this particular medic stood, he had an odd look on his face. "I wanted to make sure before I said anything," he announced to the nearby Gamemakers and technicians. "But the change in vital signs and hormone levels is unmistakable. We have a pregnant tribute. Portmore. She'd only be a couple of weeks along, probably doesn't even realize it herself yet. Of course, under the circumstances, it's probably a moot point, but... you never know when something like that is going to be an advantage in putting on a good show."
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    For such a diminutive woman, she certainly had excellent vocal volume. The Gamemaker had not missed the fact that Tribute 1’s lips were moving but no sound was coming to her ears. The Control Room was a flurry of activity as the technicians did their best to override the hack to the Arena’s sound system. To say that Eloka was furious that her games were being compromised was a vast understatement. She had already mentally assigned two technicians to the death chamber.

    Much to everyone’s surprise – and increasing nervousness – she went suddenly silent as she watched Gossamer’s face. Relief. Sadness. Hope. Anger. She must be talking to Nicolai. Certainly, she’d heard he’d been apprehended – and also that he’d escaped. And now he was continuing to mess with her Games. The Capitol would be taking care of Nicolai – it was her job to look after Portmore.

    The girl just kept getting more and more interesting. The medic’s news brought a vicious smile to the tiny woman’s face.

    “Oh, that is indeed fantastic news. I think we can put that to good use…in time. First, I’d like to direct our other little crew towards some trouble of their own. Give them a nudge.”

    A tech nodded and hit a few keys. The moaning hiss of a large lizard would be unmistakable for Mona, Shon, Dorian and Maia. This sound was of course a recording, but it would likely help them move along in a direction suitable for the Gamemaker.
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