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    District Eleven: Seeds of Unrest

    District Eleven: Seeds of Unrest

    Maggie Parr

    At least nothing horrible has happened yet, Maggie thought to herself as she stood in the square between her father and mother, watching the giant television screens as footage from the training session was broadcast to the citizens of District Eleven. Attendance was mandatory. The thoughts in a person's head still couldn't be legislated, though, and Maggie could tell from the blank faces around her that a lot of people were far away in their minds.

    It was different for Maggie. She had to pay attention because her big sister Mona was among the tributes. Watching the training was a little bit boring - but Maggie would take boring over what was coming next, what she knew would happen because it happened every year. Maggie was scared for Mona, and felt very guilty because if her sister hadn't volunteered for her, it would be Maggie herself awaiting the trip to the arena. A trip that, for twenty-three tributes a year, proved to be one-way.

    At least nothing horrible has happened yet...

    There was a collective gasp from the crowd as they watched the girl from Five hang herself. Even such a numbed audience hadn't prepared themselves for a death that came before the arena. A few of the children cried, but most of the adults quickly became expressionless again. It was the Hunger Games. People died. Maybe the girl who ended it before the arena was one of the lucky ones.

    "At least Mona wouldn't do something like that," Maggie said, more to reassure herself than for anyone else's benefit.

    "What does it matter?" her mother snapped back. Even though Maggie knew it wasn't her that her mother was angry at, the harsh response still stung under the circumstances.

    "It matters because she could still win," Maggie replied, confused by why this wasn't obvious. Her parents loved Mona. They loved both of their children. So why...?

    "Mona isn't coming back," her mother replied in the same angry tone. "You of all people should know that. It would be you in the arena if she hadn't saved your neck."

    Her mother was just worried about Mona, Maggie told herself, but it was cold comfort. When she already felt guilty, this one-two punch was pushing the limits of what she could take. "I'm scared too," Maggie said. "But Mona could still win..."

    "She's dead, Maggie!" her mother told her, turning from the screen briefly to stare her younger daughter in the face as she said it. "Mona is dead, and the sooner you accept that, the better it'll be for you."
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    Maggie Parr

    There was silence when the boy from District Eleven - Greg Morrow - died. Silence was a typical reaction. Sometimes the parents or siblings would let out a wail or a cry, of course, but for the most part the crowd greeted the horrors with a stony, stoic silence. After all, what else was there to do?

    Tonight's silence felt different, though. Maggie didn't know why, but she shivered, crossing her arms as if to retain heat even though the air was hot and still. She'd known Greg from school; he was closer in age to Mona, though, so Maggie wasn't close with him. Still, she knew she'd see the horrific monster attack in her nightmares for many nights to come. During the day, she'd worry about Mona being the next victim. Maggie wouldn't give up hope, though, because giving up on her sister would be disloyal.

    Nothing happened right away. Not till darkness fell completely. Then, in the middle of the night, Greg Morrow's father and grandmother quietly started piling all their furniture against the wall of the Justice Building. When they had a decent stack of wood, they snuck bags of dry leaves into the square and added them to the pile. Then Greg's grandmother lit the match.

    Maggie's mother closed the curtain, and turned to her father. "We have to go help," she said.

    "No!" Maggie insisted. "What about Mona? Greg's dead, so they can't do anything more to him, but Mona, they could still..."

    "She's dead!" Maggie's mother snapped. "I told you that before. Mona's dead, and you're dead too. You might have escaped the Reaping this year, but what about next year when you have no sister to volunteer for you? What about the kids you have someday if you don't get picked? We're all dead, Maggie. All of us."

    "Stay in the house," her father warned her.

    They didn't say goodbye when they walked off into the night, but Maggie knew she would never see them again. Such open rebellion would not go unpunished, not for the Morrows or the Parrs. Maggie hoped the bonfire was worth it.
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