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    Planet Nero: Bright Futures

    Planet Nero: Bright Futures

    Planet Nero is a planet that has two extreme climates and kingdoms. The kingdom to the South is called Fotia and is mainly desert. It has blistering heat. The kingdom to the North is called Pagos and is full of snow and ice. It has freezing temperatures. The citizens of both kingdoms have long since gotten used to the climates. For much of Nero's history the kingdoms of Fotia and Pagos would go to war. This ended 25 years ago because of the Great War. Fotia and Pagos had a war so horrible and bloody it almost destroyed the planet. Children were orphaned and it was hard to find someone who had not lost a least one loved one because of it. Queen Ember of Fotia and King Lars of Pagos called a truce. Both had lost their families and almost their own lives in a war they couldn't even remember why it started. In the Mountains of Mesos, they built the City of Eirini. Built perfectly halfway between both kingdoms, it serves as a peaceful meeting point for the rulers and a place of trade between the kingdoms. Over time the wounds of the past have slowly healed the kingdoms live peacefully with each other until recently.

    Previously on Nero:

    Afon, Dayana, and Seth launched an attack on Nero. They tricked Gwynn into believing Geoffers didn't love her and used Seth's army to attack the orphanage. They lost the battle and were killed by Maverik. Camillus, who had aided them at first but then turned against them, was given a second chance by the Royal Family. Selene and Barrett's son, Liam, was born. Nero also has new citizens named the Rahu. Now Gwynn and Geoffers are ready to get married.
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    The weeks before the wedding seemed to fly by. Gwynn had forgotten how much there was to do to get ready - but it was like a big party, and there was lots that needed to be planned. It would be a simple affair, particularly by the standards one would usually think of for a member of a royal family, but there were going to be a lot of guests in attendance, and guests required preparation. It was the fun sort of work, though, and Gwynn split her time between her Royal Ambassador duties, getting things ready for her special day, helping the Rahu settle in, and spending time with her family and friends.

    When the day came, Gwynn was extremely excited. She couldn't help smiling so widely that her face was starting to hurt. Her sisters helped her into her simple but elegant white dress, and looked radiant as she took Barrett's arm to walk down the aisle.
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    Meyer Elan

    The problem with magic, Meyer had realized, was that it was addictive. He'd been a criminal, a thief - and a good one at that - and he'd liked it. He'd been satisfied. Then, he'd been given a taste of something more. Lord Arden Pembrooke had lent him some stolen magic so he could lure the portal key girl out of the ballroom and incapacitate her. That hadn't worked out... but the magic had. Lord Pembrooke had said Meyer had a natural gift for magic, and Meyer was inclined to agree. He'd come back to learn more, in the hopes of becoming the man's apprentice and adding to his own bag of tricks.

    Then Pembrooke had been killed by the vicious Goddess of Storms. It was then that Meyer realized that Pembrooke had been right about Firsts, not just about magic.

    Now, Meyer was determined to pursue the acquisition of magic in spite of his potential mentor's death. If in the process, he could avenge the murder, so much the better.
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    ::The children were thrilled when Gwynn and Geoffers' wedding day finally came. Weddings were always a joyous and fun occasion, but it was even better when it was friends getting married. The weeks leading up the wedding had involved Angel and Milson restoring life back to the normal at the orphanage. It had taken some time but the orphanage was back to normal. You'd never know that there had been an attack. From generous donations, from not only the Royal Family but other people in Nero, the orphanage was actually repaired to be nicer then before. Things that had needed repaired or upgraded in the past but had been put off were done. Angel was just thrilled to have her home back and the kids were as well. Everyone sat patiently for the wedding to begin. The younger children knew how important a wedding was but they also couldn't wait for the reception. Since many of them remembered those were more fun. Still, Gwynn was a good friend to them and they would behave at the ceremony. They waved hi to her as Barrett walked her down the aisle. Corla quietly told Angel that Gwynn looked really pretty and Angel agreed.::
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    The weeks went very fast. Before Selene knew it it was Gwynn and Geoffers' wedding day. Liam already seemed to be growing fast. Selene and Barrett were very hands on with their son. They were raising him themselves, not having nannies do it. He had just started to sleep through the night two days before the wedding. Selene helped Gwynn get ready and gave her a hug, careful not to crush Liam in between them.

    "You look beautiful. Congratulations, Sis."

    She told her and headed with Liam and Garnet to take their seats. Camillus sat next to Garnet. The forgiveness of the people of Nero was surprising to him. He truly didn't expect it. He held Garnet's hand during the ceremony.
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    It was hard to believe how quickly time to could fly. The Rahu were adjusting well to their lives in Nero. It seemed everyone was excited about Gwynn and Geoffers' wedding. Just as excited as they had been when the king and queen got married. Barrett was honored to walk Gwynn down the aisle. He grinned seeing her and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

    "You look great. Let's get you married."

    Geoffers had a big smile on his face when Barrett walked Gwynn down to him. She was beautiful and radiant and his eyes were misty as he took a hold her hand to exchange wedding vows. Barrett took a seat next to Selene as they watched Gwynn and Geoffers get married. Geoffers quietly told Gwynn.

    "You're so beautiful. I love you."

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    Gwynn beamed, hugged her siblings, and thanked them for the compliments. She felt beautiful, which was odd - normally Gwynn didn't consider her physical appearance one way or the other.

    As she walked down the aisle, she waved back happily when Angel's kids waved to her. Perhaps not the most dignified response, but she was happy for their affection and support.

    Gwynn's eye were misty, too, as she and Geoffers exchanged their vows. It was a moment she'd never expected to have, but that somehow felt utterly right at the same time.

    "I love you too, Geoffers," she replied. "And if I may say so, you look very handsome."

    Then came the reception, and Gwynn was eager to celebrate with her family and friends. Her eyes scanned the crowd to see if Maverik had showed up; she hadn't noticed him during the ceremony, but she'd been rather distracted by vowing to spend the rest of her life with her soul mate, and she hadn't really looked for him, so it was entirely possible she just hadn't noticed he was there. She knew he might not show, but it would be nice if her potential friend could be there with the friends she already had.

    Gwynn was too happy to notice a young man in expensive clothes giving her and the other Firsts nasty looks from time to time.
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    "Thank you."

    Geoffers replied with a smile when Gwynn complimented him. It felt wonderful that they were married. He'd never thought after what he had done, he'd be given a second chance. Nor did he ever think someone as amazing as Gwynn would love him back. Today was definitely one of the best days of his life and he knew it could only get better. He had been working hard at his physical therapy, relying less and less on the cane he had needed since Gwynn's blood had freed him of Dayana's spell.

    "I got a surprise for you."

    He told Gwynn and set the cane against the wall and took her in his arms and danced with her. Dancing was something they hadn't been able to do together yet. Geoffers had been determined, though, that he'd dance with his wife at their wedding reception. He wondered if Maverik had came but couldn't see him. He also didn't realize that Meyer was giving the Firsts nasty looks. Right now, Geoffers was only focused on his new wife.
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    It was a very touching ceremony and Camillus was very happy for Gwynn and Geoffers. As were Selene and Barrett. They all offered their congratulations to the newlyweds. Selene and Barrett were dancing together in between taking care of Liam. There were many people willing to help with the young prince but his parents were very hands on. Cam asked Garnet.

    "Garnet? Would you like to dance?"
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    Gwynn and Garnet

    Gwynn was thrilled when she saw what her new husband meant by a 'surprise.' Of course she had known he was working on physical rehabilitation - she had been by his side for the process, as she had promised to - but she hadn't expected him to make enough progress to be able to dance with her at the wedding.

    "This is the best wedding present I could have gotten," Gwynn said as he held her. "Well, besides getting to be your wife. That's a wonderful gift too."

    Garnet was pleasantly surprised by Cam's offer to dance, too. She hadn't ever danced with anyone she was romantically interested in before. She knew how, and had danced with friends and her brother, but this was unique for her. "Yes," she replied, sounding shy but happy. She wondered if she would ever be the one having a wedding, but dismissed the thought. Garnet looked like a teenager, after all. Still, she'd enjoy her time with Cam while it lasted.
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