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    "Well, being your husband is the best thing about today. But I'm really glad you like your surprise."

    Geoffers replied to Gwynn with a grin and gave her a kiss. He couldn't stop grinning or kissing her today because he was so happy. He wasn't ready for any fast dance moves but he could handle slow dances without any problem. He was glad that Gwynn had loved his surprise for her.

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    Camillus replied with a big grin when Garnet accepted his offer to dance. He wasn't as a good of a dancer as other people at the wedding reception. With his forever youthful face, he didn't get a lot of willing dance partners, but he didn't totally embarrass Garnet or step on her feet. The last few weeks had been the best of his life. He never thought he'd be as happy as he was spending time with Garnet and her family and friends. But he was.

    "Garnet, I..."

    He realized he almost said "love you" but stopped himself. He didn't know if she had decided he was truly forgiven for what had happened at the orphanage and his role in it all. Instead, he said.

    "I really like you. I have a lot of fun with you."
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    "You should try some of these. I think you'd like them."
    Grim held a plate of hors d'oeuvres to Mercy, who elegantly picked one off. Naturally they had been invited to the wedding, but they had always felt a slight disconnect from the "royal family." For Grim's part, he just liked to do his own thing and stay out of their way as much as possible. For Mercy, she ran in different circles, being around Angel and her orphanage more than the king and queen. Although, for a while she had been visiting the hospital, dancing in secret somewhere near Gwynn. Only for a week, however. It seemed selfish to keep the healing all for Gwynn when Mercy could heal everyone without any more effort. The problem began when normal people were coming in and being healed before any doctors could see them. Questions started getting asked. Mercy did not want any trouble caused on her account, so she decided to stop and let Gwynn recover by normal methods.
    Etiquette demanded that they come to the wedding, however they might have felt, and so they came. They had mostly kept to themselves, although the sight of Grimcleaver the barbarian dressed in military finery was a bit startling. He looked like a true lord, and it would not really have surprised anyone to learn that Grim had regal stock in him. Not that anyone knew, really. Grim was an orphan by his own account, and there was no one who could validate his claims for truth or fiction. Mercy came dressed in her frock, which she wore as a matter of religious preference, but she had washed it, and it looked more white than it had before. She looked rather regal herself, in her own way.
    What had surprised them most was that neither hide nor hair had been seen of Janus. It had been a couple of months now since he had done anything. Grim half expected him to try to do something at the wedding. Maverik had also given no information on the topic, but he had said it was because there was no information to give. Whatever Janus was planning, he was planning it from the confines of his private universe, it seemed. Father Petas, Grim was told, had gone on a pilgrimage, and it was uncertain when he would return. Grim felt certain the Janus flew the coop, but Maverik seemed convinced that, when he returned, he would resume the role of Father Petas. After all, the people of Eirini held him in high regard; who would really believe that he was the first of portal who had thrice threatened to turn the world on its head?
    Speaking of Maverik, Grim thought, where was he? He had told Gwynn that, unless something really important came up, he would be at the wedding. Grim had not seen him, but that did not necessarily mean that Maverik had not been there. Maverik was sneaky and tended to have a habit of always being right behind you.
    "Mm, they are good," Mercy said, swallowing, "What are you looking at?"
    Grim turned his head back around and said, "Nothing. Just thought I might see something."
    Grim thought that if Maverik was here, he must be hiding very well. If he was not, well... chances were either way that, before the day was over, he would be.
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    Gwynn and Garnet

    Gwynn was glad Geoffers seemed to want to kiss her a lot today, because it was mutual. She was blissfully happy, and that happiness radiated so much it was visible to all.

    Garnet smiled at what Cam said. It was wise that he hadn't said 'love' yet. Not because Garnet didn't share his feelings... but because she needed to trust him more before she was willing to tell him how she felt. Feelings like that were too deep to risk. Someday, though - someday she'd be willing. Today just wasn't the day.

    This, though, she could respond positively too. "I'm glad," she said. "I like you and have fun with you, too."
    "Sleep to dream, and we dream to live..." -Great Big Sea
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    Camillus smiled at Garnet's reply.

    "I'm glad, too."

    He was glad that even after the mistakes he had done she still enjoyed spending time with him. He figured that if he was supposed to be open and honest, he might as well tell her his appearance issue. What had caused him to owe Dayana.

    "You should know something about me. I can't age. I can turn into any animal those kids could think of but I'll never look older then I do right now."
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    ::The kids enjoyed the wedding but, of course, the reception was much better. They were having lots of fun as Angel and Milson danced together after offering the newlyweds their congratulations. Milson frowned seeing Meyer. Angel wasn't sure why and asked.::

    What's wrong?

    I know him, I'm sure of it.

    ::Milson thought that Meyer looked familiar but he didn't remember why. The day he had helped kidnap Doriana, Milson hadn't really seen the young man's face. Doriana was old enough to not her parents constantly watching her and Meyer had ran off when they realized she was missing. Angel knew that her husband's instincts were rarely wrong but she also couldn't help him remember Meyer better. Although she did think he didn't recognize him for a good reason. Both agreed they'd keep an eye on him, especially when they noticed the scowling on his face. Not a typical expression to be seen at a wedding.::
    "God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, And wisdom to know the difference." Reinhold Niebuhr
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    Gwynn, Garnet, and Meyer Elan

    Meyer asked a woman to dance - she wasn't bad looking, but he wasn't here to pick up a date. She was his excused to get on the dance floor without looking like a fool. Meyer was a good dancer, and he managed to steer his partner close to Gwynn and Geoffers. He subtly reached out and brushed the back of his hand against Gwynn; as a practiced thief, he was able to make it appear to be an entirely accidental contact. A piece of lace from her dress snagged on the tiny but sharp prongs of his ring, and ripped away.

    At the tearing sound, Gwynn glanced at him. "Sorry," Meyer said, looking appropriately chagrined.

    "It's okay," Gwynn replied with a reassuring smile.

    Meanwhile, Garnet suddenly smiled at Cam. "That's good," she said. "Because I don't age either. I'm glad you aren't going to leave me behind someday."

    Someone who was going to get older probably wouldn't maintain an interest in Garnet for long; most adults wouldn't feel comfortable being with a woman who would always resemble a young teenager. She'd been worried that Cam would outgrow a relationship with someone who looked like Garnet - but now she knew there was a chance.
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    Cam smiled back at Garnet. For once his youthful appearance was good thing, since it wasn't possible for Garnet to age.

    "I'll definitely wouldn't leave you behind."

    He planned to be around her as long as she wanted him there.
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    Geoffers frowned hearing the tearing sound. Although he did assume that Meyer bumping into Gwynn was a total accident.

    "You okay?"

    He asked her, if her dress was ripped, that was okay. They could get it fixed and plus, she was only going to wear it once.
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    Gwynn and Garnet

    "I'm fine," Gwynn said. "I didn't get hurt. He must have just gotten caught on my dress."

    She inspected the point of contact, and found a bit of lace was missing. Apparently the man had considered the matter closed when she had accepted his apology, and he and his partner had moved off into the crowd again. Now they were dancing near Angel and Milson. Oh well. It could be fixed, and anyway, it was just a dress. That was nothing to be sad about on such a happy day.

    Garnet smiled at Cam. "I'm glad," she said. "I wouldn't want you to."

    Although she wasn't ready to speak more deeply of her emotions than that yet, she realized what she said was true.

    "Sorry," Meyer said, as he faked bumping into Angel, snagging his ring on a bit of material from her dress as he had with Gwynn's. Meyer's impromptu date was incredibly confused; how was the stranger she was dancing with swinging back and forth so wildly between grace and clumsiness? Meyer gave Angel and Milson an apologetic but winning smile.
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