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    No, Geoffers didn't trust Janus. He wasn't sure outside of Gwynn, her family, and Angel and Angel's family who to trust. He didn't like all this universe wide games that people were trying to play. It was hard to know what the right thing to do was or to know that someday Janus would want Gwynn to do him a favor in return for helping her save his life.

    "Good night."

    Geoffers told Janus. He turned to Gwynn and told her when they were alone again.

    "I hate these games. Time is getting shorter and...I wish people weren't dragging you into their own agendas."

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    Gwynn looked down, but her expression was not one of sadness or fear. There was guilt written plainly across her face.

    "I wish that too," she said softly. "And I wish you weren't getting dragged into it over and over because of me. If you'd married one of those human girls you dated before, it wouldn't be like this. You'd just be enjoying your wedding night, without having to worry about anything. You could just be happy."

    She sighed, and added, "I'm sorry. You deserve better than this, Geoffers. I wish I could give you the kind of life you deserve. I wish I could promise the craziness will end, but I can't. It's not too late to change your mind and be with someone... normal."
    "Sleep to dream, and we dream to live..." -Great Big Sea
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    Geoffers touched Gwynn's cheek so she'd look up at him. He didn't like seeing her sad or feeling guilty. She had no reason to be either.

    "Gwynn, I love you. I know life might not be easy being married to a First but there is no one else I want to be with. I can handle all the craziness to be with you."

    He told her her and pulled her in for a hug.
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    Gwynn leaned against Geoffers and nestled into him. As always, he had made her feel better. Sometimes she still couldn't believe this was real. That he really loved her and wanted her. Sometimes it seemed like it might be a dream - she might wake up and find he wanted to be nothing more than her friend, or might not want to know her at all. This was real, though. He was really her husband. They had come so far. It hadn't always been easy, but it was worth it.

    "Good," Gwynn said. "Because I'm not going anywhere, so you're stuck with me. Let's just forget about the craziness, and enjoy our first night as husband and wife."

    Somehow, Gwynn knew she wouldn't be thinking about Janus or Maverik or Afon - or anyone else besides Geoffers tonight.
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    Geoffers smiled when Gwynn nestled against him. That action let him know that she believed him. He replied to her with a smile.

    "Good, because there's no one else I'd rather be stuck with."

    He agreed that they didn't need to think about the craziness anymore tonight.

    "I love you."

    He told her as he lowered his head to kiss her.
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    "I love you too," Gwynn replied, and gladly kissed Geoffers back.

    They were married now. They had a happy future ahead of them - for however long it lasted. Gwynn hoped for eternity, of course, but even if a short time was all they were allotted with the danger they faced, at least they could spend it together. For now, for their wedding night, the troubles receded, and to Gwynn their problems seemed very far away all of a sudden. It was worth it to be together, and it always would be.
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