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    Lucky Byrne

    The girl from Twelve getting blown up had absolutely no effect on Lucky. One less person between him and his goal of being crowned this year's victor. Lucky had fought his way to the middle of the Cornucopia. He grabbed a backpack but was more concerned about the weapons. He picked up a sword he liked a lot when he saw Shon. He sneered at him.

    "Well, well, well. If it isn't Four's little boyfriend. She and Portmore can't save you."

    Lucky said and tried to stab Shon with his sword. He missed his mark, hitting the floor instead of Shon's neck, when he felt a sharp pain in his arm. The girl from Nine had thrown a knife at him. He growled as he pulled it out and quickly beheaded the witch for her action. The boy from Nine was coming for him, which would give Shon a chance to escape.
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    Yvonne Morrison

    Titus was relieved to see Fayth running away from the Bloodbath with Lucretia. As soon as she was out his view, he went to getting supplies. He grabbed a backpack and went searching for a proper weapon. He might have allied with the Careers but he didn't expect that alliance to last long. It would only last as long as it worked. He'd eventually have to be one his own and he wanted supplies with him. He wasn't trying to kill anyone, though. Just get people out of his way. He pushed his way through but did stab the boy Ten because he tried to stab him first. He wasn't sure if he was going to live or not because once the threat was eliminated, he found a small ax and headed out of the Bloodbath. He'd prefer a bigger one but it and the knives he took from the boy from Ten would work for now. Yvonne didn't care who she had to take down, she was heading right for the middle of the Cornucopia. She wanted the best supplies and also her closest ally was there. She had grabbed a backpack out of habit, but she wanted more. She saw the boy from Nine going for Lucky.

    "Move back!"

    Yvonne warned Lucky and stabbed the boy from Nine in the back with a spear.
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    Maia and Dorian McCarroll

    Shon hadn't seen her. She figured she would stay close by, cover his back while they both gathered what they could. She grabbed a length of rope. Just as she was going to turn to run and drag Shon with her, she saw him reach for what must have been a spear.

    She watched, frozen in place, as Lucky lashed out at Shon. She dove for the spear, ready to come to Shon's defense. Her hands closed on it. There was something underneath it as well. Another spear. They were all connected in a small bundle of four. She hauled them out and threw the rope that held them together over her shoulder in a makeshift sling.

    Her mind raced. Now Yvonne was there and if she stood there any longer, she would get killed as soon as the two Careers had finished with the boy from Nine.

    "Shon, let's go," she hissed, grabbing his arm and attempting to haul him to his feet.


    Dorian slowed his pace as the other tributes converged on the Cornucopia. He scanned quickly, looking for anything that might prove useful. His eyes fell on a small trident. The metal prongs glinted in the faint light.

    Quint was there. And Dora. They were fighting for everything they could get their hands on. And then suddenly Dora was bleeding, her leg torn open from knee to hip. Quint left, and Dora lay bleeding out. This was Dorian's chance. He dove for the trident and pulled. It stuck fast. He pulled harder and then saw it was connected to a tangle of ropes.

    He quickly tried to untangle them, only realize that it was actually a net wrapped around the trident. He tugged at the outer edges, freeing them, and then the trident came free. He clutched it tightly, turned and dashed away from the Bloodbath.


    Bianca frowned.

    "No, I haven't seen any of the others yet. Just you four. I'm guessing that Dorian, Maia, and Shon are still in there. I hope they make it out."

    She fiddled with her sleeves. She really hoped they would make it.
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    Gossamer Portmore

    Gossamer tried not to take it personally when Mouse cowered from her, and almost succeeded. She knew how it looked from the others' perspective; Gossamer was a Career, and all their lives they'd seen Careers brutalizing people. The other districts saw Careers as the villains of the Games. What they didn't understand was that being groomed to die and kill from toddlerhood was a different sort of victimization. Of course, Gossamer couldn't expect the others to understand. She couldn't expect them to see her as anything other than a monster - just a monster who happened to be on their side, for who knew how long? It was understandable. It still stung a little.

    Maybe giving them knives was a bad idea. Gossamer wouldn't be surprised if at least one of those knives ended up embedded in her own flesh before the end of the Games. That's what happened when winning meant life. Still, leaving her allies unarmed and potentially unprotected was an even worse idea. Their personal Career couldn't be everywhere at once.

    "They knew I was leaving the Cornucopia," Gossamer said. "I assume they'll follow me. I can go look..."

    A tiny parachute emerged from the darkness. Gossamer tried to see where it came from, but couldn't. It landed at her own feet, and for a moment she was disconcerted. She hadn't done anything to merit a sponsor taking an interest. Who would send a gift so soon? She cautiously picked it up, opening the hard outer canister to see what was inside.

    For an instant, Gossamer stared at the gift in confusion. It was a knife - at least if you were being generous in your definitions. Really it was just a blade, notched and rusted, the handle long gone and the edges dull. What was the point? All the weapons she'd collected were better than this; what she'd picked up from the Cornucopia was nothing special but it was all sharp and serviceable.

    Belatedly, she recognized the blade, and blanched. She also knew who had sent it. For the first time since she'd arrived at the training center, the other tributes would see Gossamer upset.

    This knife was identical to the one that last year's District Eight girl had used to open Gossamer's brother's throat. It was a message - Gossamer had helped Mouse by giving her a knife, and this was an implied criticism of her decision to be decent to a kid from one of the districts that had produced Slate's killers. There could be only one source. Her parents. Her own parents were threatening her during her first damned hour in the arena.

    She couldn't let it rattle her. She had to shake it off...

    Gossamer passed the blade to Fayth. "Here," she said. "It's not much of a knife, but it's metal at least. Maybe it'll work for one of your traps."

    And if Fayth was carrying it, Gossamer wouldn't have to look at it or think about it.
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    Shon Dietrich

    The moment Lucky turned, he felt Maia’s hand on his arm and Shon pushed himself to his feet – already running. There wasn’t time to look for the others. Things were getting hot and he could see Dorian was thinking the same thing. Aiming for the boy from Four, the three of them left the Cornucopia together at a dead run.

    Almost instantly, darkness fell over them except for a single weak beam of light. Shon realized belatedly that he’d forgotten to turn his off – and soon wished he had. Seconds later they found the remains of ... someone. He didn’t know what was worse – the blood – or the fact that at the end, they’d all look the same. At that same moment, his light went out, leaving the three panting together in the dark.

    “We gotta keep moving.” He finally gasped. “We’ll double back and find the rest of the group later...but we can’t stay here.”

    Shon didn’t figure anyone would argue with him about that. His eyes were starting to adjust to the darkness, but he still ran into a few rocks. The noise of the opening battle was dying down, leaving an air of deadly quiet...except for a strange sound. It sounded like a distant roar that never quit.

    “Water. That sounds like water. Let’s go that way.” Whispering, he eyed the outlines of the other two. The Gamemakers were crazy to make an Arena that was always dark. What were they thinking? He hoped there were some spare batteries in the pack he grabbed – maybe never seeing the light again was more than he could take.
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    Lucky Byrne

    Lucky jumped when Yvonne told him to move. He didn't want to be impaled by the spear as well. When the boy from Nine was dead, Lucky realized that Shon had gotten away.

    "Damn, he's gone."

    He had wanted to kill Shon for two reasons. One was that he was part of Gossamer's alliance and the other reason was that Maia had a thing for him and Yvonne had a personal vendetta against the Fours. He was cool with helping her with that. The more people they took out, the better. Every cannon shot meant he was closer to his goal.
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    Fayth Hansen

    Fayth frowned when both Bianca and Gossamer thought that Maia, Dorian, and Shon hadn't been seen. They had been in the Bloodbath, hopefully they weren't victims. She shook her head when Gossamer started to suggest she'd go back for them.

    "I don't think-"

    She was going to say she didn't think it was a good idea to divide up even more when the tiny parachute came. She was surprised that Gossamer had already been sent a gift. Perhaps she had done something truly impressive at the Cornucopia. Those thoughts disappeared when she saw it. She had no idea the significance it had to Gossamer personally but whoever sent it wasn't sending a good message. Fayth took the knife and told Gossamer.

    "I can make use of it."

    She said, putting the knife in the waistband of her pants. She knew that Gossamer was trying to not let the knife bother her and Fayth told her quietly.

    "I know it's none of my business, but if you want to talk about it later, I'll listen."
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    Yvonne Morrison

    Yvonne was glad that Lucky moved back, she didn't want to kill him. Not yet, anyway. Eventually she would but that was when it was near the end. For now she needed him on her side. When he cursed that Shon got away, Yvonne shrugged.

    "We'll find them. Besides it'll be better show hunting them down."

    She wanted the Fours dead but she planned to do it in some kind of glorious shot that would get replayed over and over when she was named victor. A Bloodbath kill would have been acceptable but not as entertaining. The Bloodbath had calmed down, people were dispersing to regroup. Titus joined them and made a face when he saw he only had an empty metal tin.

    "We need to find water."

    He told Yvonne and Lucky. They couldn't just focus on killing the other Tributes. They still had to survive in the arena. They could die of thirst or hunger too. Yvonne replied.

    "We will. I wonder where Quint and Dora are."

    She said looking around them. She didn't know what happened to either of them in the Bloodbath.
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    Maia and Dorian McCarroll

    Maia ran at full speed, keeping pace with Shon. Her heart raced. A momentary relief overcame her when Dorian came into view. They all met up and suddenly found themselves in the dark.

    Maia could feel the heat from the two boys on either side of her, but she could barely see. A weak light shone from Shon's headlamp, but it didn't illuminate much. What it did illuminate, Maia wished she had never seen. The gruesome corpse before them made her want to scream, but she held it in. She didn't want to alert anyone to their position.

    Shon's light went out. The darkness was so thick around them. Maia felt like she was struggling to breath as it closed in around them. When Shon suggested they go, Maia nodded instinctively, even though she knew he couldn't see her.

    "Yeah. We're bound to run into them eventually."

    And they would be able to explore more of the arena, find out what they were up against. But Maia kept that thought to herself. It scared her a little. She wondered what had killed that boy in the cave. She carefully picked her way out of the cave, following Shon and Dorian closely. She could see only vague shapes in the dark.

    "Yes. Let's go check it out."

    Maia agreed quietly. Even if it wasn't water, it was probably something they should know about.


    Dorian clutched the goods he had retrieved from the Cornucopia. The chaos was intense. He started to run, needed to get out. He saw Shon and Maia running toward him and realized that they had the same idea.

    The three found themselves in the dark, save for Shon's headlamp. The light illuminated a mangled body before them. Dorian looked away. Death surrounded them in the arena; there was no escaping it. But he didn't have to stare at it either.

    As the light went out, Dorian's heart rate increased. It wasn't that he was afraid of the dark, he just preferred to have all his senses at his disposal. The thick cloak of darkness made it impossible to tell where the other two were. If he had not heard their breathing, he might have thought they weren't there at all.

    "Yeah, let's go."

    Dorian had no arguments for Shon. They were sitting ducks in the cave. Whatever had killed that boy might be back for them. And they wouldn't see it coming. He silently made his way out of the cave with the other two. He felt like his silence would show his agreement with Shon's plan to check out the sound just as well as a whispered assent. The less noise they made, the better. He didn't want to be found by Yvonne and Lucky. He knew they would be looking for him.
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    Gossamer Portmore

    Gossamer met Fayth's eyes, and for an instant there was a vulnerability that Fayth would never have seen from her before. Fayth would see deeper into Gossamer than the girl from One usually allowed; the confidence on the surface was real, but so was the longstanding hurt beneath. For almost everyone who had ever been in her life - everyone but Nicolai, and Slate for a few childhood years before things went bad - Gossamer only mattered insofar as she was useful. She'd expected nothing more in the arena. The fact her problems mattered enough for Fayth to want to listen touched her deeply. She couldn't quite hide those wounds as she returned Fayth's glance. It surprised Gossamer that one of her fellow tributes of all people would see her as having any worth other than as a tool for their protection. Listening if Gossamer wanted to talk was a hint of that sense of worth.

    "Thanks," she said. "I'd appreciate that. Later. We need to get moving. The other Careers won't be distracted for long. We need to explore a bit, find a reasonably safe space to regroup with our allies."

    The momentary spell was broken, and Gossamer was back to taking charge.

    There was only one area in the arena that was completely safe. Even aside from competitors and hostile wildlife, the whole place was rigged with explosives in case a tribute got unruly. Gossamer had thought of one place where the Capitol couldn't reach them, though... but she wasn't going to give that away too early and have the Gamesmakers take it away. Best to save it for a time of real need. For now, 'reasonably safe' would do.
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