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    Quint Aaronson and Dora Brighten

    "Come on out, Dora," Quint called in a deceptively sweet voice. "That leg's gotta hurt. I'm going to make it better for you."

    Dora inched away from him, glad for the darkness. She could barely put weight on her leg, so she leaned against the tunnel wall. Barely breathing, she kept just ahead of him, trying not to make a sound. They might have been allies in the training center, but they definitely weren't anymore.

    "Come on, you little brat," the boy from Two called, this time making no pretense of being nice. "You've got no chance. Not with that kind of injury and no allies to watch your back. I don't want to take one of your damned poison arrows, so I'm going to take you out first. I'll go easy on you if you come out now and stop wasting my time."

    He could have reached out and touched her. Dora held her breath. Sweat dripped down her back, even though if anything she was cold. Quint started to turn away... then abruptly flicked on his light and grinned. "Gotcha," he said. There was a spiked mace in his hand, and he swung it at Dora.

    The mace caught her side-on, crushing her left arm and damaging her shoulder, striking her chest and cracking ribs. Quint had misjudged the strength he should use in proportion to Dora's weight, though; she was lighter than he'd expected, and the momentum of the hit sent her flying backward, tumbling into loose gravel that cut her skin and bruised her already-battered body. Dora knew it was the end... then Quint's light winked out.

    He swore softly, and turned and walked away. It wasn't worth following her into the loose stone when he couldn't see - the danger was too great, when it came to taking out a tribute who was already so injured and would likely die on her own.

    "Later, little girl," he called cheerfully, and returned to Yvonne and Lucky like he didn't have a care in the world. "I'm here," he said. "Dora's gone. Not dead yet, but it's not going to be long."

    Dora lay silently in the dark, aching all over, tears running down her cheeks. She hadn't expected it to be like this. Sure, she'd been training all her life - but pounding on dummies and targets wasn't the same as watching someone die. Nothing had prepared her for the expression in the girl from Seven's eyes as she died, the blood bubbling up... and the knowledge that Dora had been the one to take her life, even if it hadn't been entirely premeditated. Dora had imagined being a hero. The fantasy was completely different from horrible reality.

    She was only fourteen years old. She had no allies. No hope. Not even an able body anymore. Dora was trapped in here. Now that she had realized her mistake, it was far too late...
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    Fayth Hansen

    The first time since Fayth had met Gossamer, she saw the other girl's vulnerability. She had only seen the girl from District One as confident and strong, but now briefly Fayth could see that Goss had a pain that she hid well. She smiled at Gossamer.

    "You're welcome and you're right, we should keep moving. I'm sure Quint and his buddies have a stockpile of supplies."

    She didn't like thinking that Titus was one of those buddies. It made her confused about him. He allied with them but he had helped her, in training and in the arena. Fayth was sure no where in this arena was truly safe but they would need water. People could go a few days without eating but thirst was worst. She looked back they came and told Gossamer quietly.

    "I want some of those platforms we were on, I can use them."

    She could rewire them as explosives. Her mind was thinking that if the Careers had the better weapons, then they'd need to take them and their better supplies out.
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    Yvonne Morrison

    Yvonne nodded her head when Quint told them what happened to Dora.

    "Oh, well. We don't need her."

    She wasn't upset that Dora was surely going to be dead soon and neither was Lucky. One less person between then and the end. Titus was a little worried about Dora but faked that he wasn't. If he was going to get rid of the Careers and protect Fayth in the process, he couldn't get himself killed by the them. Besides in this Game, allies only were as good as they were useful. He hoped that Dora died quickly so she wasn't in too much pain. He wanted to win but that didn't mean he wanted anyone to suffer either.

    "Now can we find some water?"

    Titus asked and Yvonne rolled her eyes a little and told Quint.

    "He's been very worried about water."

    "I'm not going to die of thirst."

    Titus replied.

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    Gossamer Portmore

    "Good idea," Gossamer said. She knew tributes had done that a handful of times in previous Games, but most lacked the knowledge or skill to pull it off. Hopefully Fayth had it; if not, she was about to blow them all up.

    "I think we should stick together. If we split up now, our alliance may get even more fragmented. We'll watch your back while you work."

    Gossamer took her spear in her hand as they cautiously approached the Cornucopia area. By now, the other Careers had probably moved on, but she wasn't taking any chances.
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    Quint Aaronson

    "I agree with Twelve," Quint said, likely surprising both sides of the argument. He'd spent the whole train trip from Two to the Capitol watching footage of old Games, though - and one thing he'd noticed over and over was that the Career tributes fought fiercely, but they tended to struggle with the environmental conditions in the arena. Unlike the other districts, One and Two rarely lacked anything materially, and that made it difficult for them to endure harsh conditions in the arena. Quint wasn't going to make that mistake... and he knew Gossamer wasn't either. Portmore had been training for endurance as well as combat. Quint wasn't planning to find himself weak from dehydration a day from now, and see her standing over him right as rain.

    Most of all, he wanted to win. Secondly, though, he wanted to be the one to put a knife through that damned Portmore girl's heart.

    "Let's find a water source first. After that, we'll go hunting."

    Quint didn't necessarily mean for their dinner.
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    Shon Dietrich

    The three of them moved as quietly as possible through a longish tunnel toward the sound Shon was now certain that was running water. He stumbled over a boulder once, but after that, it seemed remarkably easy to navigate just by running his hand along the wall. Suddenly, there was a feeling of being in an open space – and the roar of the water was deafening.

    There was a faint green glow on his left, but it wasn’t enough to allow him to see where they were. Maybe they could turn on a light for a second without attracting too much attention. He had to actually shout in Maia’s ear for her to hear him.

    “Can you turn on your headlamp for a second? It sounds like a waterfall – I don’t want to step off a cliff or anything.”

    In the meantime, he could fish around in his bag to see if he had anything that might give them a leg up. Shon secretly hoped for a knife – anything weapon-like, really – as he hadn’t managed to grab anything else from the Cornucopia. It seemed like a blanket made up most of the bulk in the bag, then there was a small square box that he couldn’t pry open with one hand – and two batteries. At least it was something.
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    Maia and Dorian McCarroll

    Maia followed the faint sound of Shon's footfalls. She tested each step before putting her foot down, trying not to stumble over any obstacles. It was slow going, but at least it was quiet. It didn't matter how much noise they made shortly because of the loud roar of what was now almost definitely water. Maia paused as she felt Shon move closer to speak to her.


    She responded at a shout. She switched her lamp on. Internally, she hoped that there was enough battery life left to light up what they needed to see. They were on the edge of the water, Maia could see that much. But the light from her head lamp was faint and she couldn't see more than a few feet in front of her. She moved forward toward the water and turned toward the noise, hoping that it would shed more light on the falls she thought would be there.

    Maia put her hand on Dorian's arm and motioned for him to turn his headlamp on as well, which he did. Perhaps the combined light from their lamps would illuminate the water better.
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    Fayth Hansen

    Fayth agreed with Gossamer that they should split up anymore. There was strength in numbers and it seemed that everyone had moved on from Cornucopia area. The path they took led back to her starting point and she swallowed remembering what had happened to the girl from Twelve. She had literally blew up right next to Fayth. She pushed the memory to the back of her mind and grabbed two of the platforms. She had an idea but she didn't want to grab too many if it didn't work. She told her allies.

    "Okay, I'm good for now."
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    Titus Adamson

    Titus and Yvonne were both surprised when Quint said he agreed about the water. Yvonne wanted to go hunting for Gossamer's alliance and Titus had figured that since the rest of his alliance was so used to having things like food and water everyday, they wouldn't see the importance of finding water. He nodded his head to Quint.

    "Let's go."

    He didn't think the type of hunting Quint was talking about was animals and the big sneer that appeared on Yvonne's face hearing they could go hunting soon confirmed that thought.
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    Gossamer Portmore and Mouse Minkimen

    The bodies hadn't been removed. Gossamer tried to ignore them. It wasn't the first time she'd ever seen a dead person. Although the other districts tended to imagine life was much better in One and Two, the truth was more complicated. While the favoured two districts had more materially, they were also watched much more carefully and punished more brutally for real or imagined offenses. The first public execution Gossamer remembered witnessing was when she was three - and even that, her parents said that wasn't the first she'd seen. And, of course, they were trained to fight and die from the time they could walk. It wasn't that hard to repress her feelings about the dead tributes.

    Mouse, though, was having increasing difficulty.

    When Fayth said she was done, Gossamer nodded. "Okay," she said, hoping Fayth really knew what she was doing handling those mines. "We need to stick around for a few minutes, though. I need to see something. We can wait in the tunnel."

    What she needed to see was how the bodies were removed. In a more open arena, they were taken by hovercraft - was there room up there in the darkness for a flying vehicle to emerge? Or would there be some other method for taking away the corpses? That was vital information for Gossamer to know.

    Mouse, though, had reached her emotional limit. Her breathing grew rapid, and tears started rolling down her cheeks. Her wide eyes darted between the dead tributes lying around the Cornucopia.

    Gossamer could tell that the youngest ally was about to break down, and she made a split second decision. She bent down, brought her lips close to Mouse's ear, and hid her mouth with her hands, moving too quickly for the controllers to train a microphone directly on them and pick up a whisper. A few seconds were all it took, then there was nothing more to eavesdrop on.

    "I don't understand..." Mouse replied.

    Gossamer straightened and shrugged. "You don't have to."

    "But what about you?"

    "I told you," Gossamer replied, now completely back in her normal tone of voice. "I'm going to win."

    From outward appearances, it would seem that Gossamer had whispered a threat to her weaker ally. A more astute observer, though, would notice that whatever she had said made Mouse stop crying.
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