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    Interviews with Caesar Flickerman

    Interviews with Caesar Flickerman

    "Ladies and gentlemen, your master of ceremonies... Caesar Flickerman!"


    Thank you! Good evening! Yes, thank you!


    Welcome, welcome, welcome to the 74th annual Hunger Games!

    I know you're all just as eager as I am to meet our tributes...
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    Caesar Flickerman: In that great tradition of 'ladies first,' I'm pleased to introduce the first tribute we'll meet tonight... the lovely Gossamer Portmore from District One. Give her a hand, ladies and gentlemen! Let's show Gossamer how much the Capitol likes having a mystery to solve!

    [The applause suggests the audience agrees. Gossamer walks out on the stage in a deceptively simple black dress with tiny billows at the open sleeves and waist like wings. The neckline plunges just slightly, enough to be a tiny bit suggestive but not risque. The stylists have wisely decided not to try to make Gossamer look like a little girl, instead opting for the image of a woman to be reckoned with.]

    Gossamer Portmore: It's nice to finally meet you in person, Caesar. We're all glued to the set when you introduce the year's tributes.

    CF: How nice to hear.

    [A modest grin. Flattery is going to get you everywhere with him, it seems.]

    CF: So Gossamer, we've all been talking, but tell us in your own words - why did you volunteer to be a tribute this year?

    GP: Well, Caesar, as you know, my brother was killed in last year's Games. It's only right that I avenge him.

    CF: But the people who killed him are already dead. How can you take revenge on them now?

    GP: I take my cues from the Capitol, actually. Our leaders have taught us well. None of us were even alive during the Dark Days, but we're punished in the arena for our ancestors' vile acts of rebellion. I think that's wise; it means no one will ever want to rebel again. Well, I'm going to take my payment for Slate's death the same way.

    CF: Very bold of you. Tell us, Gossamer, why are you a tribute to watch?

    GP: Well, I'm very skilled, for one thing. Of course, training for the Games is prohibited, but I'm a fast learner. Knives, swords, spears, hand-to-hand. I've found I'm a natural at it. And of course, there's something else that sets me apart.

    CF: Ah, yes, we've heard. Your "plan"?

    GP: Exactly, Caesar. I'm not here just to fight, or even just to win - although naturally, I plan to do both. I'm here to give the audience a show they'll never forget.

    CF: I see. Can you give us a hint of what that might entail?

    [Gossamer smiles coyly]

    GP: I'm afraid not. That would ruin the surprise. I will tell you that it's how I'll get my revenge, and how I intend to win.

    CF: Excellent, excellent. I can't wait to see this "plan" of yours in action in the arena. I'm sure the audience can't wait either, can you?

    [Applause, cheering. Gossamer has piqued their curiosity, and the prospect of a bloody death for her is perhaps less appealing than finding out what mysterious thing she's going to do.]

    CF: If I may say so, you look lovely tonight.

    GP: Thank you.

    CF: Is there some special boy back in One you're all dolled up for?

    GP: Oh, Caesar, I don't kiss and tell.

    CF: But there are kisses to tell about?

    [He gives the audience a knowing wink. Gossamer pretends to demure modestly.]

    GP: Maybe a few. There's no one special, though. The dress is to please our kind and generous hosts here in the Capitol, not for some boy back home.

    [Applause and some self-congratulatory murmuring.]

    CF: You've collected quite the alliance, Gossamer. Do you think there's an advantage in that strategy?

    GP: Oh, definitely. They're all going to prove useful, trust me.

    CF: And in the end? I hate to bring up the inevitable, but... there can only be one winner.

    GP: Well, that's just the Games, isn't it?

    CF: Indeed it is. Ladies and gentlemen, Miss Gossamer Portmore!

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    Caesar Flickerman: And now we turn to the first of our most interesting pair of tributes, the twins from District Four. Get read to meet the beautiful and talented Maia McCarroll.

    [Maia enters at stage right, smiling and waving. She wears a long gown, largely made of a see-through meshy material. Bright blue embroidered designs crawled across the dress, mostly covering what needed to be covered and revealing the rest. It is clear that her stylists were going for a sexier look.]

    Maia McCarroll: Pleasure to meet you, Caesar.

    CF: And you. So, Maia, how do you feel about your brother volunteering as tribute?

    MM: I’m glad he’s here with me. I feel more confident with him at my side.

    CF: But only one of you can come out of this alive. Aren’t you worried that it might come down to you or him?

    MM: We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it, Caesar.

    CF: You’re a part of Gossamer Portmore’s alliance. Does that make you feel better about your chances in the arena?

    MM: Gossamer has generously invited my brother and myself to be a part of her alliance. It definitely strengthens our position significantly.

    CF: Did she tell you what her plan entails?

    MM: No, she’s been keeping us all in the dark. We only know that we’ll be very important when the time comes.

    [Maia looks directly into the camera, a confident smile on her face.]

    CF: Gossamer is a winner. Do you expect that she’ll let you get the better of her?

    MM: Well, you’ll have to wait and see what the Games have in store, won’t you?

    [Caesar laughs]

    CF: Indeed we will! Isn’t that right, folks?

    [The audience cheers and applauds]

    CF: Your gown is absolutely stunning. Please, stand up and show it to us.

    [Maia stands, turning slowly. She walks a few steps and looks over her shoulder. Whistles and cheers are heard throughout the crowd.]

    CF: Just stunning.

    MM: Thank you.

    [Caesar stands to join Maia and takes her hand, presenting her to the crowd.]

    CF: Ladies and gentlemen, the lovely Miss Maia McCarroll!
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    Caesar Flickerman: The next tribute I have the pleasure of presenting to you tonight is Mouse Minkimen, of District Eight, who has the distinction of being the youngest tribute in this year's Games - Mouse is only twelve, and was selected at her first Reaping. I give you Mouse, ladies and gentlemen!

    [There is polite applause, but seemingly not the level of interest as the audience showed in some of the older tributes. When Mouse steps onto the stage, it's clear her stylists have missed the mark again. Like in the tributes' parade, the skinny young girl is utterly overwhelmed by her pink sequined dress and elaborate curled hairstyle. Mouse is visibly nervous, twisting her hands together.]

    CF: Welcome, Mouse! How are you doing today?

    Mouse Minkimen: Good.

    CF: So you're the youngest tribute here, Mouse?

    [Mouse just nods, not seeming to realize further response is expected.]

    CF: And how do you feel about that?

    MM: Okay.

    CF: Hm... but you must be a little nervous, aren't you?

    MM: Yes.

    [Caesar seems to realize that he's failing at drawing Mouse out, and he's going to have to switch tracks a little if he wants to get more than one-word answers.]

    CF: Well, it's normal to be nervous. I bet all your fellow tributes have some butterflies in their stomachs too. How about we give Mouse another round of applause, ladies and gentlemen, to help her feel more at home?

    [The applause is a bit louder this time.]

    CF: I've heard you're bringing some skills to this year's Games. You have a training score of six. That's a respectable number for a District Eight tribute, especially one so young. How did you impress them?

    MM: I hid in a small pipe. You can't kill someone you can't find.

    CF: So you're planning to outlast your opponents? That's a valid strategy. It has worked before.

    MM: I hope so. I also showed I can tie knots in rope. My fingers can do little stuff like that because I work in a thread factory after school.

    CF: An impressive set of skills for one so young. Is that why Gossamer Portmore chose you as an ally?

    MM: I guess so.

    CF: So Mouse, if you had to guess who will win the Games - and, for the sake of fun, let's say you can't choose yourself - who do you think will be this year's victor?

    MM: Gossamer.

    CF: Interesting. You sound like a loyal ally, to pick her.

    MM: She's strong and smart.

    CF: That's true, but you never know. Maybe we'll see you on the victor's podium this year.

    MM: Maybe.

    CF: So, here's the question all of the Capitol has been dying to know the answer to: how did you get the name Mouse? I'm told it's not a nickname.

    MM: It's just my name. I was abandoned as a baby. That's the name they gave me at the children's home.

    CF: That's very sad, losing your parents. We'd all love to see that story, though - an orphan triumphing against all odds to win the Games. What do you think, ladies and gentlemen?

    [Loud applause this time, suggesting that Caesar Flickerman's heroic orphan version of Mouse is more popular than the real one. He has helped her significantly.]

    CF: That's more like it! Mouse Minkimen, everyone...
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    Caesar Flickerman: And now we welcome our Tribute from District Five – Shon Dietrich!

    [Shon’s appearance brings applause and high-pitched squealing suggest that at he has at least a few female fans. His stylists were clearly banking on this and have dressed him in a jacket with only one button – and no shirt – exposing his well-formed abs and clean chest. Shon is clearly uncomfortable, but shows it with his wide, unassuming smile, which only serves to drive the crowd wilder.]

    CF: Well, well, it certainly seems like you have some supporters.

    Shon Dietrich: Uh...yeah. I guess so.

    CF: So what do you think of that?

    SD: It’s kinda nice – you know – to know people out there care.

    CF: But surely you already knew that – your father? Your coworkers? They must all be rooting for you.

    [The boy’s face falls, eyes darting down then up and to the side. He’s clearly both sad and angry. Caesar is lucky that Shon’s such an easy read.]

    CF: Or...not?

    SD: My dad didn’t even come to say goodbye. I don’t think he’s expecting much.

    CF: I see.

    [Caesar is appropriately chagrined, but is surprised by Shon’s sudden movement. His face had changed completely. Even the boy’s eyes look darker.]

    SD: But I’m going to show him he’s wrong. I’m not the same kid he knew. I can do this. I can win.

    [Shon flops back in his chair, seemingly surprised at his own words. He runs his hand through his hair and his face changes to an expression of earnestness.]

    SD: I can.

    CF: Now you can go in knowing that you’re not the only one who knows that. Good luck. I’m sure your father is very proud.
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    Caesar Flickerman: We have an unprecedented opportunity tonight - we're going to speak with the second female tribute from District One. That's right. For the first time in Hunger Games history, three different tributes have been selected from the same district. We're going to talk to that special young lady now. Please welcome to the stage... the third tribute from District One, Dora Brighten!

    [Applause as Dora steps onto the stage. She also wears black, to match Gossamer, but her dress is more demure and girlish, dark lace with a sprinkling of tiny seed beads. Dora can't stop grinning, and she waves eagerly to the audience.]

    Dora Brighten: I'm so thrilled to be here, Caesar!

    CF: And we're thrilled to have you here, Dora. We've all been wondering - what was going through your mind when you heard that your district had been selected for a second Reaping?

    DB: I was so excited. Really, really excited, and determined that it was going to be me.

    CF: You're not the youngest tribute in this year's Games, of course... but you're younger than the other tributes from your own district. Do you think that puts you at a disadvantage?

    DB: Not at all. Age doesn't equal skill. I'm looking forward to meeting Gossamer and Lucky in the arena, to see who will come out on top.

    CF: I assume you think it's going to be you?

    [Dora grins, and for an instant looks incredibly young.]

    DB: Naturally. I wouldn't be here otherwise.

    CF: This year's Games are turning into quite the family affair for the Brightens. How does it feel having your aunt mentoring the competition?

    DB: It feels okay. Aunt Allasayne couldn't have known how it would turn out. She'll do her job, I'll do mine, and she can shake my hand at my victory banquet.

    [Caesar chuckles.]

    CF: I love your confidence, Dora. Your enthusiasm, too, is admirable.

    DB: This is my dream, Caesar. As long as I can remember, I've been waiting and hoping that one day I would get the chance to test my skill in the arena. Now that the time has finally come... it doesn't feel real. It feels like a fantasy still. This is my dream, and I can't wait!

    CF: I hope the experience will live up to your high expectations.

    [For an instant, a hint of sadness may have passed over Caesar's face. Or maybe the viewer just imagined it. Immediately he is back to his old self - so surely it was just a trick of the light.]

    CF: That was Dora Brighten, ladies and gentlemen! Let's have another round of applause for our second District One girl and her once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

    [Dora waves, beams, and giggles with excitement as she walks off the stage to the heady sound of applause.]
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    Caesar Flickerman: I'm pleased to introduce the boy - or should I say, young man? - from District Two, Quintillus Aaronson.

    [Quint steps onto the stage with an easy grin on his face. He wears black trousers and a shirt of a silvery material with hints of metallic sheen that suggest actual silver may have been woven into the cloth. One hand rests casually in his pocket, and with the other hand he gives a lazy waves to the fans he seems to take for granted. A number of the ladies in the audience seem to find his feigned disregard quite romantic.]

    CF: Quintillus... can I call you Quint?

    Quint Aaronson: Sure, everyone does.

    CF: Quint, if I may start by asking a rather personal question? You were the instigator of one of the two alliances of tributes - the smaller alliance, I can't help but note. Does it worry you that the other alliance has the size advantage?

    QA: Not in the slightest, Caesar. The fact is, I have better people. I'd rather have one tribute on my side who can actually fight than ten who are going to drag me down.

    CF: So you don't believe the old saying that "there's strength in numbers"?

    QA: No, I don't. There's strength in strength. And that's what I have with my alliance. While I need it, at least...

    CF: Because there can only be one winner?

    QA: Exactly. My alliance is around to help me win. I'm not doing charity work here.

    CF: There are rumours that you don't get along with some of the competitors? Like... Portmore, for example?

    [Quint shrugs dismissively.]

    QA: Look... Gossamer isn't a bad fighter. I'll give her that. But her opinion of herself is wildly inflated. She's not as good as she thinks she is.

    [Caesar winks and replies knowingly.]

    CF: And your own ego, Quint?

    [Quint gives him an easy grin.]

    QA: Touché! I'll admit it. My problem with Portmore is that there's only room for one ego this big in the arena.

    [Quint laughs at himself, and the audience joins in then claps appreciatively.]

    CF: I've heard you're well liked among some of the ladies in the Capitol, Quint. How does it feel to be a sex symbol?

    QA: It feels great. Who wouldn't want that? The ladies like the bad boys, don't they? I just hope I won't let my fans down in the arena.

    CF: I'm sure you'll give the audience exactly what they want. Ladies and gentlemen... Quint Aaronson!

    [As he leaves, there's a lot of applause and some approving wolf-whistles. Quint seems to be eating up the attention, and he waves, smiles, and winks at his female fans as he exits the stage.]
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    Caesar Flickerman: Now, hailing from District Eleven... another volunteer! When this tribute heard her sister's name called on Reaping Day, she immediately jumped in on her behalf. I'm sure we can all respect those protective instincts, can't we? Ladies and gentlemen, Mona Parr!

    [Applause as Mona walks onto the stage. Her costume is, by district standards, absurd, with jeweled fruit shapes representing her district's agriculture specialty covering her in strategic areas, connected by a fine wire mesh and not much else. The Capitol audience seems to like it, and there are whispers that Mona may be starting a new fashion trend - but Mona herself looks profoundly uncomfortable]

    CF: Mona! I'm so happy to meet you!

    Mona Parr: Um... thanks. Likewise.

    CF: That dress is... just astounding. Can you sit down in it?

    MP: That might be a bad idea.

    [She grimaces; she may or may not be entirely joking. The audience takes it as humour, and laughs appreciatively, as does Caesar.]

    CF: Of course, of course. Let it never be said that I stood in the way of ladies' fashion! We can remain standing. Tell me, Mona - what was going through your head when you heard your sister's name called on Reaping Day?

    MP: My heart dropped. I could barely breathe. I knew I couldn't let her go fight in the arena.

    CF: So you took her place, like the excellent big sister you are. I assume she's back home, rooting for you?

    MP: Of course. I feel better knowing she's thinking of me.

    CF: That's so sweet to hear. Your strategy for the Games is a tried and true one, but the tide seems to be turning against it this year. Tell us - what is your plan, and how did you decide it?

    MP: I didn't join any allies. I didn't make any friends at training. We aren't friends, are we, even if we act like it? We're all on our own in the end, so why bother with the illusion of anything else?

    CF: Not a fan of illusions?

    MP: Not at all. I'd rather just have everything straightforward, and true.

    [Caesar chuckles, and smiles like he's letting the audience in on a joke.]

    CF: You must find yourself in the minority on that count here in our Capitol, huh?

    [He winks, and the audience titters mildly.]

    CF: So your plan is to strike out on your own, and trust in your survival skills to keep you in the Game? I've heard you're good at roughing it.

    MP: That's right. I'm not going to back down from a fight, either, though.

    CF: And that makes you one to watch, indeed. Ladies and gentlemen... Mona Parr, the brave young lady fighting all alone for the sake of her sister! What bravery! What determination! Give her a hand, my friends!

    [Loud applause as Mona exits the stage, with her fruit dress making faint clinking sounds.]
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    Caesar Flickerman: It is my pleasure and honour to present to you Lucretia Vane, from District Six! Please help me welcome Lucretia to the stage!

    [There is applause, but it fails to go beyond the polite and halfhearted. Lucretia doesn't seem to be a tribute the audience has any interest in, and they're eager to move past her interview to get to more exciting tributes. Lucretia wears a light blue summer dress, and when she moves there is a subtle illusion of clouds drifting across the sky. The dress, at least, meets with some approving murmurs.]

    CF: Lucretia, I must be honest. You were one of the tributes I was most excited about meeting tonight.

    Lucretia Vane: ...I was?

    [She looks bewildered.]

    CF: Of course. There's no need to be so modest. You're so absolutely mysterious. It's fascinating to imagine what might be going on in your head.

    LV: I'm... mysterious?

    CF: Entirely so. You're one of the few tributes we know almost nothing about. I assume that's your strategy, though. Keep a low profile, so you can surprise us all in the arena. Very smart, Miss Vane, very smart.

    LV: Um... yes. Yes, that's my strategy.

    CF: Well, it's working brilliantly! We're all eager to see what that carefully stony facade hides, aren't we, ladies and gentlemen?

    [The audience applauds with somewhat more enthusiasm.]

    CF: You come from a very tragic background, Lucretia. Mother dead, father disabled in the same accident. I imagine that has toughened you up, hasn't it?

    LV: Yes.

    CF: Forced to make your own way in the world, you developed strength and independence that will serve you well in the arena. I admire that, Lucretia. I really do.

    LV: Thank you.

    CF: My heart has been warmed to see you making a friend during your training.

    LV: You mean Fayth?

    CF: Yes, Fayth Hansen. The two of you are like two peas in a pod, two lives that transformed each other when you met, no matter how briefly. It's very moving to see such a sweet friendship emerge from the hardships of training and the arena. And what will happen next? Can this friendship survive what is to come? What a beautiful human interest story! We the viewers can't wait to see what happens next! You've touched our hearts, Lucretia. Hasn't she, ladies and gentlemen?

    [Applause - this time, in the same quantity as the other tributes.]

    CF: Best of luck in the arena, Lucretia. I know your strong spirit will do us all proud!

    LV: Thank you.

    [Lucretia leaves the stage, giving the now-more-favourable audience a shy wave. She turns back for a moment, and her eyes meet Caesar's. There's a glint of moisture on her eyelashes. She knows what he has done for her. Lucretia only said a few words in the interview, but Caesar spun her a story that made her likable and interesting. When sponsors could make the difference between life and death, he has added significantly to her potential longevity. He returns her grateful glance with a smile of his own, then she is gone.]
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    Caesar Flickerman: And next we have the other half of this intriguing pair, the mysterious and determined young man from District Four, Dorian McCarroll!

    [Dorian enters to loud applause. It is clear he is well liked. He wears a suit of deep blue with embroidered patterns similar to those on his sister’s dress. His stylists must have wanted to emphasize that they are a pair.]

    Dorian McCarroll: Good evening, Caesar.

    CF: And a good evening to you, Dorian. How are you this fine night? Excited? Happy? Bored?

    [Caesar’s laugh is over-the-top. He looks to the audience who also laugh at his joke about Dorian’s constant expression]

    DM: No, Caesar, I’m never bored. Just always thinking.

    [The audience applauds and cheers. They love him.]

    CF: Very well, very well. So, tell us why you volunteered to come here with your sister. Your parents must have been devastated.

    DM: Yes, they were quite sad. But they knew that it was for the best that I come here to help her and protect her.

    CF: And that’s what you plan to do? Protect your sister?

    DM: Until my last breath.

    [Caesar turns to the audience, a sincere and heartfelt look on his face.]

    CF: Isn’t that the most honorable thing you’ve ever heard? Such love.

    [The audience applauds and cheers, signaling their agreement. Dorian smiles.]

    CF: Your devotion to your sister is admirable. We will all be waiting to see what happens if it comes down to just you and Maia in there. Good luck!

    DM: Thank you, Caesar.

    [Dorian stands, bows, and exits.]
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