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    Adrian Penner

    Adrian caught the brief tension in Nicolai's body. Adrian was pretty aware of what everyone did. Since his own Hunger Games, he slept with a knife and second guessed everyone. That's why he couldn't have kids. It was hard enough seeing other people's kids die, there was no way he could handle seeing his own children go through that. In a fantasy world, where there was no all powerful Capitol and no Hunger Games to punish them for a war that no one had been alive for, then he could have had a wife, kids. Things most people wanted. Instead he filled his days with meaningless relationships and booze. Like many of his other fellow victors did. He listened carefully to what Nicolai said and replied.

    "It'd only work for so long. Even us victors aren't immune to the all powerful Capitol."

    They might be held in a higher regard but that didn't mean they wouldn't be made an example of for defiance. Which what Nicolai was suggesting was.

    "If this happened, none of the Districts would be safe for too long. They'd storm houses, torture people for information...."

    He wasn't saying no but he was making sure Nicolai knew that if this happened, how far the President would go. If it happened, there would be no turning back.

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    Nicolai McBride

    Nicolai nodded. He knew that all too well. He'd discussed with Gossamer many, many times whether the inevitable price was worth it.

    "And at that point, the people would have a choice. They could go along with it, and give in - or they could say 'no more,' and draw a line in the sand. No one can force them to fight for their freedom, but they can choose it for themselves. People would die, yes... but they're dying already. At least then they'd be dying for something."

    His piercing blue eyes met Adrian's. "Nothing is ever going to change on its own, Adrian. Things are not going to get better by themselves. The greatest weapon against the districts isn't guns, or even the Games. It's fear. Plain and simple, it's fear. The kind of fear that paralyzes us for seventy-three years while children die and we watch. Let's not give them the satisfaction of a seventy-fourth."
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    Blaine McIntire

    "And how to do expect them to fight? Half the Districts have people starving to death. Having a round stomach in those places would be an honor, not a curse. They're too weak to work, let alone fight back."

    Blaine quietly asked Nicolai. The idea of no more Games, no more oppressive Capitol, no more having to mentor kids who would die, or having to drink to the point of passing out so he could sleep at night was very tempting. But he didn't see how it could happen. Not all the people were well feed or trained, for what Nicolai was talking about to happen, it almost seemed impossible. He held up the beer in his hand and told Adrian.

    "You were right, this beer is much better."

    He and Adrian were drinking buddies. There were lots of roads victors went and for Blaine and Adrian, it was drinking. It helped them both forget their own games and watching their tributes die on camera for the world to see. Adrian hadn't told him why Nicolai had wanted to meet him here, just that beer was supposed to be better. Of course, if there was an option of saving Fayth, Titus, and maybe some of the other kids, Blaine wasn't against that.
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    Adrian Penner

    "I told you it was."

    Adrian told Blaine with a smirk. The attention their tributes were getting hadn't escaped either mentor. Both thought perhaps it would be beneficial to appeal to the sponsors that Fayth and Titus were a pair. Star crossed lovers who by chance met and fell in love thanks to the Hunger Games. Some hopeless romantics ate that stuff up. Adrian and Blaine were friends, although their friendship often consisted of who could drink more each year at the Games. Especially if their tributes had already been killed. Adrian had nodded his head in agreement that a lot of the Districts had starving people. His own did, a lot of people dropped dead from lack of food. Sometimes that was more common then mine accidents.

    "You're right nothing will change if someone doesn't do something but you need numbers. Now not all of us victors love the Games and some of the people in our Districts love us. They might take a chance if we motivate them but they need weapons, food. Nothing can be changed unless there are able bodied people that can do it."
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    Nicolai McBride

    Nicolai tensed when Blaine approached them. He still had hopes that the District Three mentor would be helpful, but he wasn't quite ready to lay his plans on the line for Blaine yet. Even trusting Adrian had been a huge gamble, and Blaine seemed less promising. Still, it wasn't like there was much choice. Blaine was here now, and he'd heard enough not only to ruin Nicolai's career as a Peacekeeper but also get him hauled off to prison or worse for treason.

    He nodded in response to Adrian's suggestion. Uncomfortable as he was, what was there to do but continue.

    "Good idea. That would help. I know this won't be easy, but it's not going to get any easier if we wait. Things are getting worse, not better. We have to turn the corner now, while we still have a glimmer of hope."
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    Blaine McIntire

    Blaine could tell that Nicolai wasn't too happy to see him here. He could easily ruin the Peacekeeper's career if he wanted but the idea of no Games...It was probably a fantasy but it sounded nice. The pessimist in him thought any idea of rebellion would fail and the Capitol would come with something even worse then the Hunger Games to punish them. But the very idea that maybe kids didn't have to die every year was tempting.

    "Hope? What hope?"

    Blaine asked, unsure what was so different about this year's Games that Nicolai thought a rebellion could be possible.
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    Adrian Penner

    Adrian trusted Blaine a lot more then he trusted the young Peacekeeper. Just as they could ruin Nicolai's career or worse, a Peacekeeper could do the same to a victor. It was always good to have someone that you trusted with you at secret meetings. For all Adrian knew, Nicolai could be seeing if he was some sort of traitor. A victor who hated the very Games that made him famous. It seemed unlikely, but you never knew. Adrian was leaning more towards Nicolai thinking that a rebellion was possible. A bold move, one that could cost them all their lives and who knew what would happen to future generations if they failed.

    "What is special about this year's Games? It has something to do with that girl from One, doesn't it?"

    Adrian had no way of knowing Nicolai and Gossamer's relationship but Gossamer's motives confused him. Making a large alliance but making them all swear to not stab each other in the back...He wasn't sure what kind of game she was playing. Either it was really ruthless or she was going to do something that would truly anger the Capitol.
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    Nicolai McBride

    The most stressful moment in the conversation so far had come for Nicolai. Up till now, if he'd misjudged then no one would be hurt but him. Now, he risked dragging Gossamer down with him. In the arena, she was so vulnerable to the whims of the Capitol. He wasn't afraid to die - he had reconciled himself to that possibility some time ago - but he was terrified of losing her.

    Still, they would never trust him if he didn't give them something. So he gave a faint, barely perceptible nod. "Yes," he said. "I can't tell you more than that yet, but that's why."

    Before he could even contemplate saying more, his earpiece made a faint buzzing noise. Tempted as he was to ignore it, it would be a bad idea to give his superiors a hint that he'd been out of communication range.

    "Excuse me a minute," he said, and walked away from the fountain, which would have just as effectively foiled his own communication device as potential eavesdropping bugs.

    Only a few minutes later, he returned. "Don't spread this around," Nicolai said. "It's supposed to be need-to-know, so you'll draw a lot of suspicion to yourselves if you talk about it. But that rebellion? Already begun. It has nothing to do with what we've been talking about; it's arising spontaneously in District Eleven. The Capitol will try to put it down, of course. Whether they'll succeed remains to be seen. The bottom line is - this isn't just a hypothetical debate anymore. The time has come. You're going to have to choose a side."
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    Adrian Penner

    Adrian and Blaine exchanged a look when Nicolai gave a nod about Gossamer. Obviously there was a lot more going on with the Portmore girl then they realized. Adrian was surprised when Nicolai said a rebellion started in Eleven. They were almost as poor as they were in Twelve. Of course, the Capitol would try to put it down. But Nicolai had a point. If a rebellion did come, which side did he want to be on? The one that had forced him to kill twenty three people and watch even more die over the years...Or the one that might give the kids of this country a real future. One where the Hunger Games were just a part of history, not a part of life.

    "I'm in. I'm tired of seeing people die every year."

    He was tired of having to avoid children's parents because he had been unable to save their sons and daughters.
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    Blaine McIntire

    Blaine wondered if something was going on between Gossamer and Nicolai. It wasn't any of his business but his gut said yes. He was shocked that Eleven had started an uprising and he thought carefully about Nicolai said. His thoughts were running pretty similar to what Adrian's were. He hadn't been a victor or a mentor as long as Adrian had but he was already going down the road of drinking to forget about the Games and deciding to never have children. It was hard enough watching kids get reaped and go through what he did. He wouldn't do that to his own flesh and blood. The idea of a future without the Hunger Games, without the Capitol. It seemed almost too crazy to be real. But if it could happen, it was worth a chance.

    "I'm in too. What do you need us to do?"
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