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    Edith Garland

    "Let's move!" Edith called out to the rebels. It didn't take long for everyone to be on their way. They'd been prepared to get going to moment they heard the tunnel code, and if anything they had been impatient to get started.

    "She'll be able to kill Dathan, won't she?" Edith asked Blaine quietly. "The man is a liability now. And frankly.. after all I've heard about him, it's no loss."
    "Sleep to dream, and we dream to live..." -Great Big Sea
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    Blaine McIntire


    There was no doubt in Blaine's voice or in his mind. He knew Gemma was going to kill Dathan. This was very personal for his friend and he didn't blame her. Not after what Dathan had done to her and others young girls. That fat old man didn't stand a chance against a victor.

    "The things you heard about him are true, he deserves to die."

    There were other people in the Capitol and friends of the President who deserved to die. For now, one would have to do.
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    Gemma Reynder

    Gemma had dreamed of this moment since the night she met Dathan, a few days after the President crowned her a victor. He had stolen her virginity at fifteen years old and often demanded her "company" since that night. If not for her mother, she would have killed him long ago. Or at least try too, for some reason their President liked him. That's the problem with Panem. The President knew who you cared about and held it against you. Her mother's life meant more to her then her own. Right now, she wasn't thinking of her mother, she was remembering what a terrified girl she had been. A girl who might have killed her fellow tributes to live but had never kissed a boy before, let alone do anything else with one. She took off her high heels once she entered the tunnels. The heels hitting the ground was noisy and she'd rather be barefoot for this. She took out the two long, very sharp pins that had held her hair up and held them like daggers. Dathan was searching for her in the tunnels, thinking it was a grand sexual game. She hadn't hunted anyone since her time in the arena but she was hunting Dathan. Letting him think he could catch her, never letting him know he was her prey. Once she was sure he was too far away from any guards helping him, she tricked him into going down a dead end.

    "Oh, Dathan! Did you give up?!"

    She called out and hid back into the shadows for him. He responded.

    "Never, darling!"

    And foolishly followed. This part of the tunnel was dark and his voice sounded annoyed when he said.

    "Where you hiding?! I'm getting-"

    He turned to leave when Gemma jumped out of the shadows and onto his back. Before he knew what happened she stabbed him in the neck with the hair pins. He tried, in vain, to fight her off but it wasn't any good. He might have been larger but she was stronger. She got him down on the ground and stabbed him repeatedly with the pins. First in his neck and then in his fat chest. Not carrying how much of his blood she spilled or how much ended up on her.

    "Die you fat bastard!"

    She yelled as she stabbed him. She kept stabbing him, even after he was dead.

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