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    Planet Tulan: The Home of Myst

    Planet Tulan: The Home of Myst

    Tulan: A Lush World of Wonder and Mysticism
    Name: Tulan, a sentient planet who has learned to co-exist with humanoid races.
    Location: The Treller System, which is inside the Mystica Galaxy.
    Surface Conditions: Most of Tulan is very rich with lush vegetation. There are fiveregions: Berchnalis, to the North; Derecor, in the South; Mykealun, to the West, Doreendor, to the east and Mystion, in the center, which is the capital of the planet.
    Ruler/Owner/Governing Body(s): Though the people of the planet elect their leaders to handle local government, issues of a planetary nature are decided upon by the avatar of the planet, known as Tulan IX.
    Primary Inhabitants:Tulan is home to many races of humanoids and android beings. At one time, Tulan was known as a refugee planet until the wrong kinds of people threatened to overthrow the government and exploit Tulanís natural resources. In response, Tulan threw a barrier of ionic energy around itself that allows light and other resources it needs in and allows for easy exit, but all other types of matter can only pass through with permission for the avatar of the planet.
    The Five Regions:
    The Region to the North is Bercnalis. Like all five regions, it is named after one of the aspects of the First, MystikChronicler, who discovered the Mystica galaxy and serves as itís protector. As long as Tulan orbits in the Mystica Galaxy, it falls under MystikChroniclerís protection. Since Berchnal was created to represent a more medieval state, Berchnalis reflects that aspect. It is an agricultural region with tiny hamlets and villages located through the region. Itís current leader is Amaldor Greenfingers, owner of one of the biggest farms in the region.
    Technological Level: Though it is medieval in appearance, there are some modern amenities such as sprinkling systems and running water.
    To the South lies Derecor, named after another aspect of MystikChronicler. Derec was known as Derec the Faithful and represented a feudal society like the knights of Camelot. Derecor also operates on a feudal society, except that all levels of society is treated with respect. Derecor is ruled by King Solemnus IIs and Queen Modea, because they are kind and benevolent to all of their people, there is peace in the region. A peace that has lasted for 200 years.
    Technological Level: Through cooperation and trading with other regions on Tulan, Derecor has become a TechnoFeuldal society. While they have not adopted many forms of transportation that relies on technology, travel to and from delecor occurs through the use of a mystical-operated train that runs like a high-powered locomotive. Homes in Delecor have integrated most of the modern conveniences like indoor plumbing and electricity, but they refuse to use anything that runs on nuclear or atomic power.

    To the West lies Mykaelun, named after Mykael, another aspect of MystikChronicler. Mykaelun is a mixture of technology and pre-industrial times. A major thing that sets Mykaelun apart is that it resides by the biggest body of water on Tulan, therefore it is a trader town with fishery and other forms of sea life as its focus. It is governed by Mortok, the Sea Witch. Mortok is a woman with magical powers, some say, that she has gained from her time living on the sea. Whether she has real powers or is just very knowledgeable about herbal remedies and medicing, it remains to be known.
    Technological Level: Mykaelun, much like Berchnalis is mostly a medieval town with very little in the way of technological advances.
    Brief History: Targis is a world in chaos. It is on the border of three different empires in the Kreulian System, and all three claim ownership of the planet. This has caused many battles and acts of terrorism to occur on Targis.
    To the east lies Doreendor, named after Doreen, an aspect of MystikChronicler. Unlike the other regions, Doreendor is mostly feral and uninhabited. Residents of Doreendor live in trees and value the nature spirit of the planet more than any other citizen of Tulan. They are isolationists who do not tolerate intermingling with the other regions. During times where a planet-wide government quorum is required, Doreendor will send their oldest citizen to act as their representative. In recent times that has been Garundo, the wood elf lord who has lived for over two thousand years, he and his race are refugees from a destroyed planet. They chose to settle on Tulan because the planet is sentient. Tulan has pledged her protection to the elves and gave them Doreendor to live.
    Technological Level: Nothing more advanced than typical pre-industrial weapons and tools.
    The crown region of Tulan is the central region of Mystion, named after Myst, one aspect of MystikChronicler. Mystion is an advanced city, but it has advanced through the use of magic and mystical technology. It has electricity, but the electricity is powered by lightning that is collected whenever there is a thunderstorm, which is regulated by Tulanís Avatar, Tulan IX. Tulan IX, along with her advisor, Myst, are the rulers of Mystion.
    Technological Level: Advanced levels of technology powered by mystical means.
    Brief History:
    Tulan was a dying planet that Myst found on her journeys to survey the damage left behind after the Negation War. Through her magical abilities as a First, Myst saved Tulan from deterioration. In gratitude, Tulan invited Myst to live on her surface and provided her with an avatar, Tulan I so they could speak to each other. As the avatar, Tulan became flesh and blood.
    Once Myst sensed that the biggest threat from the Negation War was over, she moved Tulan into the Mystica Galaxy, which is not too far from Elysia, home of the First. Eventually, Tulan would become a refugee planet and the population grew, with it came cities. Soon, anarchy threatened the planet until two things happened, Myst implemented the government system still in play today by dividing up the regions into five, and Tulan erected a barrier around herself that allows her to control who enters the planetís orbit. By being more selective and choosing rulers that valued order over chaos, balance was restored and peace has settled over Tulan for centuries.
    Being a First, thus immortal, Myst has watched Tulanís changes. The saddest change for her is the death of the avatars. Each avatar is only able to survive for a majority of sixty years. As each avatar dies, another avatar is born, full-grown, but because Tulan has changed as a sentient being, each avatar represents a completely different personality. Tulan I was naÔve about the outside world and had a wider sense of wonder and excitement to try new things, but Tulan IX has experienced heartache at seeing what some people are capable of doing to her planet if not stopped. Therefore, Tulan IX is less trusting and can be suspicious most of the time. The one constant is the friendship between the avatar, the planet, and Myst.
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    Planet after planet that Myst visits reveals more to her of the devestation that has gone on. *More often than she cared to acknowledge, she had been called upon to help ease a dying planet into death. *It was starting to break her spirit and wear her down. *So, it was a good thing that she found a planet that she could save.

    The planet was in great pain. *She could hear it's cries in her head, but she was releived to discover that a scan of the planets injuries revealed that they were treatable. *Settling down on the planet surface, she sought out the leaks of the planet's core that she could mend. *It took her about thirty minutes, but soon the planet was completely whole again. *That's when she was surprised to find a voice inside her head.

    ~~Thank you, my friend. *You've saved me. *How can I ever repay you?~~

    At first she was too stunned for words to say anything, but then she recovered enough to respond.

    ~~I'm glad I could be of service. *You don't owe me anything. *In fact, I feel partly responsible in that it's people like me that are responsible for your injuries.~~

    A gentle breeze blew across the planet's surface caressing her face as the planet tried to reassure her.

    ~~Don't blame yourself for what other have done. *I can see that you have a good heart. *I'd be honored to have you stay here with me and help me rebuild my surface to the glory it once held. *My name is Tulan.~~

    Suddenly, the breeze that was stirring the planet's surface picked up and began to swirl in a central location not far from where Myst stood. *As the wind blew, colors started to form within the breeze and a shape began to take form. *Within minutes, a woman stood where the wind had been blowing. *She was the typical image of feminine beauty. *Her hair was long and a golden brown. *Her skin was pale and creamy. *Her face looked chiseled out of marble and lovingly shaped until it was perfect. *She was dressed in a lovely blue gown fit tightly over her perfect hourglass figure. *In fact to stare at her made Myst (who wasn't out of shape at all) feel slightly out of shape and imperfect in comparison. *When the wind died down and the woman could move, she stared at Myst smiling. *Her smile made her eyes light up like *mini suns were behind them. *When she spoke, her voice was light and crystal clear like a stream flowing with clear blue water.

    "I'm Tulan, I am an avatar of the planet's life essence. *It's soul if you will. *I'd be honored to have you stay and rebuild my surface filling it with life and beauty once again. *I welcome your input on what you think would make me beautiful once again."

    Myst watched in astonishment and then, when Tulan spoke, she felt like she was speaking to a long lost relative or loved one. *She nodded her head in a slight bow of respect to Tulan.

    "I would be honored to help you rebuild."
    ~~One of the Five Aspects of MystikChronicler~~
    Characters that Post Under the Myst Account: Lea, Lacey, and Tulan IX.

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    Days flowed into months as Myst and Tulan rebuilt the surface of the planet into a lush and vibrant planet. *As they worked, Myst and Tulan got to know each other better. *The avatar of Tulan spent long evenings talking with Myst getting to know her better. *And one morning after the planet was completely rebuilt, Tulan woke Myst up with a surprise.

    *Myst had created a bed for her to rest in but had resisted building a more permanent building out of respect for Tulan. *It should be her decision, Myst thought, to decide when or if buildings should be erected on her surface given that buildings weren't very conducive to the survival of the lush grasses and plants that grew all over the planet's surface. *While there was still plenty of room for grasses and other plants to grow, Myst felt that it should be up to Tulan whether her planet was marred by the inventions of mankind. *So, it was a special present for her that Tulan had built her a palace as she slept.

    *The palace stood several hundred feet tall and covered way more ground than Myst could ever have asked for. *The building was made out of marble. *The front of the palace was a porch made out of polished marble with circular pillars holding up the roof. *On each side of the entrance way sat benches carved to look like lions. *There was a lion's paw resting on each of the bench arms and the back of the bench curved up to reveal a giant lion's head carved out of marble. *Each bench was bigger than Myst could ever have imagined.

    *The palace door was built out of marble with intricate vinework etched into the door panels. *The door handle was a vine curved and smoothed out under a latch. *The door was made out of copper and looked like it had been shined with care. *The door's windown was made out of stained glass that showed four scenes. *The top scene was of Tulan's original birth. *The scene to the left was of the battle that left Tulan scarred. *The bottom scene showed Myst arriving. *And the scene to the right showed Tulan's human form embracing Myst.

    *Myst smiled as she grabbed the door handle and pushed on the latch. *The door swung open to reveal a giant foyer. *There were two marble fountains on each side of the foyer. *The fountain to the left was a statue of Tulan as a woman, while the fountain to the right was a statue of Myst. *Myst stood in awe as she moved on. *The foyer gave way to a bigger room where there were many doors and a circular stairway.

    *Myst walked through the doorway to her left which led into a *small room with a desk, a library and all the comforts that a private study should have. *There was a door leading from the study that connected to a private meditation room.

    "This room will only permit those that you choose to allow in. *This is your private space. *Please feel free to use it for getting away from all the things that may distract you. *Once the door is closed, no outside light or sound can get in."

    *Tulan then led her into the rest of the palace. *They passed a dining room, a meeting room for entertaining guests with couches, and chairs for comfortable seating, a ball room, the kitchen where Myst was delighted to discover that Tulan had created already a cooking staff and other servants who would mingle throughout their tour as they went about their duties, and then upstairs to the bedrooms. *Myst's room was the biggest room that she'd seen yet. *It was actually a suite of rooms with a living room, a dressing room, her own bathroom and the bedroom. *Myst stood boggled at it all as Tulan showed off the palace with pride.

    "Tulan, this is all wonderful, but it's too much. *I could never possibly accept this." *Myst realized she had to turn it down in fear that Tulan was using too many of her natural resources for her.

    Tulan seemed to understand her concern and fear as well as the human humility that dictated Myst turn down such a grand gift.

    You do me honor by allowing me to repay you for your help and companionship these past few months. *Besides, this palace, while it belongs solely to you, do me a great honor because it gives more beauty to me and my surface. *Please, dear friend, accept this gift as gratitude for all you've come to mean to me.

    Myst hugged Tulan, "In that case, then I'd be honored to live here."

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    turning to survay the land but seeiing noting but decaying land unsutable for a base mysterio
    scans the planet for a sutsble spot for his base but only finding *more desolet and beron land
    totaly unsutale for a base

    thinking to him self *another dead planet* *i must find a base soon*lifts off the ground and flies into space
    turns and blows the planet to peices.starts to scan for another planet.
    *whats this.........there arent supost to be any people in this galexy*
    *and yet i sence a powerful being on another planet*
    *i must find this being and if posibe steal there power*
    teleports to the planet about 500meteres from the power sorce

    hiding behind some bushes
    looking out to find a gigantic palace standing before him
    *now this is a base fit for the power i felt*
    *i must find out as much about this being before i confront it*

    starts slowly moving towords the palace running from bush to bush
    *who ever lives here most defanetly is the one i senced*

    gets about 100meteres form the palcace and stops to hid behind some trees
    i am darkness
    distroyer of everything
    ill make you bleed
    writer of the book on maddness

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    As soon as Tulan finishes the tour, she vanishes to give Myst privacy in her new palace. *Myst wanders the palace familiarizing herself with the layout and the servants that staff the palace. *After setting up her next meal, she goes into her private study and looks at the books on the shelves. *There are many books on various subjects and Myst is impressed that Tulan created all these books for her enjoyment. *Pulling down a book on the latest war with the Negation, she soon became immersed in history.

    *Her reading was interrupted when there came a knock at her door. *Opening it, she saw Tulan standing there. *Her face showed worry.

    With concern in her voice, she asked,Tulan, what is it?

    There's an unfamiliar presence that just arrived nearby. *I thought you could go check it out, if you don't mind., Tulan replied.

    *Following Tulan's direction, Myst could sense the intruder as well. *In a cloud of myst, she disappeared from the palace to reappear near where Mysterio was hiding.

    Excuse me, who are you? *What are you looking for?, Myst asked the uninvited stranger.

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    shocked by the sudden voice
    turns to see a beutiful woman standing were nothing was a moment ago

    "whooo..................who am i?"
    "i am a wonderer on a quest,a quest to find a home."

    *this women.....................must be the master of this planet*
    *she is also the one with the power i seek*

    moving slitly to get the space to stand and straiten

    *no sence in hidding anymore*

    "i wonder are you the one how lives here,miss?"

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    Myst eyed the stranger carefully. *He seemed a little odd to her. *He didn't feel like a First or Atlantean to her, so he could just be a human who's learned how to travel the galaxy. *He would require caution and a little more study, but she didn't feel he was a threat just yet.

    "Yes, my name is Myst. *I live here for the moment, so yes, I do live here. *But I'd like to know a little more about you before I tell you my life story. *What's you name? Where do you come from? And what is your purpose here on Tulan?"

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    *she is not a trusting person*
    *i must be wise and not draw her into battle yet*

    "my name,whats in a name"
    "i am like the planets,born with out such things to be named later"
    "but for now call me"
    "mysterio,yes that will do"
    "alas i do not know were i come from"
    "i awoke one day with no memories or people to tell me"
    "as i said i am a wonderer"
    "and my quest has brought me here next in seach of the things i have lost,and the things i have yet to find"

    chuckels over his little joke

    "is there anything else you want to know about me?"

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    Many days had passed since Mysterio appeared on Tulan. *At first Myst had been cautious around him in case he proved a danger to Tulan, but so far he seemed to be curious about her and that was his only motivation. *So, as the hours grew long, she invited him to her palace. *They would spend the next few days chatting whenever possible. *But now, Mysterio had expressed a desire to spend some time alone. *It had been a day or two, but Tulan was keeping an eye out for him in case he caused trouble.

    The morning arrived like all the other mornings before it. *Today was the first day back from a short trip to Elysia where she had brought back some items she had found in the abandoned library. *She sighed as she pored over the books she had found. *She was so lost in them, she didn't even hear Tulan enter.

    "You seem to be distracted, my lady." Tulan spoke as she stared at Myst sitting behind her desk in her private study. *Tulan stretched her leg forward and ran her hand down the smooth vinyl that made up her outfit. *She had gotten the idea for the outfit off of a video recording she'd found of a movie called "The Avengers". *Then another video showed the same kind of outfit. *It was a film called, "Austin Powers, Man of Mystery." *When Tulan viewed them, the vinyl outfit struck her as being very cool.

    "Hmm," Myst barely recognized that Tulan was speaking. *Ever since her latest visit to Elysia where she got ahold of a magickal book that gave her an account of events that were happening right now, she was studying the various goings on of the First and the Atlanteans. *She was just now reading about the many happenings over there like Minity and Millenium sharing a steamy kiss, plus Millenium's impregnating Bellona. *It all frustrated her too much. *Then she realized that Tulan had spoken, "I'm sorry, Tulan, what were you saying?"

    "Forgive me, Mistress, but I was just thinking that you seem awfully distracted. *Is there anything the matter?"

    Myst sighed, she was still getting used to Tulan treating her like a servant treats the master. *But, Tulan considered her as a master because Tulan would have died had she not stepped in, so Myst let her attitude go. *"I"m just reading up on Elysia and Earth as well as a few other places. *I just can't get over how they seem so occupied with fighting each other that they don't even see the threat they'd be in if another Negation-like threat were to arise."

    "So, you're still thinking that you need to intervene somehow?" *Tulan couldn't hide her *concern. *She knew that with Myst away, she was vulnerable, and the new civilization that she had created with Myst's help would also be vulnerable. *Walking over to the window, she placed her arms together and rubbed them in a comforting gesture. *

    Myst could see the concern and fear emanating from her friend. *Standing up and walking over to the window, she placed her arms around Tulan and nuzzled her neck. *"I'm not trying to leave you open for another attack. I don't even think there is any danger of that. *I just need to go back and make sure that the world is safe for us all."

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    time flowed ever on as mysterio sat un moving in meditation

    eyes open

    why can i not meditate properly?
    i must ask Tulan if there are propertys beyond my controll at work out here.
    and my i still sence myst even after this time
    myst is back again,i should head back

    walks from the woods back to the clearing with mysts home
    stops infront of the building

    "hello anyone home?"

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