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    (( I'm still at work. *I'll be going home in a couple hours. *I'll post for Myst tonight. ))
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    Myst is resting in her rooms when she senses Mysterio's arrival at her palace. *Quickly she throws on a dress that makes her look flattering and smooths the black curls of her hair.

    As she decends the front steps to where Mysterio stands, she tries to hide her nervousness. *For some reason, this mysterious stranger has intrigued her since his arrival, and now standing before him the goddess is amazed to find her stomach doing somersaults. *Taking a deep breath, she extends her hand as she addresses him.

    "Hello, Mysterio. *How are you today?"
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    she is back,how did i know that?why did i know that?
    i am evil its self why do i care that she is back
    why do i care so that she is safe?

    *takes mysts hand*

    "it is good to see you again"
    "i am good."
    "how are you? and how was your trip?"
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    ill make you bleed
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    Myst's heart skipped a beat as Mysterio spoke and took her hand. *She tried hard to keep her emotions in check, but she couldn't help letting a smile cross her lips and sparkle in her eyes.

    "I'm doing well, thank you."

    They stood there a moment while Myst couldn't take her eyes off his face. *Finally, she began to feel embarrassed when she realized she was staring, bowing her head to hide her embarrassment, she pointed to the doorway with her left hand.

    "Umm, won't you come in. *I'm sure I can get you something to drink. *Or food if you're hungry. *Are you hungry?"

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    The garden has always been her favorite spot. When she first arrived on Tulan, the entire planet was one giant garden, but as people arrived and advances in technology improved, the garden withdrew. Most of the garden still resides in the East in the region of Doreendor, but Myst, being a person who values the lush gardens that Tulan is capable of, insisted on providing a big space for Tulan’s garden to remain in Mystion.
    A mental cry shatters her reverie.

    That sounds like Lacey!

    Myst stands from her lounge chair and waves her hands in the air causing her to dematerialize and materialize at the side of Lacey’s bed.

    Lacey! It’s all right. I’m here. You’re safe.

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    Lacey knew she was in a nightmare. One minute, she was inside an Inn where several people were going about their business, then the next, the entire Inn got blown to pieces. Then, she was somewhere else witnessing a wedding that was the most perverse wedding she had ever seen, where a wedding was supposed to be bright and beautiful, this wedding was full or horror and ugly things. Next, the scene shifted, and she saw ugly creatures mounted on horrible beasts attack village after village. She had seen men, women, children and animals brutally slaughtered as the creatures that did this horrible thing howled with pleasure at the carnage they were causing.

    Keep calm, it is only a dream. Nothing can hurt you. It’s not really happening.

    She tried to calm herself and wake up by reassuring herself that she was in a dream. However, she also knew that her nightmares were more likely visions of a possible future thanks to her lineage as one of the daughters of Cassandra, the Greek prophetess.

    Everything she was seeing felt, smelled and looked so real. She could feel the heat coming from fires of burning building, she could smell the blood and gore, and she could see all kinds of horrible things happening. She wanted to cry out, to warn the people they were in danger, but she found that she no longer had a voice with which to speak, then one of the ugly creatures saw her, with a terrifying yell, he charged at Lacey, that was when she finally found her voice and let out a loud scream that echoed both in the physical and the mental planes.

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    Lea had been enjoying the bright and crisp morning air as she stood outside on the balcony of her room. She enjoyed the peace and quiet that she got from living on Tulan. It was a far cry from some of the chaos that she has experienced in her life. It seems like forever since Myst found her and her older sister running from a mob who wanted them dead solely because they were prophets and daughters of Cassandra. She could still hear the roars and feel the panic as they were pursued through the city. She could still feel the fear when they turned a corner and came up on a dead end. However, she also remembers the relief she felt when a woman on a balcony nearby stepped out into thin air and commanded the people to leave them alone or she would shoot them with the ball of fire she was holding in her hand.

    It was the scariest day of her life and the greatest day because it was the day that they came to live with Myst on Tulan. That had been several years ago, and while Myst often left the planet to attend to her affairs, she had encouraged the girls to remain on Tulan where they would be safe from harm. Lacey would often beg to go with Myst saying that she was bored and wanted to see the worlds out there, but for Lea, she was happy to stay in Mystion, where she felt safe and secure. The only time Lea felt the desire to travel was when Myst would invite her on a tour of the planet regions. She had enjoyed those trips. The region of Mykaelun being her most favorite region outside of Mystion.

    Her stomach rumbled that it wanted to be fed, so she was just going inside to change out of her sleeping clothes when she heard her sister scream from the room next door. Without hesitation, she ran through the door connecting their rooms and drew her sister up into her arms.

    Shhh! It’s okay, Sister. I’m here. You’re all right. Everything is going to be all right.

    Except it wasn’t. As soon as she touched her sister, she witness the vision that Lacey had dreamed about, and she knew that a terrible evil was about to be awakened in the universe. An evil that if left unchecked would destroy every living thing it touched. No planet or galaxy would be safe.

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    Myst stands next to the bed as Lea holds Lacey and tries to calm her. Myst can't help but give the girls a smile. It has been a few years since she brought the girls to Tulan to live with her, and she is happy that they have found the safety that they desperately needed if only she was able to spare them from the troubles that their visions cause them. Lea, though the quieter and more reserved of the two, seems to be the one that is the least affected from the visions. For Lea, the visions come while she is awake and able to distinguish between reality and a vision. She still gets troubled looks whenever a vision comes on her, but Myst doesn't worry for her as much because she seems more adjusted to her abilities.

    However, Lacey only witnesses visions when she's asleep and unable to distinguish between a regular dream or a vision. Plus, Lacey informed her that the visions feel real to her because she is unable to tell that she's asleep. As a result, Lacey has had a lot of pain and distress because of her visions. Myst's heart feels for the girl and wishes there was some way she could give the girl the relief she needed.

    As soon as she sees that Lacey is calm enough, she kneels down by the bed, looks Lacey in the eyes and says,

    Sweetie, can you tell me what you dreamed?

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    When Myst asked Lacey if she could tell her about her nightmare, Lacey had tightened her grip on Lea.

    I beg your pardon, ma'am. Lacey's still too shook up to talk about it, but I can tell you what she saw because I saw it when I touched her.

    Lea relayed to Myst her sister's vision. She shuddered as the images flashed in her mind. When she was done, she looked down at her sister who had fallen back to sleep.

    This is one of the most terrifying visions we've ever encountered, and we're terrified for what is to come. Please, ma'am, please help us to make sure that this never comes to pass.

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    Myst couldn't hide the look of horror that came upon her as she listened to Lea tell her about their vision. She had known that there was a lot of evil in the universe, but the vision that Lea described was among some of the worst things Myst could imagine. She stood and walked away from the girls in order to regain her composure. When she returned and Lea asked her to help them to save the universe from this evil, she put her hands on both girls stroking their hair as she spoke soothingly.

    Don't worry, sweetheart. I'll do everything in my power to keep it from happening. Now, I have to go speak with Tulan, are you going to be all right? Do you want me to send Crysis in to sit with you?

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