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    Lea nodded when Myst asked if they would be okay.

    I'll stay with my sister in case she wakes up and is scared again. No need to send Crysis up. I'll let you know if we need you. Thank you for being here.

    Lea lay down next to her sister and stroked her hair.
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    Myst smiled at Lea as she got up from beside the bed. It bothered her a little that Lea still spoke in cautious tones with her. On the one hand, Lea was clearly well-trained in showing respect, but on the other hand, Myst wondered if the girl truly felt comfortable around Myst or even if the girl was happy living here on Tulan.

    She decided to brush her concerns aside as she walked down the hall to the stairs. She found Tulan in the waiting room at the bottom of the stairs just to the right of the entrance hall. Tulan IX was seated in a chair next to a window and was poring through a series of papers spread out on a table before her. When she saw Myst enter, she jumped to attention and waited for Myst to address her.

    Tulan, my friend, why must you be so formal? Is something wrong? Have I offended you?

    Tulan's face turned bright red, so she dropped her head to give herself time to regain her composure. Then, once her embarrassment was under control, she walked over to Myst and embraced her like good friends do.

    Please accept my apologies, Myst. It has not been long enough since this avatar was created. I'm still getting adjusted to the changes in my personality. How are you today, my friend?

    Myst smiled at the hug. She was still getting used to the changes in Tulan.

    Her mind flashed back to the first time that she had witnessed a new Tulan. It had been distressing to her when she came to visit Tulan in her chambers because someone had informed her that Tulan was ill. It had concerned Myst not only because she considered the avatar Tulan as a close friend, but she was afraid that if the avatar was ill that it would mean the planet was ill as well. However, Tulan had quickly eased her mind by saying that the planet was in good shape. However, Myst was saddened when she learned that the avatar had grown too old to last for much longer. After all, the avatar did not look old to Myst, but the avatar had assured her that she was older than she had expected she would be. When Myst expressed her sorrow, Tulan had smiled and told Myst that there was nothing to worry about, she was only dying in this body but would be reborn in a new Avatar body for the planet was not ready to end it's connection with the people.

    Myst had sat by Tulan I's side as she passed on, and when Tulan I's body was replaced by Tulan II, it was a shock. The change in appearance threw her because she had expected the bodies to look the same. Tulan II has laughed at that and explained that she could have maintained the same appearance but had chosen not to because she wanted to experience a different life in a different body. It was the personality shift that was the hardest for Myst to adjust to. At first, it seemed that Tulan II was just like Tulan I, they were both bright in spirit and had a sense of wonder about their experiences in living, but where Tulan I was more reverent towards new experiences, Tulan II had jumped into the new experiences without fear of consequence.

    Now, Myst was dealing with a Tulan that had lost most of her child-like innocence and had become a little more militaristic. The jumping to attention bothered Myst because it was so unlike anything that Tulan I would do. However, she didn't really have time to discuss Tulan's personality changes right now. She quickly caught Tulan IX up on what Lea had described from the vision she shared with Lacey. Tulan listened carefully before she spoke.

    I think it's time for you to get in touch with your contacts on Elysia. We need to know where this Inn is and where this evil might be coming from. I know you don't like talking to anyone from Elysia, but I think it's time you get back involved with your people. The universe is at stake.
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    Myst knew that Tulan was right. If she wanted to know what was going on and how to stop the girls' horrible vision from happening, she needed to speak with Arete. Only trouble was that Arete was not exactly the kind of First that would be easy to communicate with. While Arete was good at keeping tabs on people, which suggested that he had long-range communication abilities, he also preferred to be the listener and not the speaker. In all the times she had tried to summon him or speak with him over a long-distance, she knew that it would be in vain. However, being an optimist meant that Myst was willing to give it a shot in the hopes that Arete had changed over the years.

    Arete, I request an audience with you. Please respond.

    She waited for a response. She knew that if Arete was willing to communicate with her, he would do so in his own fashion. Realizing that Tulan might not enjoy being surprised, Myst warned her that Arete might be responding in any sorts of ways: Mystical summons, audible voice, a hologram of himself or whatever he wished, or even a giant booming voice. The First were known for being showy after all.

    Are you sure he can break through my barrier?

    Myst thought about that. It was true that the barrier that Tulan had created that protected the planet from invasion or unwelcome guests should keep him out, but Myst was also aware that Arete, being an old, old First, was powerful beyond anybody's comprehension. She reassured the avatar that if Arete wanted to make contact, he wouldn't be stopped by a planetary barrier.

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    Eww! Gross!!

    Nyssa squealed at the frog that her friend was holding and pretending that he was going to throw it at her. When the boy dropped the frog and then splashed Nyssa, she let out a peal of laughter and jumped back.

    Ah! Stop it!

    She tried to be stern and command the younger boy to stop horsing around, but she just couldn't stop laughing which rendered any attempts to scold the boy useless. She and her fellow Secundae were enjoying a beautiful day in the sun by the pool behind the palace where they all lived with Myst in the central region of Mystion. Dens, Zumor, and Tank were splashing the water, while Nyssa sat on the edge with her legs dangling in the water. Zumor had been practicing his latest ability which was transmutation, so he had taken a piece of bark that had blown into the pool after the latest storm. After Tank had egged him on, saying that he wasn't strong enough to perform "real magic", he had turned the piece of bark into a frog. Which was why Nyssa didn't understand why the boy wanted to torment her with his slimy frog instead of Tank. She suspected that the fact that Tank was bigger and stronger than Zumor made her an easier target. After all, she was just a girl.

    Nyssa was awed by how Zumor's abilities were growing. Aside from Myst, they didn't have a lot of experience with powerful First. As Secundae, or children of the First, each of them knew that they had the potential to be a powerful First one day when their powers matured, but for now, they had varying degrees of success. However, each of them had proven to be specialists of a particular form of power. For Nyssa, she had the ability to affect time and become undetectable if she liked. She knew that it would make her a terrific spy one day, but she also felt that her abilities were weaker than the others.

    Now that Zumor had shown his powers were growing, he was celebrating by starting a splash war which eventually drew Nyssa into the water so she could splash all of them with ease. The four were being very noisy, which is what she thought had prompted Myst to suddenly walk out to the pool.

    Are we being too loud? We're sorry, Myst.

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    Myst gave Nyssa a mischievous smile as she scooped up some water and splashed her with it. Nyssa let out a shriek and froze, but she soon realized that they weren't in trouble and Myst was being playful with them. She sent a big splash towards Myst, then ducked under the water.

    Myst let out a huge laugh. It made her feel good to see the four of them enjoying themselves. She still remembered the horror that they had endured when she rescued them from a lawbringer. Nyssa, so sweet and reserved, had taken the longest to break out of the state she was in when Myst had brought her to Tulan. Nyssa had been responsible for spying on the citizens of the planet where they were kept captive. Whenever someone did something like care for the sick that the Lawbringer had cast out, it was Nyssa that would not only be forced to find out who they were, she also had to be the one to carry out their punishment.

    To say that Nyssa and the others had been through hell was to understate and belittle all they had gone through. That was why Myst hated to bring them into what was bound to be another nightmare for them. But, the future of their universe depended on Myst using all her resources to find the evil and put a stop to it.

    Guys, dry off and come inside. I have to speak with you about something. I'll meet you in the receiving room.

    With that, Myst turned and left them to get dried off. She hated to expose them to more danger, which is why she would tell them what was happening and let them decide for themselves what they were willing to do. She had waited long enough for Arete to communicate with her if he wanted. She knew that this meant she would have to go to him. On Elysia.

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    Dens stood against the door frame as he listened to Myst explain about the dream and how important that it was that she do whatever she can to keep the evil at bay. He tried not to sigh in exasperation. Sometimes Myst, like most adults, treated them like they were stupid just because they were young. He knew that the others realized the importance of what Myst was proposing just like he was. If Myst needed them to prepare for a fight, then that was what they had been training for. After a moment or two, Dens just couldn't hold it in any longer. He had to let Myst know how ready they all were for whatever was coming.

    We get it! Bad guys need stopping. Asses need kicking and names need taking. Either tell us how you want to get it done or let ME make a strategy. Your explanations are killing us with boredom, here!
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    Young man, you are being insolent to someone that you owe your life. You watch how you speak to her in my presence! Your behavior is unacceptable.

    Crysis glared at the young man, her electric blue eyes seemed to glow, though it was only an illusion. As the android turned her head, the sound of gears turning could be heard. On the exterior, Crysis looked mostly human except for her eyes and a few places where metallic plate replaced human skin that had been lost at some point or another. Crysis was a sophisticated machine and a relic of a race that had once called Tulan their home, though it was known as Omnicron-3 at that time. During the negation war, the people of Omnicron-3 either perished or were forced to flee. Crysis had been left behind and lay dormant until the day that Myst had found her and figured out a way to bring her back online. Now, since her creators were gone, there was nobody to grow her new artificial skin. She had learned to cobble together metal pieces to cover her missing skin and protect her insides from further damage.

    Because Myst was the one who found her and essentially gave her life again, Crysis was very loyal to the woman. That loyalty was coming into play now. When Crysis turned her head back around, Dens was making fun of her by mimicking a robot. That she could handle, but the boy was disrespectful to others. She gave him a warning look and said.

    You will comply. That is an order.



    Nyssa sank back into her seat. She had to fight the impulse to slide into the space between moments. Her natural response to anything of a threatening manner was to use her ability to manipulate time and slip into the space between one second and the next. It was this ability that helped her to be undetectable when she wanted.

    Of course, even if she were to disappear, it wouldn't go unnoticed. She would be detectable by the fact that one moment she was there and the next she wasn't. Instead of retreating, she grabbed her arms and wrapped her body up tight while saying.

    Dens, please stop and listen to what Myst is saying. Something terrible is coming. I'm scared.
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    It's all going to be okay, Nyssa. I won't let anything bad happen. Dens, you say you're a leader, start acting like one.

    Myst looked over at Nyssa with concern on her face. The girl might be about 17, but for a Secundae, she was still very young. She had already seen and endured too much. Myst was afraid that one day it would be too much for the gentle fragile girl and she might break. But, she didn't have the time to think about that right now.

    She looked over at Lacey and Lea.

    Ladies, can you give the rest of the group a rundown on your vision?


    Lacey had a brief flash of the terrible nightmare she had had, but a flash of anger burned away her fear. Without a beat, she stared at the group. She dared anyone to think her weak, and when he eyes landed on Dens, she burned with a passion and anger that she could barely contain.

    It was like I was there in this peaceful quiet village, much like the ones in Berchnalis. Then a murderous horde of demons suddenly attacked ravaging and murdering people by tearing them apart piece by piece. Sometimes they'd pull off a head and then do unspeakable things to the hole where the head was. Once they were through, they set the village on fire. They laughed and cheered while they did it like they were having the time of their lives.

    No sooner had they arrived at a village, they would ride off in search of the next until nothing could be seen for miles around but smoking ruins that marked where villages once were. These were the demons that make even the brave shake in their boots. They're unstoppable, and they're on their way to this corner of the universe. If we don't stop them now, then nothing will be safe.

    In a nutshell, we're fucked, folks, if we let this threat come to pass. I'll spare you the gory details because I don't know how many of you have the stomach for it. Let's just say that if we don't stop a horde of demons from gaining a stronghold in the universe, then everything and everybody we know is going to be destroyed. It's going to be bow down and kiss your ass goodbye time. Any questions?


    Myst would have preferred that Lacey not be so colorful with her language and her descriptions, but she knew that sometimes being crude and explicit was the only way to get some people's attention. She noticed that Dens found a place to sit and was quiet during Lacey's description of the vision. Myst looked to Lea for confirmation, but Lea just nodded unable or unwilling to say anything.

    We know that there is a danger coming, but now we need to find out who's coming and how to stop them. For that, I'll need to leave Tulan for a time. I'll be traveling with Lacey and Lea to Elysia to discuss things with an old acquaintance of mine.

    Tank, you and Crysis will be coming with me.

    Tank didn't say anything. He merely nodded his head in acceptance that he would be needed for this mission.


    Crysis also gave Myst a nod.

    I will be happy to accompany you. As long as I can, I will protect your charges with my life.

    Tulan stood up abruptly.

    NO!!! I mean, Crysis can not go on this mission. She is needed here.

    Crysis blinked in surprise, which was something that the android did not even know she was capable of.

    I beg your pardon, my lady, but I don't feel comfortable staying here while Myst and her charges are in potential danger.

    Tulan sat back down spreading her dress into order. She was stalling because she knew that her revelation was going to take everyone by surprise. She sighed, there was no use stalling.

    Crysis, I respect your desire to attend Myst on her mission, but I need you to attend to me. I'll be needing your skills and knowledge to help me through a transition that is about to occur.

    Both Crysis and Myst looked at Tulan in confusion. The rest looked on with attention but tried to hide their curiosity as much as possible. Except for Dens. He had a smile on his face that easily projected that he was amused at this potential conflict.

    Myst could tell that this was a conversation that needed to happen in private, so she dismissed the others and ushered Tulan and Crysis into a smaller room where they could have the privacy they needed. Once the door was closed, Myst looked over at the avatar of Tulan.

    Tulan, you know that I respect you, both as the avatar you are and as the sentience of the planet where we live. You have a right to privacy like any other, and I am loathe to violate that privacy. However, something terrible is coming, and I need all the power and strength I can in case we are in jeopardy. I, of course, respect your need for Crysis to attend to you, and I am fine with changing my plans, but I am curious why the change is needed. You've cut off your boundaries, so you should be safe from any outside threat. I would know if there was an internal threat we need to be concerned about. So, I must insist that you let me know why you need Crysis to stay here with you.

    Tulan took a deep breath. She should have made this announcement, at least to Myst, months ago as soon as she was aware of it, but she had been going through the changes of avatars and adjusting to the personality changes that entailed that she honestly had forgotten all about it until now. Breathing in deeply, she decided to blurt out her news and hope that it would not disrupt Myst's plans.

    I apologize that this is unexpected news that I should have told you sooner, but the reason I need Crysis to stay with me is because we are pregnant, the planet and I, I mean. We have discovered programming that Crysis' creators gave her that should be of use to us for the birthing of a new planet. This is the first time that we have given birth in centuries, and the last time was quite complicated and took knowledge and experience of the race that created Crysis to keep us from dying during the birth. I feel that we will be giving birth soon, and I'm afraid to go through it without Crysis to attend me.

    Crysis felt confusion and surprise. She was certainly getting a chance to discover more new things about herself today.

    I have no recollection of any skills that I may have that will assist you. I'm afraid that my memory banks have been wiped of any reference to a planet giving birth.

    That's my fault, I'm sorry to say. I discovered a few programs that were lying dormant in your memory banks a few years ago. I downloaded them and then removed them from your memory because I didn't feel that they would be necessary, and I knew you needed the space for new programs you are currently developing. If you will permit me, I can now load those programs back. Please, I know this is a shock. To all of you, but I'm terrified to go through this birth alone. I don't know if either one of us can survive without your help. I would hate for you to go on this mission only to return to a dead planet.

    Myst took a long moment to think things through. Of course, she could not deny Tulan's request. She was very close to Tulan, and if she said she needed help, then Myst could not say no. But, Myst had to think of the consequences of leaving Crysis behind. In the end, Myst realized that if she were careful, she could protect Lacey and Lea, especially if she were to bring Dens along with Tank on their trip to Elysia. Elysia herself should not be a problem, but Myst didn't know where things would take them from there. Hopefully, either she would not need it or she would have to seek help from whoever she could find. Once she had it settled in her mind, she asked Crysis to stay with Tulan and aid her as best she could. Since Nyssa and Zuvor were also staying, Myst asked Crysis to look out for them. Once her plans were made, she left to find Dens, Tank, Lacey and Lea and let them know that they needed to leave within the hour.
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