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Thread: Safe Haven

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    Safe Haven

    Safe Haven

    Katie Brooks

    Safe haven, that's what everyone thought the military base in Columbus was. Katie wasn't so sure. Some of the officers had moved their families here and the other wives seemed to think that nothing could touch them here. That the base and its soldiers would keep them safe from the draggers that were spreading quickly. Katie remembered what happened in Cincinnati and she wasn't as confident about it. Although she only shared her worries with her husband Dylan. She didn't want to scare their ten year old son Sam. He was making friends but he missed home. He missed his old friends, ones he would probably never see again. He was also worried about his uncle. Katie and Dylan were worried about him as well.

    "Mom? Will Uncle Mike and Abby be back soon?"

    "I'm sure they will be."

    She hoped so, there was no communication now and all they could do was wait. Waiting was hard though.

    "Why don't you find a game to borrow for you, me, and Dad to play? That will pass the time while we wait."

    Sam nodded his head in agreement and went to find something for them to play. She turned to Dylan while Sam was occupied.

    "What if they don't come back? What will we tell him?
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    Dylan Brooks

    Like his wife, Dylan wasn't hundred percent convinced that the base was safe. He saw what draggers did and he didn't think any place was safe. Of course, others in the base who hadn't seen the carnage thought they were overreacting. Dylan replied quietly back to Katie.

    "We tell him the truth. Katie, unless Abby and the other scientists find some miracle cure that will make this all go away instantly, we'll be dealing with this for a long time. And..."

    He sighed a moment and continued.

    "Sam will not be have the type of childhood we did, as much as I hate the idea. But remember, my brother is stubborn. He'd move heaven and earth to come back."

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    Katie Brooks

    "You're right. I know that, I just wish he and the other kids didn't have to worry about this shit."

    Katie replied to Dylan. She'd give anything for Sam to have a normal childhood again and she knew he felt the same. She smiled at Dylan's comment about Mike.

    "That's very true."

    Mike was stubborn and it would take a lot for him to not return. She just hoped the mission had been successful. That Abby would have what she needed to start "fixing" what Matthew had done. Their talk ended when Sam returned with Monopoly for them to play. It was nice to do something normal when the world didn't feel so normal anymore.
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    Mike Brooks

    Given everything the Bloom Family and Azra had been through, Mike and Abby talked quietly to let them get some sleep. Mike had planned on getting the trucks back to the base that they had left outside the city. That idea was shot when they approached them and saw that draggers had overtaken them. If they hadn't met the Blooms and Azra, instead if they tried to walk...Mike shook his head, he didn't like thinking that he and Abby would have been dead if they hadn't found their new friends. He and Morgan drove past the draggers. The draggers growled and hissed at the cars but they moved too fast for the draggers to stop them and be a threat. As they neared Columbus, Mike told Tomas and Azra.

    "We're almost there."

    He figured they'd like to be awake when they arrived at the base. In the other car, Steve got more serious the closer they got to the base. It had been nice for a little while to not worry about draggers. When he had been teasing Morgan before they left had been fun. For a brief moment it felt like the world was normal again. Too bad it couldn't last.
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    Abby Hall

    Abby was shocked to see that the draggers had almost taken over the highway and were now in the trucks that had taken them to Cincinnati. They probably would have died trying to get back if they didn't have the Bloom Family's cars...At least the number of draggers seemed to go down the farther they got, although that didn't make her feel that confident in her safety. It only took one...Abby shook her head, being scared wasn't going to change what was going on. All they do was fight and hoping find a cure. When Mike woke up their passengers, Abby said.

    "Tomas, I'm sure once you tell them you're a surgeon, they'll be okay with you coming with us. Azra, I can always say you're a work colleague of mine if we have to. That I need you to help me go through Matthew's research."
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    The Bloom Family

    Tomas dozed, his young daughter's head nestled on his arm. His eyes fluttered open when Mike spoke. The car had been so quiet that the sound of a voice almost startled him. He tried to let Freya sleep a little longer. Even in the relative safety of the base, he didn't know how much sleep they would get.

    "Yes, I'm sure you're right, Abby. No one ever turns away extra doctors." A crooked smile crossed his face. His lighthearted comment felt heavy in the air as they approached the base. He looked over at Azra, who had just woken from a nap as well. She looked like he felt, tired and worried.


    Dagny had fallen into a deep sleep shortly after they had passed the trucks overwhelmed by draggers. Her sleep was tormented by nightmares. In some, a dragger with her mother's face clawed at her, ripping her flesh. In others, she tried to run away from a horde of draggers only to find that she couldn't move. She awoke, sweating, breathing heavily. Her nerves buzzed and she wrung her hands, fidgeting to try to get the nervous energy out. She glanced over her shoulder at Steve, who looked stern and serious. It gave her some comfort just to see daylight again and be aware of the two men in the car with her, protecting her.

    "I guess we're almost there?" she asked neither one of them in particular.
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    Azra Fox

    Azra awoke slowly, looking out the window as the scenery rushed past. When Abby addressed her, Azra nodded. "That sounds like a good plan." She mostly intended to keep quiet and get to the safety of the base. She trusted that Abby would know what to say to get the guards to ignore her.
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    Abby Hall

    "Only a crazy person would."

    Abby replied to Tomas. The world would always need doctors, especially when the world was going to hell. She nodded her head when Azra agreed with the plan. She realized she didn't actually know what Azra had taught at Ohio State, just that she was a professor there since Dagny had been in one of her classes.

    "What do you teach, by the way?"

    If she had an idea of what field Azra was in, then she could come up with a job that Azra would have had at her now destroyed research lab.
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    Steve Doakes

    Mike agreed that Tomas saying he was a surgeon would get him and his children inside the base. Steve nodded his head to Dagny.

    "Just about. Some of the people on base have their families here, your sister will probably meet some kids her own age."

    He thought that perhaps Freya would like being around some kids, that might help her feel better after what happened in Cincinnati.
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    Azra Fox

    Azra smiled when Abby asked about her professorship. She had always loved talking about her job, but felt a pang of sadness knowing that there would be no place for it in their fearful new world.

    "I was a psychology professor. I taught marriage and family therapy courses."
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