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    Planet Nero: Lurking in the Shadows

    Planet Nero: Lurking in the Shadows

    Planet Nero is a planet that has two extreme climates and kingdoms. The kingdom to the South is called Fotia and is mainly desert. It has blistering heat. The kingdom to the North is called Pagos and is full of snow and ice. It has freezing temperatures. The citizens of both kingdoms have long since gotten used to the climates. For much of Nero's history the kingdoms of Fotia and Pagos would go to war. This ended 25 years ago because of the Great War. Fotia and Pagos had a war so horrible and bloody it almost destroyed the planet. Children were orphaned and it was hard to find someone who had not lost a least one loved one because of it. Queen Ember of Fotia and King Lars of Pagos called a truce. Both had lost their families and almost their own lives in a war they couldn't even remember why it started. In the Mountains of Mesos, they built the City of Eirini. Built perfectly halfway between both kingdoms, it serves as a peaceful meeting point for the rulers and a place of trade between the kingdoms. Over time the wounds of the past have slowly healed the kingdoms live peacefully with each other until recently.

    Previously on Nero:

    Gwynn and Geoffers were married. While the day was a joyous event, the mysterious Meyer seems to have other plans. He was a "friend" of Lord Pembrooke and surely has some bad plans involving Nero's Firsts...
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    The Gatekeeper and Meyer Elan

    The creature didn't look human. It towered ten feet tall, and looked like a flaming coal, dark as pitch with bright orange fire shining within. A black cloak covered most of its form, but didn't burn away. The thing looked fearsome... but Meyer Elan wasn't afraid. He knew who was working for whom.

    "Why not merely kill them?" the creature - it called itself the Gatekeeper - asked in its gravely voice.

    "They're Firsts," Meyer replied. "They'd come back. But perpetual imprisonment in your hellish dimension..."

    "It is not a hell. It is a paradise."

    "Of course. For you. I don't think most of the... erm... inhabitants find it so pleasant. In any case, if the Firsts are imprisoned here, they can't do any more damage. Ever."

    "You have the tokens?" the Gatekeeper asked.

    Meyer wordlessly handed the creature the scraps of fabric and lock of hair.

    The Gatekeeper nodded almost imperceptibly. "I will prepare the portal."
    "Sleep to dream, and we dream to live..." -Great Big Sea
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    Obviously after the wedding, Gwynn and Geoffers were told about Meyer and what he had been doing at their wedding. It made Geoffers concerned but there really wasn't anything else they could do right now. The search for him was turning up empty. As much as Geoffers didn't like to think it, sometimes there was nothing you could do to prevent something from happening. Barrett and Selene were focusing on their son when they didn't have issues to address in Nero and Geoffers was slowly getting back to work. Jared had offered to make him his assistant. Geoffers had been shocked, he had never expected to allowed a government position again. Of course, he never expected to be a part of the Royal Family either. It felt good to be working and that people were trusting him. Although he wasn't as obsessed with work as before. This time around he was determined to find a balance between work and family. He hoped that eventually he and Gwynn would have children of their own. He thought that would be nice. He wrapped his arm around Gwynn and gave her a kiss.

    "Have I told you today that I love you? Because I really do."

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    While Camillus was worried about what Meyer had planned, he had his own personal concerns. He was sure Brutus was coming for him. The God of Shadows could hold a long grudge. Dayana had never told Cam what deal she had made with Brutus to get him to leave Cam alone but with her dead, Cam was sure that to Brutus the deal was void. He tried to pay attention to what people said but it was obvious he was getting more and more distracted each day. Staring at the shadows. He was waiting for something to happen but apparently it was a mind game. Brutus wasn't just going to kill him right away, he'd make it fun for himself.

    "Show yourself!

    Cam yelled, morphing into a wolf and growling at the shadows in the corner of the room. A laugh was the only reply and Cam was feeling frustrated. If Brutus wanted to attack him, just do it already. Waiting was worse.
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    Gwynn and Garnet

    Gwynn hadn't thought she could possibly be happier than she had been in the days leading up to her wedding, but she had been wrong. Being married was even better. Her heart was full of sunshine, her step was light, and she had a perpetual smile on her face. Sure, there were still dreams not yet fulfilled - like the dream of a family someday - but the beauty of it was that she and Geoffers would reach those milestones together.

    "You have," Gwynn said. "More than once. But as you know, I never mind hearing it again."

    She leaned in to give him a kiss. Gwynn's lips met his... and then she disappeared into thin air.


    Garnet wasn't stupid. Cam had been doing his best not to let anything slip, but she had seen that something was bothering him. She'd seen him peering into dark corners too shallow for anything to lurk in.

    "Alright, what is going on?" she finally asked when she caught him doing it yet again.
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    Garnet's voice startled Camillus. He turned, still in wolf form, and saw her. The shadow he had been growling at laughed quietly at him and disappeared. Cam morphed back to his human form. With the worries about what Meyer had planned for Garnet's siblings and Angel, Cam hadn't wanted to bother her with his own problems. He ran his hand through his hair.

    "He's coming for me. I know it."

    Cam said and then he realized that Garnet would have absolutely no idea who "he" was.

    "Brutus I mean. With Dayana dead, he isn't going to hold up whatever deal he made with her to leave me alone."
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    Geoffers grinned at Gwynn.

    "I'm glad because I love telling you."

    He replied, he would never get tired of telling his wife how much he loved her. Their lips had barely met when she suddenly disappeared.

    "Gwynn? Gwynn!"

    He called out, opening his eyes and surprised that he was now alone.
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    Garnet frowned. "Who's Brutus?" she asked. "How come you're looking for him in corners?"

    She didn't know all the Firsts out there - only the ones from Nero or who had come to Nero. Since Garnet hadn't heard of Brutus, she didn't know what his domain was, what his powers might be, or where he might be lurking.

    "I believe you. I'm just going to need a lot more information if I'm going to do anything about it."
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    ::The children had had a wonderful time at Geoffers and Gwynn's wedding. Hadrian thought weddings were fun and hoped another one of their friends got married soon so he could go to another wedding. Angel and Milson told him that they were sure there would be. Both adults were concerned about what Meyer had planned but there was no point of just worrying. When it happened, it happened. They knew that their friends were doing what they could but Nevek and his team had no leads. So they continued on with their lives. The older children knew that Meyer had something planned for their mother and the other Firsts but the younger kids did not. It was another normal day at the orphanage. Mara and Angel were talking about Tia.::

    She's getting-

    ::Whatever Angel was going to say about her granddaughter was lost because suddenly and without warning, Angel disappeared into thin air. Mara was shocked.::

    Mom? Mom!

    ::She called out. Milson heard her and came into the room.::

    What happened?

    I have no idea. We were talking and then, poof. She was gone.

    ::Mara replied and Milson was sure that had Meyer had something to do with it. He told Mara to help her aunt Marta watch the younger kids and headed to the palace to tell the Royal Family that his wife was missing.::
    "God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, And wisdom to know the difference." Reinhold Niebuhr
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    Barrett and Selene always spent as much time as they could with their infant son and today was no different. After getting word of no new news about Meyer and that all seemed to be well right now in the kingdoms, the couple was playing with their son. They took him outside to the garden since it was such a nice day. He was starting to become more aware of his surroundings and Liam already liked to be tickled. He was giggling as his parents took turns tickling him when they suddenly disappeared. At first the baby didn't know what happened, he was too young to realize that he wasn't supposed to be alone. When eventually he got hungry, Liam started to cry. He cried very hard and was very confused because when he cried, Mommy made sure he was fed right away. But now she and Daddy were gone. He was crying until Jared and Luca found him all alone. They instantly knew something was wrong because the king and queen would never leave their son alone. They found Geoffers, who was looking for Gwynn.

    "Geoffers, have you seen Selene and Barrett?"

    Jared asked as Luca calmed the little prince down. Geoffers shook his head.

    "They're missing too?"

    "What do you too?"

    Jared asked, concerned at the Geoffers' choice of wording.

    "Gwynn's gone. One moment she was with me and the next she disappeared."

    Jared frowned. Now three people were missing and it didn't take long for a soldier to come and find them to say that Milson was. Jared knew before he said anything, that Angel was gone too. He sent a guard to go get Garnet and Cam.
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