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    "He's the God of Shadows. He uses them to teleport and he can manipulate them."

    Camillus replied to Garnet. He sighed as he continued.

    "There isn't much you can do about him. He hates me for an argument we had years ago. He tried to kill me then but Dayana stopped him. Why, I don't know. She made some deal to get him to leave me alone but now...Obviously he won't uphold it with her dead."

    A guard knocked on the door and said.

    "I apologize for the interruption but Jared needs to see you both right away. The king, queen, Lady Gwynn, and Miss Angel are all missing."

    Cam was shocked and said to Garnet.

    "Clearly that guy from the reception is involved."
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    Garnet frowned. "That's not good," she said. "How do you fight a shadow?"

    Before she had the chance to receive any insight from Cam on that point, the guard knocked on the door.

    "We have to find them!" she said. "I just... have no clue where to start looking. I am sick of people kidnapping my siblings!"

    First the God of Floods, and now this...

    Garnet wasted no time going to find Jared and Geoffers to discuss the situation.
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    One moment, Gwynn was kissing Geoffers. The next, everything went dark. She felt a faint rush of motion, but little else. Her eyes felt like they were being squished closed, and when she finally opened them...

    "Where am I?" Gwynn asked aloud.

    The landscape looked nothing like what she had seen of Nero. It was as hot as Fotia, but the ground was cracked and broken, covered with scrubby blackened vegetation that felt sharp against the legs of Gwynn's trousers. What she could see was dark - and she didn't think it was sky above her. This was more like a cavern. Gwynn was standing at the top of a hill. In the ravine below, a river of what looked like molten lava flowed. Steam rose into the air from the "river." In the darkness, she could see rocks that dotted the landscape glowing red inside like burning coals.

    She turned a full circle, and as she did, she saw Selene, Barrett, and Angel appear beside her.
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    "I'm not-"

    Camillus didn't get to finish saying that he wasn't sure how to fight someone who could manipulate shadows because the guard had arrived. Four Firsts were missing, three that were Garnet's siblings and Angel was a good friend to the family. That was more important then what he was going to do about Brutus. He touched her shoulder.

    "I know you're mad and we'll rescue them. Once we know where they are..."

    Cam said with a frown. It didn't do any good to go rescue someone when you had no idea were in the world or in this case, possibly the universe, they had been taken.
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    Selene called out the moment she arrived at where ever the heck they were. One moment she and Barrett had been playing with their son and the next they were here. She looked around and saw that her son wasn't with them. A part of her was happy because this was a place she didn't want to be. The other part of her was worried. He was alone right now.

    "I hope someone found him in the garden."

    She told Barrett and then realized that Angel and Gwynn had also came to this place.
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    "Well, that it is a problem. We have no idea where they are. All we can safely assume it involves that man from the reception."

    Jared said when he heard Cam trying to reassure Garnet that they would find the missing Firsts. If they had any idea who the man was, that would help. Geoffers was upset as well but he was trying to remain calm. Getting angry wasn't going to be bring Gwynn or the others home.

    "Doriana said he worked for Pembrooke. Maybe there's something at the old estate that would give us a clue."

    That was with Dayana hadn't destroyed everything during her little rampage on Pembrooke.

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    "I'm sure someone did."

    Barrett told Selene. Although he was worried as well that Liam was all alone in the garden since they were here. It was about time for Liam to eat and hopefully he cried loud enough for someone to find him. He looked around and commented.

    "This place is hotter then Fotia."

    Which Fotia could get pretty hot, especially at high noon. Well, he didn't plan on staying here.

    "It doesn't matter what this place is, Gwynn. We're going home."

    He said and took a hold of his sister's hand, while Selene took a hold of Angel's. He was certain they could all just teleport home. Whatever place this was, it seemed to effect that power. Instead of arriving back in Nero, they just teleported about fifty feet away from where they appeared.

    "Oh, come on!"

    He yelled and threw a fireball in frustration.
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    Selene said to Barrett. She was a new mother and she couldn't help but be worried about her son. She was always thinking about him when she wasn't with him. When she and Barrett had royal duties to attend to and Liam was with a sitter, Selene was still thinking about him. Even though she knew he was in safe and trusted hands. This was worse because all she could do was hope that he had been found. She wanted to go home right away and hold her son. When the teleporting failed, she was annoyed as well.

    "Obviously they won't make it easy."

    She turned to Angel and asked.

    "Do you think you could create a portal to Nero?"

    Angel had been able to create portals to other worlds before. Selene was hopeful she could create one here too.
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    Gwynn and Garnet

    "Someone will take care of Liam," Gwynn assured her siblings. "Everyone in the palace cares about him, and he's pretty loud when he wants something. It won't take them long to hear him and find him."

    Of course, teleporting back would be even better. Gwynn was worried about her nephew... and she was worried about Lizard Dog, also. He'd be expecting his dinner soon, and wouldn't understand why she wasn't there to give it to him.

    Geoffers would be worried about Gwynn, too. He wasn't reliant on her in the same way Lizard Dog was or the way Liam depended on his parents, but surely Geoffers would be pretty scared and upset when Gwynn just vanished.

    She sighed when the teleport didn't work, and hoped Angel would have more luck. Gwynn wanted to be with her husband and her whole family, not stuck in this barren landscape.


    "That's a good place to start," Garnet agreed.

    It was kind of a long shot that anything incriminating would still be lying around Pembrooke's estate, but without any other solid leads, they might as well try.

    The Veilerian Estate looked pretty much the way it had last time they'd seen it, just dustier. No one had been there in the meantime as far as Garnet could tell.

    "This house probably belongs to Esaias now," Garnet mused. "Since he's Pembrooke's biological son. Seems like a shame to leave the place to rot. Esaias might want to do something with it."

    Most of Pembrooke's papers were destroyed, but a journal hidden beneath a floorboard in a spare room made vague reference to a criminal associate in Eirini.
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    ::Angel didn't like the place she had ended up with Selene, Barrett, and Gwynn. She was sure it had to do with the young man who had tricked Doriana.::

    I'm sure someone has already found your son and he's safe.

    ::Angel told Selene and Barrett. She understood their worry about their son. She was worried about her children since she wasn't with them and she knew that Marta, Milson, and the older children were all there to take care of the younger ones. She had hoped teleporting would work but it didn't.::

    I'll try.

    ::She replied to the queen when she asked if she could make a portal. It should have been easy, she knew what home looked like very well. Much easier then the times she created a portal to Taurus or the Doriana Nebula. Whatever this place was, though, it locked certain powers. All she could do was create portals to other parts of this barren landscape. After a few minutes, she shook her head.::

    I'm sorry, this place won't let me.
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