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Thread: Celebrations

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    Although Egor hadn't said it outright, Elliot knew that the Lycan was implying he was talking about sex. Elliot's blush became a more pronounced crimson. Innocent and virginal as he was himself, the conversation was becoming highly embarrassing.

    "I... no... I... not that. I mean, she's pretty, but..."

    Elliot floundered, trying to get his wits about him and stop stammering.

    "I'm not ready for that either. I've never... I haven't even had a girlfriend before. She... she let me kiss her cheek."

    He hoped that admission wasn't going to get him beaten up.

    "I liked that. I'd like to hold her hand, if she'd let me do that too. That's enough, though. At least till we're older and more... ready for things. I like her, Egor. I would never want to make her feel like she should do more than she's comfortable with. I just want her to be happy."
    "Sleep to dream, and we dream to live..." -Great Big Sea
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    Tim and Helen

    Tim and Helen both nodded their understanding of what Nikita said. When their family had grown - with the exception of their biological son, Raphael - there had been sorrow mixed in with joy, because as much as they loved their children, it was only through loss and pain that their children had come to need them.

    "Of course," Tim replied. "We both have great confidence in the two of you. If there's anything you need, any way we can help, please just say the word."
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    Egor Perov

    Any worries that Egor had that Elliot wanted and or expected a physical relationship with Vera disappeared when he saw how red the young man's face became. Egor nodded his head in understanding and replied.

    "We all want her to be happy too and you seem to be making her happy."

    In a way that family couldn't do. Every good person deserved to have someone to make them feel special. Vera was smiling more since she met Elliot and her family was happy to see that. She definitely deserved to be happy.

    "I didn't intend to embarrass you, Elliot, but I had to know what your intentions were with Vera. Now, that I do, I'm very happy she met you."
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    Nikita & Brock Perov

    Nikita and Brock both smiled, it felt good that Tim and Helen had a lot of confidence in them to be good parents someday.

    "We will."

    Brock promised Tim and Nikita nodded her head.

    "And thank you."

    The newlyweds were thankful for the help the other couple was willing to provide them in the future when they decided to become parents.

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