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Thread: Celebrations

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    Diego Mester

    Charma grinned hearing Eliza could spend the night at Grandpa and Grandma's house.

    "Yay! Thanks, Aunt Allison. I go tell her."

    Charma replied, in her excitement she forgot all about her question to Uncle Diego. Charma already knew her grandparents would say that Eliza could spend the night too, she had asked them first before approaching Diego about the subject. While Charma was now satisfied, Diego knew that he and Allison would have to talk. It hadn't occurred to him that they should have had this conversation before but now he realized they should have had it sooner. He said to Allison.

    "I didn't know how much responsibility you wanted to me have about her. I still want to be her dad but...I didn't know if you'd be okay with me saying Eliza could do something without asking you first...Or if you wanted Eliza to think of my parents as her grandparents."

    He would like Eliza to think of Catalina and Oliver as her grandparents. His mother already told him that she and Oliver would think of Eliza as another granddaughter if Allison wanted them to. That type of relationship was far different then Eliza calling Dulcia her aunt. Lots of kids called Dulcia that even if they weren't directly related to her. Just like he had was called Uncle Diego by lots of kids now, not just by Charma, Mila, and Bianca.

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    "You're welcome," Allison told Charma, pleased by the little girl's enthusiasm about including Eliza in an activity.

    She smiled with relief at Diego when he asked her what she wanted. Allison had been hoping he wanted those things, and she was pleased by the confirmation that she wasn't alone in it.

    "I want you to be their father," Allison said. "Not just... some guy who hangs around. Neither of them have a biological father who's ever going to be involved - or who I would want involved. So... it's just you. You don't have to ask me about every little thing. The big decisions, I want us to make together, but the day to day stuff is fine for you to decide without me. I'd love to have your parents be their grandparents. Your parents are good people, and I want the kids - our kids - to have lots of family to love them. I want us to be a family, Diego. A real family, not just a mother with children and her boyfriend. Is that okay?"
    "Sleep to dream, and we dream to live..." -Great Big Sea
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    "That sounds pretty perfect to me," Vencel said with a smile.

    He wasn't expecting it to be the best night of their married life - and he was glad Dulcia didn't expect that either. It would still be beautiful because they would be together. It was still worth all the pain he'd been through, that had brought him to this point.

    Vencel might not be an experienced lover, but he was an extremely considerate one. He did his best to make sure Dulcia knew she was loved. To make sure she felt safe and was comfortable with everything they did. Vencel tried as hard as he could to make it enjoyable for her, to make her happy... and even though he wasn't focusing on himself as much as her, he found that in the process it had become the most amazing night of his life so far.
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    Diego Mester

    Diego smiled at Allison. What she said she wanted was exactly what he wanted as well. He didn't her kids to just think of him as "mom's boyfriend". This was new but he knew he wanted it to last forever. He took a hold of her hand and told her.

    "Yes, it's more then okay. That's exactly what I want too. Today's been a great day for my sister and Vencel and...It's got me thinking that someday I'd like for us to be married too. So that your kids know that they are my kids too and for us to all be an official family. If that's something you'd like."
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    Dulcia Mester

    "I'm glad."

    Dulcia replied to Vencel. She was happy that she seemed to ease his nerves about later tonight. When it was time to time their children good night and for them to have fun with their grandparents and Eliza, Dulcia wasn't nervous. She was excited to go a step further with her new husband. While Vencel wasn't an experienced lover, he was a much better one then Gunne had ever been because he wasn't selfish. Dulcia felt loved and safe with Vencel. She tried to make sure Vencel was just as happy as he was making her. When it was over, Dulcia snuggled close to him and asked.

    "So, was it worth the wait?"
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    Allison tried to control her reaction, but she couldn't help beaming.

    "I'd love that," she said. "I know it's soon, and these things take time, but... yes. I'd like that. I'd like for us to have what your sister and Vencel have. I can see us being happy together for the long haul. As a family. I'd like to see us head that direction."

    She squeezed the hand Diego was holding, and gave him a kiss.

    "I love you," she said.
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    Vencel held Dulcia close, still pleasantly overwhelmed with what he had just experienced. His body, his mind and soul - he had never felt like this before. He'd never felt this good, this whole and happy. The only thing more astonishing was that this wouldn't be a one-time event. It was the start of their married life, a new phase he was eager to embrace.

    "It was heaven," Vencel said sincerely, kissing Dulcia's temple. "Even better than I ever imagined, and well worth waiting for. You... you're amazing."

    He couldn't help a moment of insecurity as he added, "I'm sure I wasn't any good. But was it... decent... for you?"

    Vencel thought he could handle whatever she said - as long as it wasn't an unfavourable comparison to Gunne. Gunne might have the edge in technique from more experience, when he bothered with consent... but at least Vencel would never even dream of hurting her.
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    Diego Mester

    Diego made no effort to control his reaction. He was grinning at Allison's reply. Knowing that she wanted to marry him someday for them to an official family made him feel like he was on cloud nine. He would have spent the rest of their immortal lives as her boyfriend but that wasn't what he had truly wanted. He pulled her into a hug as he returned her kiss.

    "I love you too and I know I want to spend the rest of my life with you."
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    Dulcia Mester

    Dulcia smiled, happy that Vencel was clearly as happy as she was tonight. Although when he voiced his insecurity, she leaned up to look him in the face. She was sure he was comparing himself to Gunne, which was silly in Dulcia's mind. To her there was no comparison because Vencel was a better man all around then Gunne had ever been in every way possible.

    "It was wonderful for me too. The best night of my whole life."

    She meant it too.
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    Elena Sammartino

    Elena had enjoyed the wedding very much but she was also very excited. She and Turner were going to be married next. It seemed like a life time ago now that she had been a part of Nathan's Coven. She never imagined being free of him, let alone having a family. She had changed a lot since that time and so had Turner. Turner had gotten into contact with his mother and she was so happy to know that he was alive. Arrangements were made that she'd fly into a Russian city and then someone for the community would pick her up and fly her in for the wedding. Elena was slightly nervous to meet her person but she was happy that Turner's mother seemed to like her when they talked over the phone and Skype and that she was excited to meet the girls. It was good that her daughters had a grandmother, especially when she found out that her parents had died over almost three years ago. Her father had gotten them both killed in a single car drunk driving accident. His blood alcohol level had been twice the legal limit. Elena couldn't help but think it was her own fault. Especially when the accident happened the same night Eddie had died and Nathan turned her. Her parents had thought both their children were dead...Although people told it wasn't her fault. Nathan had forbid contact with her family and by the time she finally found the courage to get a hold of them all Turner could tell her was that they were gone. She wished her parents and Eddie could be at her wedding but she knew they'd be with them in spirit.

    "Are you sure your mother will like me?"

    Elena asked Turner, who nodded his head.

    "Of course, she already loves you, Shun, and Nuan."

    While his mother didn't know all the details about why Turner had faked his death or even that Turner and his family were immortals, she was just thrilled her son was alive and that he now had a family. Elena hoped he was right.
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