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Thread: Celebrations

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    "That sounds perfect," Allison said.

    She couldn't stop smiling. They were going to be a family. Diego loved her, and wanted to be her children's father. Even his sister and his parents seemed to approve of her. For so long, Allison had simply assumed that she would never have the life she wanted. Now, somehow, everything was falling into place.

    "Let's dance!" she said suddenly. The wedding had been fun before, but it was even more fun now that she had the prospect of having a wedding of her own someday in the future.
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    Vencel smiled at that, and kissed Dulcia again. He would have settled for 'decent,' but he had really wanted more than that. He had wanted to make Dulcia truly happy, and he was glad he had done so.

    "The best night of my life, too," he replied. Then he added, "Well, the best so far. I have a feeling that it's just going to keep getting and better for us. I'm so glad I get to spend the rest of my immortal life with you."

    When he fell asleep on their wedding night, for the first time in as long as he could remember, Vencel had not only an absence of nightmares but actual pleasant dreams.
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    Diego Mester

    Diego couldn't stop smiling either, he was thrilled that Allison clearly wanted the same things out of life that he did. It was hard to believe a few short months ago, he didn't have any of this. He had no family other then his mother that he didn't see much and he had no serious girlfriend. Now he had a family, both extended, and one he was creating with Allison. Who was more then just his girlfriend, she was the mother of his children and someday she'd be his wife. He smiled at her.

    "Sounds great to me."

    He told her when she suggested that they dance.

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    Dulcia Mester

    Dulcia returned Vencel's kiss and smiled back at him. She had meant what she told him and she was glad that he believed her.

    "I know it'll keep getting better and better."

    She had no doubt in her mind that their married lives would be great. They had survived a lot together since they met and the experiences just made their bond stronger. She snuggled against him and said.

    "I'm glad I get to spend mine with you."

    There was definitely no one else she'd wanted to spend the rest of her immortal life with.
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    Elena Sammartino

    Her wedding day was almost here and honestly Elena thought she'd be more nervous, but she wasn't. She knew for sure that she wanted to spend the rest of her immortal life with Turner. She wanted their daughters to never doubt that she and Turner would always be their parents and to have more children with him someday. What had her nervous was meeting Turner's mother. She couldn't help but think that his mother would like her. Turner was her only child, surely she thought he could do better then a former illegal drug maker. Fritz had taken one of the planes to get her and Elena couldn't stop pacing around the house as she waited for Turner to return with his mother. She hoped her own nervousness wasn't wearing off on the girls and she told them with a smile.

    "I'm sure your grandmother is very eager to meet you both."

    She just hoped that if Lynne Matthews didn't like her, she wouldn't say it in front of Nuan and Shun. Turner had been thrilled to be reunited with his mother. It had been awful to him when Nathan told him he had to make her think he had died. It had been awful to Lynne as well, although she had believed deep down Turner had been alive. They hugged each other and Lynne was very eager to meet Elena, Nuan, and Shun. When Turner returned to his home with Lynne, Elena stepped back and let Lynne meet her granddaughters first.

    "Hello! I'm so thrilled to finally meet you."

    She told the girls with a big smile. Turner had warned her about their past and as tempted as she was to hug her grandchildren, she held back. Letting the girls decide how much physical interaction they wanted with her.
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    Nuan and Shun

    The two girls - originally friends at the orphanage, and now sisters - had been very excited about meeting their grandmother, but they were nervous, too. At their age at the orphanage, they had been told no one would ever want to adopt them. They were too old, too undesirable, and that was before what they had suffered when they were taken by the cruel immortals. Someone might take them to be servants someday, but never to be daughters.

    What if their adoptive father's mother felt the same way? What if she didn't like them? Would she see them as part of the family, or would she question why her son and his soon-to-be wife were wasting their time on such worthless kids?

    The girls hung back a little, but smiled shyly at her. Shun wondered if they were allowed to hug their grandmother, but she might not want that. Not from people like them.

    "It's nice to meet you too, Mrs. Matthews," Shun said, and Nuan nodded enthusiastically.
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    Elena Sammartino

    Lynne smiled at the girls and told Shun.

    "You don't have to call me that. That's far too formal. You can call me Lynne or Grandma if you want."

    Lynne would have preferred being called "Grandma" but she wasn't going to force the girls to call her that. She wanted them to make that decision for themselves. Even in her own nervousness, Elena could tell that Lynne and the girls were nervous about where they would stand with each other.

    "Girls, perhaps we should give your grandmother a tour of our home."

    "I'd like that."

    Lynne replied with a smile. She wanted to see the home her son and Elena had and she also liked that Elena referred to her as the girls' grandmother.
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    Nuan and Shun

    The girls smiled back at Lynne when she offered to let them call her grandma. That was much more appealing than calling her by her first name. Shun and Nuan had been afraid that Turner's mother wouldn't see them as really part of the family. It was reassuring that she seemed to.

    "Alright, Grandma," Shun said shyly when she said she wanted the tour. She took one of Lynne's hands carefully - waiting for rebuke and receiving none - then Nuan took the other.

    They took her upstairs to their bedroom first. The two girls had never had toys of their own before, and they were nervously eager to show their grandma how happy they were with their new room.
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    Elena Sammartino

    Lynne grinned when the girls called her "Grandma". She considered herself their grandmother and quickly fell in love with them. She enjoyed the tour of the house and it would be pretty obvious to the girls that Lynne liked them and was happy to have them be her granddaughters. While Turner was having the girls help him set up lunch, Lynne took the time to talk to Elena. It was clear to her that Elena was just as nervous as her daughters about meeting her.

    "The girls are wonderful. You and Turner are doing an excellent job with them and your home is great."

    "Thank you."

    Elena replied and then nervously asked.

    "Are you okay with Turner and I get married? I mean...I'm sure I'm not what you expected for his wife."

    Elena nervously continued on. Lynne had made speechless by Elena's question. When Elena explained why she felt that way, Lynne smiled and told her.

    "Elena, Turner told me what that horrible man made you and the other people do."

    Lynne knew her family were immortals but that was okay with her. Unlike a lot of humans, Lynne didn't think it was terrible. After thinking for a few years her son was dead, she'd rather him be a Vampire and alive then have that again. She had Turner back and now also had two grandchildren and soon a daughter in law. To her, life was good. Lynne took a hold of Elena's hand.

    "You and Turner did what you had to do survive. I understand and I'd rather you both be alive then the alternative. You make my son happy and that's all I've ever wanted for him."

    All any good parent wanted for their child was to be happy and Turner had that. Elena smiled in relief.

    "He makes me happy too. I can't wait for us to get married."

    "Me too. Then I'll have a daughter as well as a son."

    Lynne replied and happily received a hug from Elena when she asked for one.

    "Can I call you 'mom'? My parents are gone and..."

    "Of course you can."

    Lynne replied and after a few minutes of bonding they went to join Turner and the girls. Elena no longer felt nervous about her wedding. While she wished her own family could be there, she was thrilled that she had another mother in Lynne now and that Shun and Nuan had a loving grandmother.
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    Elena and Turner Matthews

    Time quickly seemed to fly, before Elena and Turner knew it, it was their wedding day. Both were thrilled that Lynne was quickly bonding with Shun and Nuan. Elena had only one regret on her wedding day, that her parents and her brother weren't here in person. Deep down, though, she knew they were here in spirit. Bruno had offered to walk her down the aisle. Elena and Turner would always have a close bond with Bruno and Jasmine. They had all met because of Nathan but they were family for life now.

    "You look beautiful, Elena."

    "Thanks, Bruno."

    Elena replied, blushing a little. Bruno complimented his nieces on how pretty they looked in their dresses. It was obvious they were excited about the wedding too. He offered Elena his arm and they headed out of the dressing room for the ceremony. Turner had a huge grin on his face as first his daughters and then Elena came down the aisle. He briefly noticed his mother was wiping away happy tears during the whole ceremony. Of course, most of his focus was on Elena, who had a big smile on her face as well. When Father Marek told Turner he could kiss his bride, Turner happily did so.
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