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Thread: Celebrations

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    Dulcia Mester

    Dulcia was so excited, today was her wedding day. She never thought she'd get married but then she had never met someone like Vencel who she wanted to spend the rest of her life with either. Catalina had helped her a lot with the wedding planning. It felt good to finally have a mother that she could depend on. Catalina helped her do her hair up and put her veil on. Bianca exclaimed behind her.

    "You look so beautiful!"

    "Like a real princess, Mommy!"

    Charma quickly added and Dulcia turned and grinned at her daughters.

    "Thank you. You look like princesses too. All three of you."

    She said, including Mila in the compliment. All three of her daughters looked beautiful in their own dresses. Charma could barely sit still until it was time to go. She was so excited for the wedding and that she and her sisters each got to have a part in it. Oliver was misty eye seeing his only daughter in her bridal gown and seeing her children dressed up for the celebration. It had hit him today that he could have very easily missed all of this and that would have been horrible. He wondered how he could ever been so crazy to let Elisha keep him out of Dulcia's life. He felt so lucky she had been willing to let him back into her life. While he and Dulcia waited for their turn to walk down the aisle, he told her.

    "Dulcia, I'm sorry I wasn't there for you in the past. If I could take it all back, I would..."

    "You're here now, Dad. That's all that matters."

    Dulcia replied to him with a smile and squeezed his hand. The past couldn't be changed and she was glad that her father was in her life and her children's lives. He smiled back at her and heard the music playing to indicate that it was time for the bride to make her appearance.

    "You're right, honey. Let's get you married."

    He said and Dulcia nodded her head. She had a big grin on her face as her father walked her down the aisle to Vencel.

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    Vencel had never been happier than on his wedding day. Things had changed so much for him in a short span of time. For twenty years, hope had seemed futile - a life sentence in Nagy Prison was a pretty grim future. Now he was the father of three beautiful girls, and marrying the woman of his dreams. As Dulcia came down the aisle toward him, he was beaming and had tears in his eyes. He'd never seen anyone look so lovely.

    He kept grinning all through the ceremony, and he could hardly take his eyes off Dulcia - although he made sure to send plenty of smiles his daughters' way, too. Vencel kissed his bride, and as he walked back down the aisle holding her hand, he whispered to her, "You made my life from a hell into a heaven. Thank you, my love."

    Deep inside, though, Vencel was a little nervous too, thinking about the wedding night. Unusually for a man his age, this would be his first time with a woman and his first time making love consensually; he'd been in an all-male prison for all of his adult life. No one made it out of Nagy Prison without being sexually violated, but that wasn't even close to the same thing. Dulcia had been entirely understanding, but Vencel was worried that he would disappoint his new bride on their first night of marriage.
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    Rachel Bardou

    Rachel was happy for Vencel and Dulcia. Piao clapped very loudly for them. He didn't fully understand what a wedding was for. He saw that people were happy but found the reception more fun. After offering the newlyweds her congratulations, Rachel was surprised to get a phone call at the wedding reception. Pretty much everyone in the community was at the wedding. She was surprised it was her mother-in-law on the other end. Serena, Chase's mother, asked if it was a bad time to talk. Rachel replied that it wasn't, just that she, Chase, and the kids were at a friends' wedding. Serena replied that she wouldn't take long then. She was excited to tell Rachel that she and Charles, Chase's father, were going to finally come and visit them. They had originally planned to come around Rafe's due date but thanks to Nathan, he had born prematurely. Then so many things had happened at once, including the humans' discovery of immortals and the community's move, that the trip had been put off. Although arrangements had to be made so that Serena and Charles actually arrived in Moscow and were picked up by a community plane instead of going directly to their new home. Still it would be worth it for the kids to finally get to meet their grandparents in person.

    "That's wonderful. We can't wait to see you."

    Rachel told Serena, there were other weddings coming up but Rachel had no doubt that Chase's parents would be invited to them. After hanging up, Piao looked at her curiously.

    "What that about, Mommy?"

    "You remember how you talk to Grandma and Grandpa on the computer?"

    Piao nodded his head.

    "Well, they are coming to visit us, in person. They'll be here soon."

    "That cool!"

    Piao replied with a grin and told his mother how he was going to show his grandparents all his toys. He was very excited and ran to tell his older brother, sister, and his father the news.
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    Dulcia Mester

    Dulcia couldn't stop smiling. Today felt like a dream and if it was, she never wanted to wake up.

    "Well, you gave me more then I dreamed I would have. So thank you too."

    Dulcia replied as she squeezed Vencel's hand. The girls were having a wonderful time with their friends at the wedding reception and Dulcia was having fun dancing with her new husband in between talking to their friends. She could tell that Vencel was nervous about tonight. When they had a chance to talk alone for a few minutes, she told him.

    "Vencel, we don't have to do that tonight if you don't feel ready."

    They had agreed to wait until their wedding night to make love for the first time but Dulcia wasn't going to pressure him into keeping that promise if he wasn't ready. She did feel ready, she had recovered from what Gaston had done to her. She also knew that Vencel would never treat her like how Gaston or Gunne had. She had no fears about that happening.
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    Chase Bardou

    Chase was very happy for Vencel and Dulcia and offered them his congratulations. He was very happy when Piao ran up and told him that Grandpa and Grandma would come to see them soon. Chase's one regret was that his parents lived so far away and they hadn't got to meet his children in person. Talking on the phone or through Skype wasn't the same.

    "Yes, it'll be very fun."

    Chase agreed with Piao as he chattered happily away. Although he did get a chance to ask Fritz if he could take one of the community's planes to Moscow to pick up his parents, which the Vampire agreed to do. Ming was a happy that soon she'd get to meet her father's parents in person, but she was also nervous. She had talked to them many times since Chase had found her on that ship and they seemed to like her. But she was scared. What if they didn't like her when they spent more time with her. Serena and Charles knew her past but maybe it was easier for them to forget it talking for a little. What if they didn't want a former prostitute for a granddaughter? Her brothers were better options for grandchildren. Rafe was a just a baby and Piao was an eager, excited little boy. He hadn't shown much side effects, other then a bad dream here and there, from his time in that orphanage in China or with Gaston's Pack. There was no way they would hold anything against Levi. He had been on that base that was raising soldiers but he was just a little kid. He was still innocent. For the first time in a long time, Ming felt very unsure about her place in her family and if her father's parents would really want her to be a Bardou.
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    Diego Mester

    Diego was very happy for his sister and Vencel. It was a nice wedding and he was very happy for them. It also made him wonder if someday Allison would like to get married. He didn't say it out loud to her, though. It was too early in their relationship to suggest that, he was sure. But someday, if she wanted, he wouldn't mind getting married and for them to be an official with her children. He already loved Eliza as his own daughter. After congratulating Dulcia and Vencel at the reception, Charma found Diego. She was having lots of fun. She thought the wedding was great but the reception was even better. She was thrilled that now that her parents were married that meant their family would always be together.

    "Are you having fun, Charma?"

    Diego asked his youngest niece, although he was sure he knew that answer. She eagerly nodded her head.

    "Lots! Guess what?"


    "Me, Mila, and Bianca get to have a sleep over at Grandma and Grandpa's house tonight."

    Charma loved her grandparents very much and she was excited that she and her sisters would get to spend the night with them. Catalina and Oliver had offered to let the girls spend the night so that Vencel and Dulcia could spend their first night as a married couple alone. Diego smiled at Charma.

    "That sounds like lots of fun."

    Charma agreed it would be. Then she asked.

    "Uncle Diego? Can Eliza spend the night too?"

    "Umm...You'd have to ask Aunt Allison."

    Diego replied, Allison had told him he could be her children's father but he wasn't sure if she would want Eliza spending the night with his mother and Oliver. They weren't living together yet and he wasn't sure how much say he was supposed to have. Once Catalina and Oliver knew that they were dating, they had been getting to know Eliza and treated her like they treated Dulcia and Vencel's daughters. His reply confused Charma, who said.

    "Why? Aren't you her daddy?"

    Charma knew that Allison was dating her uncle. She assumed then that made him Eliza's daddy right away. Like how Vencel had became her daddy once he started dating Mommy. At least that's how Charma's young mind had processed it all. Charma had Diego a little speechless and he looked over for Allison to come and help him explain the situation to Charma.
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    Oskar Brandt and Laurel Cambridge

    Everyone in the community was invited to Dulcia and Vencel's wedding, although Oskar and Laurel had both decided on their own to not attend. They sent cards to express their well wishes but it didn't seem right to either the Lycan or the Vampire to make an appearance at the wedding given their former ties to Gaston and Rook. Neither wanted to bring up bad memories for the couple or their children when today was supposed to be one of the best days of their lives. Oskar was heading to the empty cafeteria to get something to eat when he saw Laurel.

    "Hey, why aren't you at the wedding?"

    "For the same reason you aren't."

    Laurel replied and Oskar knew exactly what she meant. He suggested that she join him then so neither would have to eat alone. Funny how before coming to the community they had tolerated each other but weren't really friends. Now they were starting to be.

    "So, you like it here?"

    Oskar asked Laurel, who nodded her head.

    "Yeah, it's different but not in a bad way. I'm not used to everyone being so nice."

    It was surprising how nice people were considering everything she had been involved in. This place was nothing like Viktor's former Coven or Gaston's Pack. Oskar nodded his head.

    "I know what you mean."

    He never expected to actually be allowed here and for people to see him to like him. Things were so different then Gaston's Pack and Oskar realized he liked that.

    "So you going to tomorrow's wedding? I think Turner and Elena are next."

    Laurel asked him. Oskar thought a moment and said.

    "Considering that Brody and Gaston tried to beat him to death when I was in the house and Harold..."

    He shook his head. He hadn't stopped Harold from raping either of those girls that Gaston gave him. One of them had gotten adopted by Turner and Elena and the other girl they adopted had been in the house to be a "soldier" and Oskar hadn't helped set them free.

    "Probably not...I wouldn't want them or the kids seeing my face to ruin the day. What about you?"

    "Probably not either."

    Laurel replied. As much as she'd like to be in the community and be involved in things, she didn't want her presence to ruin someone's special day either. There were other weddings she could go to that the people involved hadn't been directly hurt by the people she had been associated with.

    "Then maybe we could keep each other company while everyone else is busy."

    Oskar said. He realized he liked spending time with Laurel. It surprised him a little since before the whole incident with Rook he had found her annoying. Both of them were slowly becoming better people here. The new him liked the new her. Laurel smiled at him.

    "Yeah, I'd like that."
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    Vencel shook his head. "It's not like that, love," he said. "I'm ready. I love you. I want you. I don't have any doubts about that. I just..."

    He took her hand and squeezed it. "I want you to be happy, that's all. I just hope that's something I'm able to do for you."

    And you know how it's supposed to feel and I don't, he thought - so if he made a mistake, he'd might never know, but Dulcia would. He hoped that wouldn't make her regret her decision to accept him as he was, flaws and all.
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    Allison, having made her way over to them when she heard that Eliza was the subject of discussion, was taken by surprise too. She and Diego had agreed on some things, but - she suddenly realized - not enough. They hadn't talked about how this was going to work. Allison still wasn't sure how much responsibility he wanted to take.

    "Of course Eliza can spend the night with you," Allison said, stalling for time by returning to the question previously asked. "That sounds fun. I'm sure she'd like that. And it's fine for Diego to give Eliza permission for things, if... if you feel comfortable with that, Diego..."

    She glanced over at Diego helplessly, unsure what she was supposed to say to the "daddy" question. Even as she told herself it was irrational, Allison worried that Diego might decide he didn't want them after all. That if she dared to tell Charma he was her children's father, Diego might get angry and tell her that he wanted nothing more to do with her. What was she supposed to say? She wished she'd thought to ask him before the wedding what he wanted to tell people...
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    Dulcia Mester

    "I understand."

    Dulcia replied to Vencel when he explained what he was nervous about. She did understand. She had been extremely nervous the first time she had had sex with Gunne. She had been a virgin but he had already slept with other girls. However, Gunne hadn't taken the time to make her feel more confident, though. Which should have been a warning sign to her that he wasn't right for her but at eighteen he had been her escape from Elisha and Dulcia had overlooked a lot of things to get away from her mother. Dulcia squeezed Vencel's hand back and told him.

    "I love you too and I know you'll make me happy. You already do and tonight will just be the start of us expressing our feelings for each other in another way. It doesn't have to be perfect. Try to not over think it and just have fun."

    Dulcia said with a smile. She was sure even with Vencel's lack of experience he'd be a better lover then Gunne. Gunne, even before he had started to rape her to get what he wanted, had been selfish. It was more about him then her when they had shared a bed. Vencel wasn't selfish, though. She also didn't expect tonight to be the best night of their married lives. It would be fun but for any couple it took time to discover what each other liked. Sex was something that got better as you learned what pleased yourself and your partner.
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