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Thread: Old Scores

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    Old Scores

    Old Scores

    Maryse Lambert

    Running two restaurants and raising three little children kept Maryse and her husband busy. Which saddened her a little, they hadn't had a chance to meet Amy and Orin's newest additions to the family. Of course, they talked on the phone and through Skype but it wasn't the same. Maryse and Marcel had been hoping to take a trip to Budapest but then the community had to move. Now they'd have to take a trip to Russia. It was another busy day for the Lambert Family when a waitress came and got Maryse. An Italian man, who was wearing a very expensive suit, wanted to talk to her.

    "I'm Maryse Lambert, how can I help you?"

    Maryse assumed that this man was a customer, although their restaurant wasn't high end enough for what appeared to be this man's tastes.

    "Do you have somewhere we can talk privately, Mrs. Lambert?"

    The man replied in a heavy Italian accent. Maryse nodded and asked the man to follow her to her and Marcel's office. She was worried that something must be wrong. If the man had a complaint about food or the service there would have no need for a private talk. She got more nervous when the man motioned for another man to follow them. When Maryse asked the man who the other was, the reply was that he was a bodyguard. Maryse closed the door behind them and didn't like that the man was looking at pictures she and Marcel had of their family on the walls.

    "Sir, could you please-"

    Maryse was trying to polite but she wanted to know what the hell this man wanted. The man cut her off and said.

    "Sir? Oh, forgive me. I never did give you my name. I am Dante Costantini."

    Maryse nodded her head but didn't offer the normal "it's nice to meet you" reply. Not that Dante seemed to care that she didn't.

    "Mr. Costantini, what is that you wanted to talk about?"

    Maryse asked, getting unnerved that Dante was focused on a picture of her kids.

    "It is about your sister Amy."

    "What about her?"

    "You remember her boyfriend, Thierry Petit?"

    It was clear to Dante from the look on Maryse's face that she did remember Thierry and he wasn't a fond memory.

    "What about him?"

    "He owed me a lot of money but sadly he has passed on..."

    Maryse didn't think it was that sad, Thierry was an asshole and got what he deserved. It didn't shock Maryse to hear that Thierry owed this man money. Although she didn't understand or like that he was here telling her about it.

    "Well, he's been dead for a while."

    "Yes, I know and your sister has been 'missing' it seems for a while too."

    "What does my sister have to do with you?"

    Maryse said, getting upset and protective of Amy. Dante smirked as he continued.

    "Thierry put her name on the contract. If he couldn't pay, she would. I had tried to find her but no luck...Then I thought of you. Surely you know where your little sister is."

    Dante said and Maryse frowned. This didn't make sense. She didn't doubt that Thierry would have put Amy's name on a contract to repay his debts. What she didn't get was why this man had waited so long to collect. Something wasn't adding up. Maryse shook her head.

    "I haven't heard from her in a long time. She and I got into a huge fight about Thierry and don't talk."

    That used to be the truth until Amy reached out again. Dante sighed.

    "Really? You see I find that hard to believe. You got pretty protective of someone you don't have in your life."

    "She's still my little sister-"

    Maryse quickly replied but Dante continued on like he hadn't heard.

    "...And you made trips to Budapest-"

    "Trips I take are none of your business."

    Maryse replied with a hiss and Dante sneered.

    "But it is. You see if Amy can't repay Thierry's debt then you'll have to."

    "What?! You-"

    Maryse was shocked and Dante said as he looked at the picture of the kids.

    "You got some cute kids. It'd be a shame if they don't get to grow up."

    The blood drained from Maryse's face. Dante told her the ridiculous amount of money Thierry owed, with interest included, and handed her the picture and said.

    "You have forty eight hours. Either get me in touch with Amy or you pay it yourself. See you later, Mrs. Lambert."

    Dante said and let himself out. Maryse and Marcel had some money but not enough to pay that. Even if they did, she knew she shouldn't pay it. You pay once and the people never stopped coming for money. Although his threat to her kids were real, she knew that. She told Marcel what was going on quietly and then headed to a store to buy a prepaid phone. She and her husband both thought it was odd that Dante was now collecting an old debt. If he really wanted money, he would have came for it right after Thierry died. It was something else and Maryse knew she had to call her sister. She wouldn't be shocked if her phone was being tapped which is why she bought the phone. As an extra measure she headed to the metro station to call her. Once Amy picked up, Maryse asked.

    "Amy? Did Thierry owe money to a man named Dante Costantini?"
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    Amy Diamant

    Russia was starting to feel more like home for Amy. Especially since the community had celebrated a round of weddings for some members. Amy did miss her human family, though. She didn't see them enough when she lived in Budapest and Russia seemed even farther away. She was surprised to get a phone call from a number she didn't recognize and on the other end was her sister. She knew something was wrong from the sound of Maryse's voice.

    "Maybe, I'm not sure. I didn't realize he owed anyone money until Nathan came."

    Amy replied, walking into an empty room of her house so her kids didn't overhear.

    "Why are you asking? What's going on, Maryse?"

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    Maryse Lambert

    Maryse wasn't that surprised that Thierry wouldn't tell Amy who had owed money too. He hadn't been a very honest man. Maryse was upset and close to tears as she told Amy about Dante's "visit". Which earned her some looks from people walking by, not that Maryse gave a crap what strangers thought of her right now.

    "...He threatened my kids, Amy. I don't know what to do..."
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    Amy Diamant

    Amy wished she could reach through the phone and hug her sister. She also wished she could magically arrive at France this instant and kill this Dante for threatening her family.

    "I'll take care of this, Maryse. I promise."

    She was sure it was some kind of trap, although she wasn't sure what she had done to this Dante that he'd want to hurt her. His name wasn't familiar to her. Perhaps he was one of Nathan's old enemies but she doubted that. Nathan had been successful killing most of his enemies until he crossed the community's path. After trying to calm Maryse down, Amy went to find Orin and she told him what was going on in their bedroom. She didn't want to worry their kids if she could avoid it.

    "...Obviously it's some kind of trap. If he really wanted money, then he would have went after Maryse after Nathan killed Thierry. He wants something else...I don't know what it is but I won't let him threaten Maryse and her kids."
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    When Amy found Orin, he had just given Gavin his bottle and put him down for his nap. As Orin looked down at his sleeping son, he still could hardly believe how his life hard turned out. Only a few years ago, he'd been a loser junkie with nothing going for him. Now he had a wonderful wife and beautiful kids, a life he could never even have dreamed of. Sometimes it still felt like a dream.

    He smiled as Amy joined him, but his expression instantly turned to concern when he saw that she was upset. Orin listened, nodding occasionally to indicate he was following what she said. When she was finished, he said, "Yeah, I agree that it's a trap. Why would he show up after all this time, when he knows Thierry has been dead? And what's with that contract? Even if it's for something legit, it wouldn't have anything to do with you - a person can't just sign someone else's name on a contract and make that person responsible for their debts, so what's the point?"

    Orin thought for a moment, and then said, "I think we should get Maryse, Marcel, and the kids - probably your parents too - to come here for awhile. Not forever, I know they have their own lives, but just till we get this sorted out so they're not in the line of danger. They could say they won tickets for a vacation of a lifetime in a radio contest or something, so they're going to be gone for a couple of weeks on the spur of the moment. Then we can take a group from the community and try to figure out what's going on... you know, flash around some money to let them think we might be willing to pay, and see what we can dig up on this guy."

    He wrapped his arms around his wife, and said. "We'll figure this out. I promise."
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    Amy Diamant

    "Well, I definitely remember not signing any thing."

    Amy replied at Orin's comment about the contract. Not that she would have put it passed Thierry to forge her signature for something but it just didn't make sense for this Dante guy to wait so long to want money. He wanted something else and Amy would be damned if her sister and her family got hurt. She nodded her head when Orin said her parents and Maryse's family should come here for a little while.

    "I think you're right. They'll be safe here."

    Amy didn't want anything to happen to her human family and at least in the community they would be safe. She returned Orin's hug and told him.

    "I know we will. Are you going to come with me to France or do you want to stay home with the kids?"

    Amy knew she'd have to go. This man wanted to see her. She didn't like that idea of walking into a trap but to protect their human family members, Amy was willing to do it. She also trusted their friends and knew that whoever they took to France would try to protect her. She'd like Orin to come with her but she also had to think of their children. If something went bad, she didn't want them to lose them both.
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    "Of course I'm going," Orin replied. When he'd said 'we' before, he'd simply included himself in the group by assumption. "I'm not sending you off to France without me when some crazy person is threatening you and your family."

    He leaned in to give her a kiss.

    "The kids will be fine without us for a little while. They have plenty of aunts and uncles who love them and will be happy to look after them. We won't be gone for long, and I fully expect to get us both back in one piece. So sorry, Amy, you're stuck with me."

    He grinned, indicating the last bit was a joke - sort of. If she really wanted him to stay behind, he would, but Orin knew that Amy had to put herself in harm's way, and he'd feel much better about that if he had her back.
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    Amy Diamant

    Amy was relieved that Orin was going to come with her. She wanted him to come with her to France but she wouldn't force him to either. She returned his kiss and told him.

    "I love being stuck with you."

    She knew he was right, the kids would be fine. They had plenty of aunts and uncles who loved them and would take care of them. Amy just hoped that Orin was right, that would return safely back in piece. If she thought Dante just wanted money, she'd be more confident about that. Still, she wouldn't worry her children about what Dante really wanted.

    "I just wish the first time I got to take you to France wasn't because of some asshole."
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    "I love being stuck with you too," Orin said. "And look on the bright side. The way things go for immortals these days, if we went to France for vacation we'd probably end up with someone after us anyway. At least this way it's front-loaded and we know what we're getting into. Once we sort things out, maybe we can even take a little time to relax. And as you know, it's fairly simple to make a Lycan happy - just get me a few French pastries, and life will be grand."

    He smiled at her, and added, "We could even wear some of those floppy French hats. Optional but recommended."

    Orin was just being silly now, but he wanted to reduce Amy's stress level a little if he could. The situation was worrisome, obviously, but they would deal with it like they'd dealt with everything else life threw at them.
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    Amy Diamant

    "That's one way to look at it."

    Amy replied when Orin said on the bright side at least they knew some asshole was out to get them. One of the many things Amy loved about Orin was his ability to cheer her up when she was stressed out. She smiled at him.

    "Yes, I know you're easy to please. Although I do think that we'll have to get those hats. I think you'd look cute in one."

    Amy said with a wink. Larissa's family was willing to look after the kids for them while they were going to France. Although Larissa was obviously worried about them going. Flynn said he'd go, although he wouldn't be on the whole hunt for Dante. He'd take Amy's human family back to the community for protection first. Turner was looking into what he could about Dante but not finding much, other then that he was Italian. Jasmine and Bruno offered to go. If, for some reason, this was connected to something Nathan had done then it was best to have two people who had knew that asshole Vampire best with them. Plus both could speak Italian and knew some French. Amy was relieved to go to Maryse's house and find that she and her family hadn't been hurt. The kids were excited to see her and Orin. Although they had no idea that Dante that threatened their lives and that's why they would get to go on a trip to see Amy and Orin's new home.

    "I'm glad the kids are excited."

    Amy told Maryse.
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