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Thread: Old Scores

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    Amy Diamant

    Amy wished the reason for them to be in France was for a better one. She also wished her and Orin's kids could be here. She would have loved for them to have come with them. She hoped the next time she stepped foot in France her children would get to see where she had grown up. Amy smiled at Orin when he reminded her that he was always there for her.

    "I know you are. Whatever happens, I'm not scared because I know you'll be with me."

    Whatever Dante had planned, Amy knew it wouldn't go down like the night she had met Nathan. Orin would never do to her what Thierry had.

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    Jasmine Sinclair

    Egor agreed with Asif. He did hope that it was just a social call but one could never be too careful. Jasmine and Bruno stayed nearby as Amy and Orin acted like tourist. It surprised Jasmine to see a man she remembered when they had lived in Rome with Nathan. He was taking far too much interest in the couple. She pointed out Salvador to Bruno and muttered to him.

    "What a small world."

    Bruno agreed, he had never been a fan of coincidences, especially when Salvador used to work for Ricky Esposito...Before Nathan had found Turner, Nathan had to find information about his enemies the old fashion way. Salvador had turned over Esposito in return for money and a night with a beautiful girl. Maryse had said Dante was Italian and while Jasmine was sure lots of Italians went on vacation in France, she thought it was odd that Salvador was here. Jasmine sent a text to her friends' phones that she and Bruno might have a lead. It felt like a lifetime ago when she and Bruno had worked for Nathan but they quickly got into that mindset.

    <<"Hello, Salvador.">>

    Jasmine told him in Italian, the man jumped and gulped when he saw that Bruno had came up behind him. For a large man, he could move quietly.

    <<"Ms. Torres...how nice to see you.">>

    Salvador replied and Jasmine didn't see the need to correct him what her last name was now. She also doubted that he wasn't happy to see her. Bruno took his phone and saw that Salvador had been taking pictures of Amy and Orin.

    <<"Most people take pictures of the sights, not strangers.">>

    Bruno said and Salvador got more nervous. He stammered and Jasmine shook her head.

    <<"Please, don't lie, Salvador. I'd hate to feel we made a mistake letting you live the night Ricky died.">>

    Nathan's reward for him giving up Ricky's home was letting Salvador live. It surprised her that Viadero, Ricky's father, had not killed the man instead. Salvador took a deep breath and said.

    <<"My boss wants her.">>


    Jasmine asked and Salvador replied in a scared voice.

    <<"Because you two and that white haired boy are harder to find.">>

    Jasmine frowned and Bruno glared at Salvador. He placed his hands on Salvador's shoulders to keep him running.

    <<"What does Dante Costantini want with us?">>

    <<"You killed his family...Or well, Mr. Betancourt and that freaky kid did.">>

    Jasmine and Bruno exchanged a look, neither remembered killing anyone with the name Costantini and they had helped Nathan kill a lot of a people.

    <<"Who was his family?">>

    <<"The Espositos...">>

    Seeing the confusion, Salvador explained that Dante was the son of one of Viadero's mistresses. She had been angry that he would not leave his wife for her and she never let her son take his name. With Viadero and his sons dead thanks to Nathan's Coven, Dante had taken over the family and wanted to get revenge on the people who had his father's family killed.

    <<"What does Amy have to do with it?! She wasn't a part of that!">>

    Jasmine yelled, angry that even in death, Nathan's actions sometimes still affected their lives. Salvador shrugged.

    <<"Nothing personal, Dante figured out she worked for Mr. Betancourt and she was easier to find then-">>

    Suddenly Bruno and Jasmine heard a gun shot. Both ducked and Salvador was dead. Killed by a HPL member. It seemed that the HPL had found members in other countries. Of course, the fool thought he could handle two Vampires on his own, which he was wrong about. Dante, who had gotten information from Salvador about where Amy was before Jasmine and Bruno confronted him, strolled over to Amy and Orin.

    "You should not have picked one of Nathan Betancourt's whores to marry, things will not end well for you."

    Dante told Orin. He knew Nathan was dead but others had been involved in killing his father and brothers. He had been a patient man and had waited years for revenge. It wasn't until Amy had gotten back into contact with her sister that he had been able to find her. He had nothing personal against her, she was a connection to Nathan and through her he hoped to gain access to Nathan's Coven. Dante watched the news and knew that Nathan and thus his people had to be Vampires.

    "Of course, if you give up the following people, I will let you both go. I have no ill will towards you, Amy. Give me Jasmine Torres, Bruno Sinclair, and Sacha Cherkesov and we can part ways as friends. "

    Well, Dante would let them go. There was no saying what his new friends, the HPL would do, but that would be out of his hands. Amy was just a means to get to his family's killers.
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    Orin's hands balled into fists when Dante called Amy a whore, but he restrained his anger with effort. He wasn't going to risk Amy's life starting an unnecessary confrontation with someone with unknown armaments and probably backup. He'd fight if he had to, but mere words weren't worth the danger it would put their whole group in.

    When Dante delivered his ultimatum, Orin shrugged defeatedly. "It's not worth our lives to save theirs," he told Amy sadly. "If they wanted to stay out of trouble, they never should have worked for Nathan."

    Please trust me, Orin silently willed his wife. Please just trust me on this and don't contradict me.

    He met Dante's eyes calmly, and went on, "They came with us as backup. We didn't want to make you suspicious by staying too close, so we split up. Bruno, Jasmine, and Sacha went to London. If things got too hot and we needed them, we'd just have to call, and they'd be a short drive across the Channel away."

    Orin's voice never wavered. The lie was close enough to the truth to be plausible, and would be impossible to disprove on the spot. Unlike an outright refusal, it had the potential to buy them a little time to get a handle on the situation. Of course, Jasmine and Bruno were really much closer than that - possibly within earshot - and Sacha hadn't even come to France. Orin gave no indication that he was making up a story, and his eyes remained suitably regretful about "betraying" his comrades.
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    Amy Diamant

    Amy was only slightly annoyed to be called a whore by Dante, it wasn't like she hadn't been called that name enough times in her immortal life. What surprised her was that Dante wanted Jasmine, Bruno, and Sacha instead. She found that odd since Jasmine and Bruno both said they had no idea who Dante even was. Apparently Nathan had pissed him off some how and with the former boss dead, getting back at his inner circle was the next best thing. She raised her eyebrows when Orin said that the three Vampires weren't worth saving. Perhaps that was true once but they had changed. She knew Orin well enough to know he wasn't really going to turn them over though and just nodded her head.

    "You're right. They made their beds a long time ago."
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    Jasmine Sinclair

    After killing the HPL member and putting him in the alley with Salvador, Jasmine and Bruno thought the best course of action was to catch up to Amy and Orin and tell them what was going on. They stopped short when their Vampire hearing let them know that Dante had already found the couple. They took cover and waited to see what would happen. Dante cocked his head as he listened to Orin. Not sure if he truly believed the man or not. He could see not caring what happened to people who had been in Nathan's inner circle after what women like Amy had been put through but he also didn't get why those same people had been given a second chance to begin with.

    "They helped Betancourt make your wife a whore. Why did you not kill them?"
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    "Orders," Orin said with a shrug. "I'm not in charge back home. I'm the low man on the totem pole. It wasn't my decision. The leadership wanted them alive, and what was I going to do? Flounce out and try to survive on my own? That would have gone real well - especially in the current climate. Those three aren't worth risking my own neck over."

    He avoided looking at Amy, as though he expected her to be angry with him - but he didn't really think she was. She seemed to be on board with what he was attempting to do.

    "So I didn't really have much choice. If you kill them, though, I'm not shedding any tears, believe me. Tragic turn of events, nothing I could have done, and all that jazz. The leaders will buy it. So I don't really give a crap if you go off to London and hunt them down."
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    Dante Costantini

    Dante carefully watched Orin's face to see if he was trying to trick him. What he said sounded believable. From what the HPL had told Dante, the community of immortals seemed to run that way. The HPL had identified both Orin and Amy as immortals, so Dante was sure that immortals didn't like being on their own in the world now.

    "Phone them and tell them to come."

    Dante said, he wasn't going on a wild goose chase to London in case Orin was lying and forgiven Betancourt's people for what had happened to people like Amy.

    "When I see them, then we can part ways as friends."

    Not really but his deal with the HPL was that they'd help him take out the three Vampires involved with his father and half brothers' deaths and they would get any other immortals that had came along for the trip. Dante wanted revenge but he wasn't naive. He and his men had never been involved directly with immortals before. He knew from the news and stories that they were faster and stronger then people. He'd be doing a suicide mission to go after just one of Nathan's former people without having people who were specializing in killing immortals with him.
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    Amy Diamant

    Amy didn't think that Dante was just going to let them "part as friends". After all he had threatened her human family just to get Amy to show up in France. However, she thought the best way to play this was to pretend that she was naive enough to believe him. Amy looked over at Orin with a sigh.

    "Fine, call them. I want this over with. Those three aren't worth dying over."
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    Orin shrugged, looking nonchalant, but his mind was racing frantically trying to figure out how to salvage the situation. Dante himself wasn't much of a danger, but it was unlikely the man had come alone. They also had to assume that Dante knew they were immortals, and he and his companions were armed in such a way to pose a threat.

    He had no desire to lure his friends into an ambush. On the other hand, Jasmine and Bruno weren't necessarily safer on their own, not if they were the target of the hunt. He hastily dialed the number for a conference call, patching in Asif and Egor as well as Jasmine and Bruno, and said, "Hey, you guys gotta come back from London. We think we have a lead, and we need you to help investigate."

    Since the plan had never involved London, Orin hoped this would be enough to signal to Bruno and Jasmine that there was trouble incoming.
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    Dante Costantini

    Dante watched Orin make his call and then told him and Amy. He thought it was very possible that Jasmine, Bruno, and Sacha were in London.

    "While we wait for them, let's head to Marcel's restaurant. It has very good food. It would be a shame for the place to go out of business."

    He had no intention of letting Amy or Orin out of his sight until the Vampires he came for arrived. Jasmine and Bruno understood the message and Jasmine texted Asif to ask him how they could proceed.
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