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    Offial Unofficial Negation Comic

    Arrow Offial Unofficial Negation Comic

    Hey guys!
    Nestlé here. I know I've been away for awhile, but I've come back with some content I thought people here might be interested in.

    Some of you may know that Negation forever will be my favorite comic.
    So when Marvel announced a while back that they were bringing back CrossGen I got REALLY excited.
    However when I found out it would be without Negation or the old continuity I decided to try and revive it for them.
    I created a proposal and submitted it to Marvel, who was uninterested in changing their plans for CrossGen.
    So I waited and I tried again.
    While my 2nd effort seemed to be received more positively it was clear Marvel was already cutting a large number of books and would not take a risk on a rookie writer with an idea that had gone bankrupt once before.

    This means my Negation story has been sitting around for the last few years collecting dust.
    While it will never be drawn or inked I would consider it the most Official Unofficial continuation of the story, and so for those interested I'd like to share it with you.
    As long as people want to follow it I will post the synopsis of what was to happen in each issue once a week.
    Sound cool?
    2003 Ophelia Award winner for Best Supporting Hero.
    2004 Ophelia Award winner for Best Death
    #1 Official Fan of Qwaring's Artwork

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    It's great to see you, Nestlé. I'd personally love to read what you wrote.

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    Thanks Jenny!
    Good to see you too.

    I'll try and put something out in the next couple days.

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    The first thing to know about the comic in question is that it was less of a Negation continuation and more of a Negation War continuation.
    What this means is that during Negation War Tony was given access to all the CrossGen characters to do what he pleased.
    The follow up book that I wrote is no different, and even in it's first issue makes use of several characters who weren't originally from the Negation story.

    Most people believed that the best way to move on with CrossGen was to "Finish" the Negation War.
    I didn't.
    Instead I took everything I knew about how it was supposed to end and moved forward.

    So, without further ado I give you Negation #0:

    As with all CrossGen #0 issues, you could skip this one and still be able to follow the story, but it gave an swesome "jump-on" spot for people who were new to the series and some background stuff for the diehards.

    The issue opens in Perdition (CrossGen Hell) with two Route 666 ghosts dragging a Mortal Danik (guy on the left: http://static.comicvine.com/uploads/...chronicles.jpg ) in front of Appollyon ( CG's "devil" http://www.superheroics.com/images/TGXVIannounce.jpg ).

    Danik had always been shown as the "man with the plan" in CG. It wasn't until Tony's writing in NW that we got a glimpse at how flawed Danik actually was. I decided to play on this for the new story. For anyone who does not know, in the old storyline Apollyon built a device that could take the God-like powers away from Charon (the big baddie in CG comics). In the unfinished Negation War comic Obregon Kaine apparently used it on Charon & Danik and beat them up with an old toilet seat (Gotta love Tony's writing. ).
    Now mortal, my Danik is a coward thinking only about himself.

    Back to the story:
    Apollyon uses this opportunity to taunt Danik and poke fun of "how the mighty have fallen." Danik is in pretty bad shape and has a bandage over his eyes. Apollyon explains that eventhough Danik lost his "God-Hood", he is still a Seer and could cause problems, which is why his eyes had to be plucked out.
    The next part is meant for new readers as Apollyon mocks Danik and all he accomplished coincidentally walking us through CrossGen lore at the same time.
    Actually, it just occurred to me that many of you have probably not read CG comics in some time, so maybe I'll post his dialogue:

    Page 2
    Panel 1
    View is from behind Danik and the ghosts (one on either side). Apollyon is coming down the steps of his throne overdramatically.
    Apollyon: Oh how the mighty have fallen.

    Panel 2
    Zoom to Apollyon's upper half. One of the ghosts is suddenly behind him looking over his shoulder.
    Ghost: Anything else we can do for ya boss?
    Apollyon: No, that is fine. You're dismissed.

    Panel 3
    Cut to Danik's face. Danik looks roughed up and has bandages over his eyes. He cannot see.
    Danik: Who's there?

    Panel 4
    Apollyon leans in to Danik with a grin, clearly making a mockery of a the blind man.
    Apollyon: Can you tell by my voice?
    Danik: ... Apollyon.

    Panel 5
    Apollyon can barely hold back his excitement.
    Apollyon: You remember! Don't I feel special! And that would make you: "The being who once had god-like powers known as Danik!"

    Page 3
    Panel 1
    Danik looks confused.
    Danik: Why am I here?

    Panel 2
    Apollyon scratching his head next to Danik.
    Apollyon: Sorry, I thought that was obvious.

    Panel 3
    Apollyon has his arm around the blind Danik who is now standing sheepishly.
    Behind Apollyon & Danik to the upper left is a picture of Danik (And maybe Capricia, ect.) in Atlantis.
    Behind them in the center is a picture of Danik (and maybe Solusandra) transitioning.
    Apollyon: Born Atlantean you inherited the abilities of a god when you sunk your city in exchange for limitless power.

    Behind Apollyon & Danik to the right is a picture of Charon & Apollyon.
    Apollyon: But the god honeymoon ended when you found out there were others even more powerful... And evil than yourself. I am, of course referring to myself and my backstabbing buddy Bobby Charon.

    Pages 4 & 5 (Double page spread)
    Panel 1
    Apollyon rubbing his chin.
    Apollyon: Buddy's probably not the right term. "Business associate" would probably be more appropriate. Anyways...

    Panel 2
    Rest of two pages are taken up by a spread. Apollyon & Danik are in the bottom center with Apollyon's arm around Danik still. This time our view is from behind them and Apollyon's other hand is open with arm raised as if he's showing Danik all kinds of wonders.

    The memories that he is describing are arcing over them from left to right.
    Apollyon: After Charon imprisoned me in a pocket reality he made quick work of this universe, conquering it and renaming it the Negation Empire.

    First picture similar to cover of "Mark of Charon #1" with Charon standing over an armada of starships (maybe with a Negation symbol in the background).
    Apollyon: You reacted by branding the inhabitants of your universe with sigils that gave them great power.

    Second picture is of sigil bearers (maybe Samadehl Rey, Sephie, Ethan, Drake & Shassa)
    Apollyon: You needed to make them into soldiers though, to battle the imminent threat of Charon-- So you split yourself into several forms and masqueraded as people they trusted in an effort to mentor them and make them the warriors you needed.

    Third picture is of "disguised Danik" (The one from Crux) standing over some of his forms (maybe Enson, Skink, Po po, Je'Meerik Meer & Paperboy from Negation War #1).
    Apollyon: It was of course a surprise to everyone when the most important player in the war ended up being one none of us "gods" put into play: Obregon Kaine.

    Fourth picture has Kaine leading the Negation crew (Evinlea, Javi, Drake, Corrin, ect.)
    Apollyon: Charon found him intriguing and you thought you could use hism to your advantage. Then, I supplied him with a device that would make Charon mortal again. How were you to know he'd use it on you aswell?

    Fifth picture shows Kaine beating Charon and Danik with a toilet seat.

    Page 6
    Panel 1
    Apollyon is pointing to his chest with his thumbs in the "this guy" pose.
    Apollyon: Then I was free to leave my prison and cause pain and suffering throughout the universe, crush and remnants of Big Blue's empire and kidnap you.

    Panel 2
    Apollyon is shaking his finger at Danik playfully.
    Apollyon: But you Atlanteans aren't powerless, are you? You're a seer and I was nervous you might use your eyes to find a way to stop me.

    Panel 3
    Apollyon holding an eyeball between each index finger and thumb on either side of his face grinning.
    Apollyon: Which is why I plucked them out.

    Panel 4
    Danik's face looking confused.
    Danik: But what do you want with me?

    Panel 5
    Apollyon spinning around furious.
    Apollyon: Are you serious?!? Do I have to spell it out for you!?!

    Panel 6
    Apollyon slamming Danik against the wall by the throat.
    Apollyon: I won't make the same mistake you and Charon made...
    Caption: Where can I find Obregon Kaine?

    As you can see I wrote Apollyon with a hint of humor. He was after all a sociopathic murderer before becoming a god.
    At this point the story jumps to our hero:
    Obregon Kaine ( http://www.byrnerobotics.com/forum/u...on_Kaine_2.jpg ) is back in Negation space with a new crew.
    Some are new faces, and some are ones you'll recognize from elsewhere.
    His new Crew members are:
    -Lizard Lady. ( http://static.comicvine.com/uploads/...izard-lady.jpg ) This should come as no surprise, since she was, after all the only Negation crew member to remain loyal to Kaine in the old book. A Saurian, after eating a creature she will take on it's physical/mental characteristics.
    -Johnny Jumpjet. (Sadly no pictures available). Introduced during Negation War, Johnny became an instant favorite among fans. Essentially a midget with a Jetpack, he is the hero of the "Helix Worlds," which I'll go into more detail on later.
    -Cassie. ( http://d1466nnw0ex81e.cloudfront.net...600/949103.jpg ) This was a no brainer for me. I always felt a close bond between Tony's Route 666 & Negation, and I feel Cassie is a good fit for the horrors on the Negation universe. Since approx. 4 years have passed since the old stories she'll now be a young adult rather than the teen we got to know and love in the old CrossGen run. Cassie has many giftings, but is best known for her ability to commune with the dead.
    -Zamida. (Once again no picture) Zamida is Kaine's "guide." Earlier Apollyon spoke of Danik "splitting himself." Zamida is a product of this. She appears for be approx. 8 years old, but has the wisdom of 100,000 years and is one of the most powerful beings in the universe.
    -Jons Myth. (What no picture? ;P ) Jons was a secondary character in the Sigil comic. He had always been a favorite of mine and this was a good opportunity to make use of him.
    -Robert. Robert is a brown haired man in a blue jumpsuit. I wasn't going to reveal it for some time in the comic (but I assumed the keeners would figure it out) that this is Robert Charon. Once the all powerful baddie of CrossGen ( http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedi...5px-Charon.JPG ), he knows how dangerous Apollyon is and joins Kaine in an effort at redemption.
    -Chire & Mule. The only 2 characters from the crew I created, Chire is a young, handsome man. He is an expert with over a dozen weapons. His strategic implications are almost limitless... Except that he only has two hands. This is where Mule comes in. Mule literally follows Chire around supplying him with any weapons or ammunition he might need. Mule wears a leather cap and has pockets all over his uniform. First glance gives the assumption that he is overweight, but most of it is all the gear he packs around with him. Chire is human, from our reality but was given a Ligis by Charon (before he lost his power). He comes from a guild of warriors that train in weapon mastery. While Mule can't fight himself, he has trained with Chire since childhood and is able to assemble/disassemble weapons with incredible speed and seems to always know what Chire needs, when.

    Alright, let's get back to it.
    Kaine and co. are in Negation space hunting something. Chire seems to have a plan, however he says "It's strategically sound, but I'll need to be in the middle of things before I know whether or not it will work."
    Kaine's ship is Sam's ship for Sigil.
    Their prey arrives and it is MASSIVE. It is a giant monster which can be best described as giant human teeth with it's gums. It has countless tentacles and is the size of a small moon.
    Chire instantly realizes his plan won't work and he, Johnny and Mule scramble to throw something new together. Chire takes some nukes onto the creature and tries to blow it up.
    Meanwhile back on the ship Zamida is in a trance speaking with Skink (from Scion) who is also one of the "orange-eyed mentors." Skink tells her that the "Oranged eyed beings" will be gathering to commune. Something they have not done for years. Skink goes on to tell her that since most of the sigil bearers have died most of the mentors no longer have a purpose and dissension is growing among them. They need to share their individual experience and thoughts so they can decide on a direction for the future of both universes.
    Zamida is knocked out of her trance by the explosion of Chire's nuke.
    Zamida gets really grouchy at this point and leaves the ship to go deal with the monster herself.
    The monster is barely scratched by the nuke, but it is still no match for Zamida and, in the blink of an eye she disintegrates it.
    It's hinted several times in this issue that Chire seems to have some amount of "pre-cognition" about what is going to occur in the next few moments.

    Finally, Kaine calls all of the stragglers back on board and speaks to his crew.
    He congratulates them on a job well done, giving a little bit of backstory as to how Negation is more dangerous than ever. With Apollyon in charge creatures of mass destruction like the one they faced are becoming more and more common.
    "We'll need real firepower if we're going to win this war" he tells them.
    He then pulls up on the computer monitor pictures of the old Negation crew, telling them they'll need to get the help of Drake, Shassa, Corrin, ect. if they want to make any serious forward motion.

    Of course, most of the current crew don't know Drake and the others hate Kaine... But that's something for a later issue.

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    Alright, Issue #1.

    Issue #1 brings in the old Negation crew, so for anyone who is rusty about who they are I'll run through the list:

    Sigil Bearers:
    -Mercer Drake. ( https://encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.com/i..._e5dW632f9C5mA ) A space pirate. Drake's sigil grants him the ability to have any power he needs in an effort to "get" something. Got nothing he wants? Got no powers.
    -Shassa. ( http://www.writeups.org/img/inset/Shassa_h005.jpg ) A cop. Although her powers were never completely defined in old CG her mark gave her the ability to "borrow" a portion of the powers from her opponent helping her take them down.
    -Westin. ( http://webspace.webring.com/people/j.../westin_19.jpg ) Westin was a thief. His sigil allowed him to "see" how technology has been used in the past and copy it.
    Other Super Powered Crew Members:
    -Corrin. ( http://static.comicvine.com/uploads/...114-corrin.jpg ) An Atlantean, Corrin has trained her mind to accomplish great things. Her gifting is in Telekinesis (She can move stuff with her mind).
    -Iress. ( http://static.comicvine.com/uploads/...7-scan0030.jpg ) A demi god, Iress posesses great power. In the old Negation run, Evinlea tricked an enemy into shooting Iress in the face leaving a terribly scarred face. Her hair covers it most of the time, but she keeps the mark to remember what an a$$hole Evinlea was.
    -Fluxor. ( http://static.comicvine.com/uploads/...289-fluxor.jpg ) Not all members of the old crew are useful... But few are as useless as Fluxor. Essentially a longstanding joke of what Captain Kirk would REALLY be like to work with, somehow Fluxor stayed alive through the entire old Negation run.
    -Monchito. Essentially the closest thing to Tony creating a Pokemon for the Negation book. Monchito could only say his own name and jumped around in the background alot.
    -Calyx. A seamstress from a world of airships and floating islands. About the only thing Calyx brought to the book was innocence.
    -Thustra. Everyone's crush. She didn't do anything. Ever. Except stick out her chest.

    Alright, refresher time is over, let's get to it:

    Issue 1 opens with a squad of Negation soldiers looking for something or someone. The are on a deserted planet and we don't initially know what they are searching for, however when one complains about their predicament their captain puts them back in line saying:
    "When a General of the Empire gives you an order personally you do it! No questions asked! Now quite yer yappin' so we can clear this world and be gone before the Ghouls arrive.!"

    They then come across two people in cloaks collecting fruit. The soldiers tell the two individuals to remove their hoods, revealing their identities to be Corrin and Calyx.
    The Captain has a holographic display on his wrist with Corrin's face on it confirming that these are the refugees they are looking for.
    He radios it in.

    All of a sudden hands come out of the sand at one of the soldier's feet and drag him under. Another pile of sand flies up in front of them and then takes on the solid form of a hideous monster with long features. It has no eyes and is so thin that it's bones protrude just about everywhere. The Negation soldiers do their best to try and kill the creatures calling them "Dusts." Essentially they go from solid to dust form at will. The soldiers try and shoot them, but the creatures become a cloud of dust so they can't be hurt.
    One of the soldiers breathes in some of the clouding dust and then a solidified monster tears out of their back ripping out their spinal cord when it does. The Negation soldiers die quickly, but with all the noise they created Drake & Shassa (and Iress) arrive to help Corrin almost immediately.
    Corrin, Shassa & Drake work together to fight the monsters, but are fairly ineffective. Iress just kind of mopes around nearby. Corrin is able to contain one with her telekinesis, but unltimately after Drake yells at her for a bit Iress burns them up (or "melts" them into glass).

    Drake asks Calyx if she's alright and she gives an answer about how she's seen a lot worse with this group and will survive.
    Drake makes a sarcastic comment about it not getting any worse just as a ship lands in front of them, the air from it's landing blowing back their hair.

    The door drops open to reveal Kaine who tells Drake and co. that he needs their help.
    Drake curses a lot.

    Kaine introduces his new crew to his old group, being intentionally vague about Robert's past.
    Despite the reaction he receives, Kaine manages to talk Darke & Co. into bringing his crew back to their camp.
    When they arrive the rest of the old crew receives the new comers with open arms, the last 4 years blurring any bitter feelings they may have had once.
    Corrin is clearly sleeping with Drake, but he doesn't seem proud of it. Instead, he has a clear, but unspoken interest in Shassa.
    Kaine's team has studied the old crew a great deal, so most introductions are unnecessary, with the exceptions of the changes that have taken place.
    Whatever issues Iress had when we saw her last have grown into a full blown depression. Her scar is still there (despite Evinlea being dead) and she now dresses entirely in black. She is quiet and withdrawn.
    Tony joked that if he had a chance to return to these characters, he'd have Thustra end up with Monchito. While I toyed with that idea, I went a different direction with it (which is the ONLY thing I changed from Tony's plans, I swear).
    Instead, (much to the disappointment of Fluxor & Westin) I decided to have Thustra reproduce asexually. Essentially she just "clones" herself every few years, meaning that now there are roughly 8 Thustras running around doing different jobs (like medic, security, ect.)

    Kaine explains to his old teammates the current state of the Negation universe. Since Charon's downfall the Negation empire has lost most of the control it once had. Apollyon is running rampant and has unleashed his monsters on the unsuspecting planets that were once protected by his rival. Hiding out on this backwater planet had protected them for quite some time from this upheaval, but that time was coming to an end.
    Apollyon's "Ghoul Wave" was only 2 days away and would wipe out anything it finds when it arrives.
    A Ghoul Wave is a hoard of Apollyon's monsters so massive it can't be counted that moves through space wiping out any life it finds.
    Kaine goes on to tell them that there are still pockets of resistance, however. The remaining Generals of the Negation Empire continue their efforts to hold Apollyon at bay.
    Kaine has actually made an alliance with one such General, by the name of T'Nee B'Durd who has promised Kaine & Co. safe passage to the "Bright Universe" if they help with a mission.
    Shassa & Drake talk it over and the implications it has for the those they've been "taking care of" over the last few years. Both agree that this is their only option to ensure the safety of the others. Shassa, however ends the conversation with a commment about how "She has nothing here anyways and has no reason to stay," which clearly hurts Drake.
    This issue ends with Shassa coming out of the tent to tell Kaine:
    "We're in."
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    I love your ideas. It would have been nice to see a continuation not a reboot. Please keep posting.

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    Thanks Jenny! I'll keep it up as long as people keep reading (or I come to the end of what I had written ;P)

    Alright, time for our Negation fix for the week.

    Something Tony did in his Negation run that I've never seen in another comic was his ability to create nonstop action. There was never an issue that didn't have someone get torn limb from limb, or explosions... Lots of explosions!
    Readers might take this for granted, but he was very strategic in his story telling. One of the ways he accomplished this was to have slower stuff happen in tie in comics (ie. Mark of Charon) or have another writer develop characters in other books (ie. Gammid coming from Crux).

    Sadly, since I didn't plan on having any other books to "back me up" I had to do it all in my Negation run. This meant that as much as I didn't want to have "slow" issues they would be an occasional reality. This was the mindset behind Negation #2. It's role was to set up the coming year of comics to be nonstop action.

    Negation #2.
    Once again our story opens in Perdition with Danik & Apollyon. This time though, Apollyon isn't playing nice.
    Danik is being tortured and begging for mercy.
    In his broken state he tells Apollyon that while he doesn't know where Kaine is, he knows how to find someone who does.

    We jump back to Kaine's ship, where we get to see a few important conversations unroll that will plant seeds for several storylines throughout the year.
    -Zamida tells Kaine that the "Danik Beings" are all meeting together and that she has to go. Kaine doesn't like the idea of losing his most powerful crew member, but concedes that with Drake & Co. they're more powerful than ever.
    -Chire introduces himself to Iress. Despite her withdrawn nature he seems to show a real interest in her.
    -Readers who hadn't yet figured it out will see Kaine tell Robert (Charon) that he needs to keep his identity a secret. Due to the fragile nature of the relationship with the old crew that they can't take any chances.

    After a bunch of dialogue pages that won't pay off immediately Kaine briefs his (now massive) crew about what their next step is.
    They are meeting up with one of the few remaining Negation fleets. This one is led by Negation General T'Nee B'Durd who is a friend to their cause.
    (I am of course poking fun of the old writer of Negation Tony Bedard just as he did in HIS Negation run with Negation General Marquade, who was in fact Mark Waid).
    He tells them that T'Nee's battle fleet has been gathering in a nearby nebula where their ships are hidden from Apollyon. He tells them that once they meet up with their allies there they can open a gateway back to the "Bright Universe" and send the "REMFs" through to safety.
    Once Drake, Shassa, Iress, Corrin & Westin have held up their end of the deal they will get to go too.

    This issue ends back in Perdition.
    Apollyon is offering a job to someone, but at first we can't see who it is.
    He tells them that he will be following up on some of his own leads, but that he needs "an expert" to track down Kaine.
    Plus, with the Negation empire in shambles "this mysterious individual" has had nothing to live for the past few years.
    Apollyon could give his life purpose again because despite what differences the two of them have, he can appreciate this individual's skills... And his ability to always get into Kaine's business.
    Apollyon offers his hand and Komptin ( http://www.writeups.org/img/inset/Komptin_h2.jpg ) steps into the light and shakes it, accepting his offer.
    Behind him is Chomper, now a full grown Kaliman retriever. (A picture of Gullit, his old puppy: http://static.comicvine.com/uploads/...1-negation.jpg )

    A bit of backstory may be needed for these two.
    -Komptin was the warden where Kaine and the rest were held prisoner in the beginning of the Negation storyline. When they escaped he pursued them accross the universe in such a psychotic frenzy he even killed his brother and mother. He would kill Kaine at any cost.
    -Chomper is a Kaliman retriever, which essentially means REALLY BIG DOG. Komptin had one in the old Negation run named Gullit who was extremely deadly... And pretty cute. Another alien specie of the Negation though wiped out 99.9% of all of them in the universe leaving a puppy named Chomper as one of the only ones left. Kaine found it and made it the ship mascot for awhile... And then CrossGen went bankrupt.
    Apparently Tony had intended for Kaine to "replace" Komptin's old dog by giving him Chomper. I felt that was a good pregression for the Komptin/Kaine relationship and kept that in cannon.
    We'll see how that effects Komptin down the road...

    That's it for #2. Pretty short and easy to sum up... Maybe I'll have time to do #3 soon...

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    I promised Negation #2 was setting up the rest of the year for nonstop action... And Negation #3 delivers.
    So, let's get right to it:

    Negation #3

    Our story opens in a field. Tall grass, the sun is shining and there are brilliant colors everywhere.
    We're not there to see the scenery though.
    Every Danik Entity is there, comunning with one another.
    I can't recall which Cross Gen book it was in, but there was an issue where several "Danik's" had come together and were floating around a bring "human shaped light." Same idea here. They are all floating in a circle discussing issues that several of them are having. The conversation is chaotic. Without Danik there to unite them as one it is impossible for them to relate to one another. Keep in mind, most of them were different pieces of his personality. Some of them have no purpose (since their sigil bearer is dead). Others are concerned about what happened to Danik. Still others fear the threat of Apollyon.

    Then, Danik, mortal & beaten stumbles out of the nearby treeline. One of the Daniks (Which I will from here on refer to as "Orange Eyes"), most likely Wynture notices him. She interrupts the other Orange Eyes' conversation and rushes with some others to his side. While they are consoling him, he doubles over and vomits a bunch of gross goop.
    The goop takes form... And is Apollyon!!
    Apollyon and his monsters rush the Orange Eyes. It is a massacre. Some Orange Eyes are torn in half, others get stabbed... You get the picture.
    I know, I know... Orange Eyes are Super Powerful!!
    But between being caught off guard and the sheer number of adversaries they are ill equipped to defend themselves. Obviously they try, but the ones that go one on one with Apollyon do not fare well.
    In all the chaos Enson takes charge. He orders all of the Orange Eyes who still have living Sigil Bearers to leave and continue their mission.

    Apollyon, in the middle of his killing spree is calling out anyone who can lead him to Kaine. Je'Meerik Meer decides to put Apollyon down, but Enson stops him. He tells Meer that they have amore important job. The need to protect Zamida.
    So, while the rest of the Orange Eyes hold off Apollyon's horde and handfull of them teleport away with Zamida.

    Alright, at this point I feel I need to clarify some things.
    First: Don't get upset about me killing Orange Eyes. I didn't kill them all. As a matter of fact, despite saying this book was using all the CrossGen characters I pretty much ignored Scion & Sojourn (with the exception of Skink's cameo). This was because I felt they had stories with "endings." I'm not here to "ruin" CrossGen, my goal was to do something with the pieces left over.

    Second: I said a handfull of Orange Eyes escaped at the end of the battle. You're going to need to know who they are if you plan on continuing your reading over the next several weeks.
    -Zamida. I introduced her a few weeks ago as Kaine's guide. I'll leave it at that.
    -Enson. ( http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedi..._The_First.jpg ) Enson was Seahn's (one of the First) guide. With Seahn dead Enson is freed up to use as I please. He plays the role of "leader" for this group. He has a level head and is BIG too. Great combination.
    -Wynture. ( http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedi..._The_First.jpg ) Wynture was the polar opposite to Enson in the old CG comics. Now she represents the closest thing to empathy this little group has.
    -Ja'Merik Meer. ( http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedi...erik_Sigil.jpg ) Simply put: Friggin awesome. Meer was always one of my favorite versions of Danik because he never considered the consequences to his actions. Meer jumps in with both feet no questions asked... Which build a very interesting relationship with Enson in my run.
    -Too-Too. Cassie's guide from Route 666 he's a ghost. Super scary, super awesome.
    Of course I've got a few of my own aswell:
    -Princess of Helix world. Sadly I never gave some characters official names, they just had placeholder names. This woman was meant to be Johnny Jumpjet's mentor. The catch? She's like 12 feet tall. A reoccuring joke in my Negation run was going to be about Johhny being interested in taller women. That's because where he's from all the women are taller than men... By a lot.
    -Javi's doctor mentor. We got to meet him in Mark of Charon. He seemed like a good "fit" to be Javi's "Danik in Disguise."
    -Westin's Dad. Essentially a screw up and a$$hole he never did anything to put Westin on the right path as a kid, which is how he became a theif in the first place.
    -Drake's first mate. A female pirate with long red hair.

    Alright, back to it.
    We jump back to Kaine's crew. Liz doubles over in pain. She can barely stand. Kaine helps her up, but she has horrible news. To quickly remind anyone who might not remember, Liz ate a piece of Zamida's hair in the old Negation run and gained some amount of Orange Eye abilities from that.
    That rears it's ugly head here as she can feel most of the Orange Eyes die at Apollyon's hands. She is not able to discern which ones are among the dead, so she tells Kaine that Zamida has probably been killed.

    Kaine does not have time to think about it though, since he is called to the bridge. Their ship has just come across a derelict space ship that barely still operates. They hail the ship and all onboard are shocked to see Fluxor's old crew appear on the view screen.
    But aren't they dead!?!?!
    Come back next week to find out...

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    You're welcome and I'll keep reading.

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    Awesome summaries, Nestle. I wish Marvel would have taken you up on the idea. Thanks for posting them.
    "God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, And wisdom to know the difference." Reinhold Niebuhr

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