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    Lucky Byrne

    It was all falling apart, this wasn't how things were supposed to go. When Lucky had entered the arena, he had had a plan. He, Yvonne, Quint, and Titus were supposed to make it to the end. Then he'd come out as the victor. But Titus had to jump ship fast for that girl in Three. She wasn't that hot to risk dying for. Plus, only one was going to make it out of here alive. Then Yvonne and Quint had to keep screwing things up.

    "Screw you. I hope that things eats both of you!"

    He yelled at Quint and Yvonne. He was done with them both. They were going to get him killed. He was going to be better off on his own. They were both going to hold him back. Quint had went off the deep end and Yvonne had no loyalty. Besides she was bleeding, the monster could smell that. He took off running the opposite direction of the shriek.
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    Yvonne Morrison


    Yvonne exclaimed in shock. How dare Lucky just leave her here? Not with their enemies and a monster on the loose!

    "Lucky, you asshole, get back here!"

    She yelled at him and doubled over in pain. She was bleeding badly now.

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