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    Shon Dietrich

    He lay on the ground panting for a few minutes, unable to move even if he wanted to. The lizard had mostly made it through, its tail shorn off by the boulder. The sickly smell of dead animal lingered in the air and stuck to the roof of his mouth. Eventually, he rolled himself to a kneeling position to better face his companions. Like Maia, he was done.

    “Yeah, I’m okay. But I could definitely use a rest too. Even just an hour.”

    He pulled himself away from the creature and leaned against a boulder. His body was caked in sweat, but his jacket seemed to keep the draft off, so he wasn’t cold. Hopefully the tourniquet worked enough to keep him alive until they could figure out how to get a sponsor to send some medicine.


    The team would have a few hours rest, if they so chose to take it. About four hours after their near-death experiences, a low lizard growl would assault their ears, bringing everyone to instant wakefulness.
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    Bianca Ashby

    "You're right. I don't like it." She crossed her arms. "I promised Mouse that I would help her. And now you want me to kill her. And then when I've done that and you have what you want, you'll kill me." She narrowed her eyes thoughtfully, without anger. "So tell me, then, why should I help you? Why should it matter to me when you kill me? If I let you kill me now, it really makes no difference to me." She was torn. She wanted to help Dora, but not like this. She wanted to save her allies, but she wasn't sure if she was ready to sacrifice her life for them yet. Questioning Dora would buy her time to figure out what to do, and also to understand what Dora was really about. After all, if she had wanted to simply kill their allies, why hadn't she slain them on the spot? Why drag Bianca away just to tell her about a plan to kill them?
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    Dorian and Maia McCarroll

    Maia sunk to the ground, needing no more assent to her request to stop than her brother's. Shon's agreement helped her feel more at ease, but she barely heard him speak as she drifted into sleep. Her rest was fitful, her dreams assaulted by murderous Careers and giant lizard beasts. She woke with a start, seeing Dorian's resting form near her. She didn't know how long she'd slept, but she felt marginally better than she had earlier. Within moments, she heard the growling. "Dorian!" she said in a harsh whisper, shaking him, panic taking over.

    Dorian had more trouble falling asleep than his sister. He sat near her, replaying the day's events in his mind. It seemed like weeks had gone by, even though he knew it was really just the second day of the Games. His eyes grew heavy and he slid down next to Maia. He wanted to get some rest if he could.

    What seemed like a minute later, Maia was shaking him awake. The growling reverberated in the cavern. Dorian got to his feet, pulling Maia up with him. He couldn't see the panic on her face, but Dorian knew Maia was scared. He picked up her spear and handed it to her, then took his trident. Whatever was coming, they had to be ready to fight.
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    Fayth Hansen

    Fayth was helpless in the spider web. If Dash had wanted to, he could have easily slit her throat and Titus wouldn't have been able to stop him. As crazy as it sounded, in the short amount of time she had been with both boys, she trusted them. She trusted Dash to cut her free and for Titus to catch her. It was crazy to think those things in the arena where only one person was supposed to live, but Fayth did believe it.

    "I'm ready."

    She told Dash and knew that there wasn't much she could do brace herself for the fall. Once he cut her free, she would fall and all she could was hope that Titus would catch her.
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    Titus Adamson

    The whole game wasn't going the way Titus thought it would. He had planned to stick with the Careers and then back stab them all. Walk out as victor and use that money and fame to free his family of his father's debt. The first day had changed all of that. He couldn't stand being around Quint, Lucky, and Yvonne. None of them had been worth dying for and then there was Fayth. There was no way he could kill her or let her die here. And now there was Dash. After getting over his initial jealously of him, Titus liked him. He couldn't see himself killing him either. Perhaps Fayth was right, that Portmore did have a plan to get them all out of here. He positioned himself so that he could catch Fayth once Dash had cut her free.

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    Yvonne Morrison

    When they screeched, Yvonne knew that she had no way of avoiding the spiders. They had found her and she was determined to go out swinging. She hadn't been raised to just lay down and die. She was surprised to realize that they were mechanical. She knew she was in a losing battle because for every one she took out, more just took their place. When she was overtaken by the spiders, she whispered out.

    "I'm sorry I didn't win, Daddy."

    Her father had been a Peacekeeper, he was surely ashamed that his child wasn't going to win this year's Hunger Games. He had always expected so much of her and she hadn't measured up. She bit the inside of her lip to prevent from screaming out as one of the spiders bit her. The world went black and Yvonne was sure she was going to die. So it surprised her later to wake up and realize she was trapped in spider silk.

    "What the..."

    She tried to move but couldn't. She blinked as her eyes adjusted to the darkness and the girl realized she was in a globe shaped room. More importantly she wasn't alone.

    "Who's there?"
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    Mona Parr

    Mona nodded that they should sleep. She was exhausted - they all were - and as hard as it was to bring herself to relax at all, she'd be in a far more dangerous position if she dropped from sheer exhaustion. A little rest now could spare them greater trouble in the future.

    The lizard growl, however, brought her instantly to her feet with knife in hand.

    "We should get out of here," she said, in spite of the weapon she had just drawn. That was a last resort, if the creature backed them into a corner. They were too tired and too battered to fight another monster unless there was absolutely no alternative.
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    Dora Brighten

    "Because you're not a quitter," Dora said, and grinned suddenly. "If I thought you'd just lay down and die, I wouldn't have bothered trying to bring you with me. If you stay alive, you can still get the upper hand. You can still win - whatever winning means to you. And I don't think you'll just throw that away."

    At least, she hoped not. If Bianca was a coward or wasn't willing to fight for her own life, this wasn't going to work very well.

    "So we're going to give the audience a show. But first, we need to figure out what medicine I need. I have a cough and a fever. The cough is getting worse. I feel tired and disoriented. I'm pretty sure the infection started in my lungs. I plan to give the sponsors a taste of what they'll be getting if they send the medicine that will fix me. So go on, diagnose me."
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    Maggie Parr

    "It's M-m-maggie," the girl stuttered timidly when Yvonne called out to her. Maggie couldn't see very well. It was too dark. The other girl seemed to be immobilized, but Maggie knew that might be a trick. The blonde was a good fighter.

    "Don't come any closer! I have a gun!"

    Oops! That had just slipped out, but Yvonne wouldn't believe her. Tributes were never given guns. It would make things too easy, make the kills too clean.

    "I mean, a knife! And I know how to use it! So you'd better just let me go!"

    Maggie managed to reduce but not suppress the tremor of fear in her voice. She needed to find Mona. But where would she even start looking? And what would it accomplish, finding her sister when only one of them could get out of this alive?
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    Yvonne Morrison

    The name Maggie didn't register with Yvonne, although she hadn't taken time to learn all her competitors' names, just the ones she thought would be the biggest threat. When Maggie claimed to have a gun, Yvonne laughed.

    "Yeah right and I'm the President."

    The girl seemed to be as trapped as she was. Even if Yvonne wanted to kill her, she had no way to do it when she couldn't free.

    "Relax, I'm won't kill you..."

    "Yet..." Yvonne added silently in her head. Perhaps she could make her father proud of her after all. To win everyone would have to die but to do that she needed to get out of the spider web. She realized she had been too quick to dump the boys. If they found them, Quint and Lucky would be more likely to kill her then help her now. Instead she had to use this scared girl to get out of the web.

    "We need to get out of this web before those mechanical spiders come back."
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