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    In the Arena: Two for the Show

    In the Arena: Two for the Show

    The Second Arena Day of the Hunger Games
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    Gossamer Portmore, Lucretia Vane, and Dora Brighten

    Gossamer was reluctant to leave the pool - the area seemed relatively safe, and they had what appeared to be clean drinking water, given that none of them had yet keeled over. She encouraged her allies to drink as much as they wanted and to fill their bellies with mushrooms. It wasn't great fare, but at least it would keep them going. When they'd rested a little, though, she announced that it was time to move on.

    For one thing, the plan required them to scout the arena, and they'd scarcely begun. They wouldn't have unlimited time, and the other Tributes, in particular the other Careers, would become increasingly aggressive. They needed to find what they were looking for before they got picked off. Besides, this spot wouldn't stay very peaceful if they camped out long enough that the arena's controllers thought they had become boring. They filled their available vessels with water, then Gossamer signaled they should go. She had no firm destination - not yet. For now, they needed to explore as thoroughly as possible.

    As they scoured the twisted passageways branching out from the pool, the light of Gossamer's makeshift crystal flashlight providing a ghostly glow and casting weird shadows, Dora's cough increased noticeably, and Lucretia's condition steadily deteriorated. Lucretia became quiet - too quiet - and started to stumble. When Gossamer said they would stop to rest and pressed her hand to the other girl's forehead, she found Lucretia was burning up with fever.

    "Please don't leave me for them," Lucretia gasped. "They'll..."

    She didn't need to say it. They'd all watched previous Games. Most kills, whether out of malice or simple inexperience, were slow and painful.

    Lucretia grabbed at Gossamer's hand. "Just kill me. Please. Fast, so they won't."

    Gossamer shook her head. She gently pried her hand out of Lucretia's grip, so she could bend forward and give Lucretia a hug. Then she kissed the top of her head reassuringly. "Nope," she said. "No one is dying. No one is getting left."

    Dora coughed from behind Gossamer, and Gossamer turned irritably to face the younger girl from her district. Dora's expression was cold. "We should do what she says," Dora said bluntly. "We can't take her with us. She'll slow us down."

    "I said no," Gossamer said, and scrambled to her feet.

    She was still off balance when the rock in Dora's hand connected with her face. Gossamer took two solid hits before she managed to retaliate, and then the two girls engaged into a furious hand-to-hand combat. It was over in seconds; then Dora had a knife in her good hand, and Gossamer had pulled her knife from its sheath too.

    Dora whirled and turned her blade on Bianca. "Come on, Brainy," she said. "Let's leave these clowns. And no, that's not optional. I need you. For now, anyway."

    Mouse cried quietly in the background, unsure how her alliance had suddenly fallen apart. Dora coughed, but the knife blade didn't waver.
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    Mona Parr

    Mona wasn't going to object to any help Shon felt like offering. She allowed him to steady her, and as a result was able to focus as much of her energy as possible on getting the lizard through the gap. As the gap shrank, she gave one last tug and released the beast, reaching instead for Shon's hand. She allowed the natural backward momentum to carry them both as she fell, gravity working with the strength of her body to pull her ally through.

    She looked around, and realized she had no idea where they were. Mona sensed they were cut off. Trapped. No, she couldn't think of it like that. It was silly to manufacture terror when there was plenty of the real sort all around them. The Gamesmakers wouldn't allow four tributes the safety of isolation for long. Either there was a passage back, or in a matter of time there would be.

    There was gravel buried painfully in the scrapes on her palms, and she worked her hands against the material of her pants to try to dig it out. "Everyone alright?" she asked her allies shakily.
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    Quint Aaronson

    The frog toxin on the spear had proven... entertaining. Not as effective as Quint might have hoped, at least so far - they'd spotted the boy from Seven and had managed to wound him, and the resulting hallucinatory babble was amusing and gratifying. Even in his addled state, though, or perhaps because of it, the boy had proven surprisingly elusive, and had slipped away.

    For now, at least. They would get him in time. He was weak, and they were strong.

    "I can't wait to see what Portmore hallucinates about," Quint told Lucky with a cruel smile. "And our former ally, too."
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    Quote Originally Posted by Quaxo9 View Post
    It was a good thing that Yvonne had decided on running. The spiders were funneling out of the cave after the girl at an impressive rate. Time would tell if she had the speed and stamina to outrun them – or the brainpower to outthink them. The cave would seem eerily quiet once the spiders left. It would also appear that they had all gone after the girl from Two…at least at first.

    Yvonne Morrison


    Yvonne yelled as she twisted her ankle as she ran. She fell down in pain and looked over her shoulder. The spiders were still coming for her. What the hell was she going to do? She couldn't kill that many with her knives...Suddenly the frogs seemed like a much better alternative. In a vain effort to protect herself, she took cover behind a rock and gripped her knife. If she was going to die, she'd go down fighting. Her family was watching and they would expect no less from her.

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    Titus Adamson

    Titus tried not to breath as the spiders chased after Yvonne. He didn't want to accidentally alert them their attention to him. When he thought it was safe, he entered the cave. He was shocked to see that the spiders had put Fayth in their spider web.

    "You'll be okay, Fayth. We'll get you down."

    He told her and hoped that the spiders would be busy chasing Yvonne for a little while. He saw Dash was also in the cave and asked.

    "Dash? Can you reach her?"
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    Fayth Hansen

    In her panic, Fayth was vaguely aware that Dash had brought Yvonne to the cave. Her first thought was that he had decided to have the girl from Two help him kill her. She barely knew him and in the arena, it was everyone for themselves. Then she realized that Dash had lead one of the Careers into a trap. The spiders seemed to all chase after Yvonne and that left Fayth up in the web with Dash and now Titus to help her.

    "Please, hurry. I don't like it up here."

    She replied when Titus said they'd get her down.
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    Lucky Byrne

    For the first time since the Bloodbath, Lucky was having fun in the arena. Seeing what happened to the boy from Seven when they attacked him with the frog toxin was very amusing. How the boy got away from them, Lucky wasn't sure but now he was excited to use the toxin on some other people. He smiled cruelly back at Quint.

    "Me neither. Let's find one of those bitches."
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    Bianca Ashby

    Bianca followed Gossamer quietly. Lucretia's slowing pace and despondent mood caught her attention. She knit her brows, looking on with worry as Gossamer tested their fevering ally. She looked away from them, not wanting to confront Gossamer with the possibility that they would have to leave Lucretia behind to whatever rate might befall her.

    Her heart caught in her throat when Lucretia begged Gossamer to kill her quickly. She still stared in the opposite direction, but she knew that the expression on Gossamer's face would be one of hard resolve. She would of course defer to whatever decision Gossamer made. Bianca wasn't a leader. She never had been before the Arena, and she wasn't now. She stood silently until Dora spoke up.

    Dora's words made Bianca shiver. She agreed with Dora, she had to admit that much. At Gossamer's reply, Bianca turned back to the group, just in time to see the rock hit Gossamer. A gasp escaped her lips as the two girls from One fought each other. "Hey!" she shouted, a feeble attempt at breaking up the fight. But it was clear that they either hadn't heard her or didn't care.

    When Dora turned the knife on her, Bianca held her breath. It wasn't as if she hadn't expected Dora to betray them. She had. But she had thought she would have more time to convince the girl that Gossamer's plan was a good one. Bianca glanced at Gossamer, feeling torn between the two girls from District One. Gossamer was her savior, the one who would get her out of the Arena. But Bianca desperately wanted to be Dora's savior. She closed her eyes, hoping that she would find a way out of this mess before Dora decided she wasn't useful anymore.

    "I will come with you," she said, a note of exhaustion in her voice. "Willingly. So you can put that away." She motioned to the knife that Dora had turned on her. She met Dora's eyes briefly, and then looked away, waiting for Dora to make her next move.
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    Dash Wilsen

    Dash let out a breath quietly. He watched as the spiders funneled out of the cave after Yvonne. After a cursory check of his surroundings, he moved out from behind the rock. Titus had found the cave and was standing below him.

    "Yes, I can," Dash replied. "Throw me your knife. I'll climb up and cut her down." He glanced up at the cave wall between him and Fayth. It wouldn't be the easiest climb he'd ever done, but the wall had enough footholds for him to get close to her. "You'll have to catch her, though. I can't lower her down." He was sure Titus would have no problem with that, both because of his strength and his crush on Fayth.

    He reached his hand down, ready to accept the knife when Titus tossed it up.
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