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    Oh, I am very careful about the locking, fear not!

    The ninja did the smart thing and hid during the whole thing.
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    I'm glad you're careful about locking up under the circumstances.

    That ninja does sound pretty smart. May I ask who it is?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anne Elizabeth Baldwin View Post
    May I ask who it is?
    One of my cats.

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    Stay safe, MK. Before Teddy, Jen and I we saw a drug raid go down at our apartment complex. We had a great view of it through the window. Cops with sniper rifles and all. Definitely made us decide move once she was got pregnant with Teddy.

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    Wow, that's a little scary. Keep safe, MK.

    I tell you what, I want to stay until the end to get severance pay but I'm not sure how much longer I can put up with the questions:

    "Is the store really closing?" Yes, March 1st.

    "Why?" Corporate decision. Why not ask them (can't say that...)?

    "What are you going to do?" Find a new job, obviously. Not that my personal life is any of your business (can't say that but how I wish).

    "Where am I suppose to buy [insert product]?" How am I supposed to know? Figure it out (again, can't say that but I want to).

    To everyone upset the store closing effects them...You know what it sucks more is to find a new job to help my husband support our family. You survived with out the store before it opened and you'll survive again with it gone. Why not be more upset that people lost their jobs instead of crying about your stupid ink and copies.

    Honestly as much as I don't want to screw my manager over, he's a great boss and it's not his fault, if someone offers me a job before March 1st, I'll probably take it. I'm not sure how much my sanity can endure another month of these questions and dumb ass customers.

    (Thanks for listening/reading my little rant. Feels good to get off my chest.)

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    Wow, a lot going on. Let's see if I can catch some of it...

    MK: be easy and stay low. That type of neighborhood trouble will probably happen again.

    To all trying to make it out in this weird cold weather: please stay safe and warm! Too many folks are getting hemmed up by this mess.

    Jen: Sorry to hear about the store closing and all the questions you're getting. Definitely praying for your calm, perseverance, and the ability to scoop up another job quickly!
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    I'll be officially retired from the Air Force on 1 Feb. It's kinda weird. I've done this for 20 years, right out of high school. And now, I get to kick back, go to school, and chill for once in my life. Keeping things 100% real, I'm not sure how I feel about that sometimes.

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    Thanks, Shayne. Congrats on retirement. I'm sure retirement will be a nice change for you.

    I'm sick of winter...How long until spring?
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    Sorry of this is teaching grandmother to suck eggs, Mil, but make sure you have or find something to do. A month or three without the bind of having to get to the 'office' each morning is wonderful. A long spell of unemployment not only destroys the morale but also makes one ever less employable (been there.) Somewhere in the Air Force will be advice on what next: get all you possibly can.
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    5 more weeks, I can survive 5 more weeks and get my severance pay without strangling anyone.

    I won't miss the store when it's gone but I will miss my co-workers. I made some awesome friends there. I'm glad I have Facebook so I can keep in touch with them.

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