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    A belated happy birthday to Teddy!

    And I am finally belatedly getting some posts done.
    "Sleep to dream, and we dream to live..." -Great Big Sea

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    By the way, Anne, I also did manage to get myself to the doctor.

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    Thanks, MK. Teddy said he had a great birthday. Life has kept us busy for a while now. Super proud of Teddy, he got recruited to run Cross Country this fall for his school.

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    Awesome! I bet he's super excited about it!

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    That's wonderful! Congrats!

    Totally random aside: I saw a guy recently who looked exactly like Corey. I was about to embarrass myself by running over and doing the "Oh HI!" thing before I realized it was unlikely that Corey was hanging around a community services building in rural Western NY.

    Random aside #2: I took a trip to your cool state of Ohio a couple of weeks ago and it was really fun. I had trouble figuring out the road signs though.
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    Thank you, ladies. He is excited about it. With that and football, we'll busy this fall.

    Lol, MK. Yes, that is very unlikely. Although it sounds like he has a missing twin.

    And I hope you had fun. If you came to our town, you'd have been stuck with one way streets. Corey had trouble figuring them out when he first moved to my hometown.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sojourn View Post
    And I hope you had fun. If you came to our town, you'd have been stuck with one way streets. Corey had trouble figuring them out when he first moved to my hometown.
    I did! We had a very nice time. I don't think I was anywhere near you guys - I was in Sandusky - though my Ohio geography is admittedly spotty. I didn't notice excessive one way streets there, but I do think I looked pretty silly in my car at one point.

    I saw a sign we do not have in New York, which is "HC" with one of those red "no" circles with a line through it. I later found out it means no hazardous cargo, but at the time I assumed it meant no handheld cellphones. (Though I later joked to my friend that it was anti-me because of my initials. ) A mile or so after I started seeing those, I saw another sign that said something about "prepass" that I didn't get a chance to fully read, and I had a moment of panic that was what they had instead of EZPass. For a number of reasons that boil down to pure laziness, I use EZPass for tolls when I travel and I did not have any cash. I was driving alone (I met my friend there) and due to the previously mentioned no HC signs I didn't want to pick up my phone from my cup holder to even do a voice search. Normally my phone is overly sensitive and will respond if I say anything that sounds even remotely like "Okay Google," but that day it was just not doing that for whatever reason. I started yelling "Okay Google. Okay Google. OKAY Google. OKAY GOOGLE..." over and over until it finally started listening. I'm sure to other drivers I looked like I was just driving alone in my car screaming at nothing.

    On the plus side, my phone eventually replied that I could use my EZPass. On the way back the no HC signs were replaced by no HM signs (I assume hazardous materials? No idea why they needed a different one that still had no clarification) and I was thinking wow, they really want me gone.

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    I'm glad you got to the doctor, MK.

    And I'm very glad Teddy is doing so well. A good birthday, AND a place on the cross country team!

    That sounds like quite a trip, MK, confusing signs and all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anne Elizabeth Baldwin View Post
    I'm glad you got to the doctor, MK.
    Thanks! I have yet to get my bloodwork results back. I'm sure they're very busy.

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    I hope all the tests come back unremarkable, MK.

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