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    {GRIN} That's another good one! {SMILE}

    And Happy New Year, Everyone. {SMILE, BIG SMILE}

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    Boards have gone quiet apart from a bunch of spammers which I annihilated today. I'll stay quiet for a few weeks now, as the wife's just retired and we're off on holiday to New Zealand... See you mid-March
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    I hope you have given them proper burial. XD

    And enjoy the holiday! See you when you get back!

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    Have a fun trip, Xetal!
    "Sleep to dream, and we dream to live..." -Great Big Sea

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    Thank you for taking care of them, have a great time, Xetal.

    I'm here, just started my new schedule this week. Hopefully I'll get into the groove of things very soon.

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    Nice, hope you get used to it soon!

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    I hope you have a nice trip, Xetal. I see you should still be on it, since it's just Girl's Day (March 3). {SMILE}

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    Well, Dave may not be reading this, but New Zealand RAWKS!!!! I got within a few miles of his town on the beautifu South Island (Google Queenstown, New Zealand for an idea of how the best parts look.) We had a wonderful time and I'm not April fooling.

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    That's wonderful, Xetal! I'm so glad you had a great time in the southern hemisphere!
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