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    Very belated, but congrats Xetal on the grandbaby.

    Also, Teddy is getting too old...Kids really do make time go fast. He's a good kid, though. Couldn't ask for a better one.

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    Belated thanks, OP

    Last Tuesday I had a bit of a reminder of my mortality when I had a bleed on the brain. Far less damaging than a clot, but a stroke nonetheless. I didn't even have a headache, just serious vertigo and nausea plus a cold sweat and going very pale indeed. My blood pressure and temperature were below normal. Even the ambuilance guys didn't think I'd had a stroke after their rather more sophisticated than 'FAST' checks. It was only the suddenness of the onset that decided the doc in Emergency to run a scan and there it was, near the cerebellum, the bit of the brain at the base of the skull just above the spine. Apparently when that's the area of the stroke the symptoms aren't the usual ones, but just the ones I had.

    They sent me to a specialist stroke unit and scanned and tested me to distraction. They still don't know the cause (I'll have another scan in a week or two when the detritus clears) but as I had all my faculties still functioning they sent me home without even any meds (the only ones they usually prescribe are to lower blood-pressure, but mine's normal so none required.)

    So all is well, I've been warned off overdoing it at the gym and drinking more than a little (sorry Old Peculier, it's just a drop of red wine for a while.) It's against the law for me to drive for a month after a stroke, however small (as this one was) and I get tired more easily than usual which is no surprise. So strokes aren't as simple as the FAST test would have you believe, and maybe I've been lucky to even have mine diagnosed. Take it easy, they said, and that comes naturally to a retired guy like me. I shall enjoy it even more than heretofore!
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    Shoot, Xetal! What a scary circumstance to find yourself in! I am glad you are not (much) worse for wear and that you had some attentive EMTs and doctors around to give you the proper care. Thanks for letting us know what's going on with you! Take care and yes, do relax and avoid the gym.
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    Yikes, Xetal! Glad the story had a (reasonably) happy ending and you're okay. Hang in there, and take care of yourself! *hugs*
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    Thanks, guys, all hugs help me heal and there have been no more incidents for Mrs X. to worry about

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    ::Ninja smokes in::

    HI Everyone!

    ::Ninja smokes out::
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    You're welcome.

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    *grabs at smoke tendrils*


    Hehe - good to see you, Mil! How's life been treating you?

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    Good to see you, Mil!

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    Life has been going good! The family is going good (Baby #5 is now 2 months old and her older siblings are already plotting to rule the world) I'm out of school and the practice is blossoming beyond expectations.This dude has been busy! How about y'all?

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    Retired and routine - except for the grandson-sitting

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