The Triad

has come for me

The shadow
flees below

My soul is torn
the duality scorn

we are saved

No light can reach me now, I am swallowed whole
It in in darkness I discover of friend...of foe

Seasons foreshadowing nights of ice
My Triad is obtained at a price

Somber fire learn to rage with flame
no other from my lips to blame

The Triad I seek need not be sought
never has it ever been bought

but within has always survived
within me My Triad survives...

Greetings, this is my first try into exploring posting so Im not sure how this will work but i'm throwing myself to the wolves so to say, but i'd like to see poetry from others beyond my own, thank you for reading and if you so choose, sharing your own poetry or even constructive criticism. May you all be well.