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Thread: Wisdom Wisher

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    Wisdom Wisher

    Wisdom Wisher

    OOC: Any are welcome to join in this RP, I like the sound of the challenge to "go with the flow" This is the introduction of Willo, who she is and where she is now, If you like The RP Please join in and help me write this story, I am very excited to be here.

    Wisdom wisher

    Willo Starred at the ground of her mother's hall, propped up by her hands, Rune's caws echoed through the stones walls. Valkyujra, Willo's Mother sat in her stone throne a glowing blue crystal seeping up her feet to her knees. Willo could not speak as she looked up to see her mother smile down at her as she spoke.

    "Willo It is time for you to Embark on your own adventure, travel to the south, Those you find will have the answers and some will not. I cannot go with you this time. love."

    Willo's eyes swelled with tears, the 21 year old glared up to her mother the crytal curse nearing her breast.


    Valkyujra hushed her daughter gently and held her smile," you must go now, child...you must run"

    "but mother..."


    Willo shook as she stood, rune swooped through the window and the black crow clung to Willo's silver shoulder plate as she ran from the stone halls she grew up in thru the door into... the darkness. Valkyujra's smile encased in crystal she sat petrified in her throne, looking down to where he daughter sat.

    Willo Ran fast as the pillars of crystal ripped up through the grounds around her village, south, she flew as fast as her legs would carry her her. night fell fast as she ran through the southern wood. she looked around inthe night the snow freezing her feet, but still she moved forward. Rune's caw echoed through the trees as a tiny man stood before them on the path. as he stepped forward Willo backed away one step for every one of his. he spoke out to the girl,

    "I can help you deary, I can grant you a wish, anything you wish, for a fair price that is"

    Willo furrowed her brows and starred at the tiny shadow of a man and replied,

    "What do you mean?"

    "Depends on what you Wish deary"


    The man said,"I know about your village, and you'll never save them as you are now, the young ignorant thing you are now"

    Willo's anger faded to fear, a fear for her people, for her mother, her home...

    "I...wish, I.....I wish for wisdom"

    The man's smile was all that cuaght the light from the moon as he slowly lifted his hand, " So it shall be done " and snapped his fingers. when he did this Willo yelled out and clutched her face then from beneath her hand blood poured down her face through her white linens. She screamed out in pain and fell to her knees seeing nothing but white, the light blinding her into a sleep, she hit the snowy ground. the mysterious man turned and began to walk away Willo's silver left eye in his hand.

    Willo woke with blurred vision covered in a layer of snow, Rune's caws reaching her ringing ears at last he warned her again and again of the dawn. standing she ripped at her linens and pulled them into long peices as quickly as she could, the pain filled her head and shot through her body. wrapping her head she covered her bloody face where an eye once saw and struggled forward , rune flying above head.

    At dawn she would come of age, When the sun peeked over the horizon she would be grant a flawed gift by her gods and carry out their doing, in their name spread light where she could, but the this day she had dreaded and remained unready for. further south she pushed on leaving a trail of bloody snow behind her. The snowy trees loomed over her in the Twilight.
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