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Thread: The Early Years

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    The Early Years

    The Early Years

    ((This is a prequel thread for Rachel, Chase, and Nathan. The three characters that Corey and I originally created for the Neshephton story line but then moved over here. Most of this thread will be re posts of what happened there, just changed a little to better suit the Underworld setting. We'll also post other people's character posts that directly affected our own characters.))

    Unlike most countries of the world where the immortals are thought to be myths, there is a small island off the coast of New Zealand that knows Vampires and Lycans exist. Many centuries ago Vampires were almost hunted to extinction in New Zealand by a group of religious fanatics. The Dzepina Coven escaped, finding refuge on a small island that no human traveled too. It was thought to be cursed, people who traveled there never returned. Although the reality was that vicious Lycans longed lived there and brutally killed anyone who came into their territory. The Dzepinas were determined to survive and start new lives. They fought the Lycans, hunting them almost to extinction like the humans had them. The Lycans retreated to the woods and the Vampires created a new home. Spreading the word to other Covens that had humans trying to eliminate them that Neshephton could be their home, under the condition that they knew the Dzepinas were the rulers of this new home. Seeking refuge from the immortal hunters, other Covens made new homes in Neshephton. One such Coven was the Lucianos, they did not just blindly follow the rule of the Dzepinas, however. The Lucianos were the most vocal in how how the Dzepinas treated humans that shared their island. Although the Dzepinas had wanted a new home, they had quickly realized they could not survive with out humans to provide them blood and started to allow humans to migrate and build cities on their island. They lured them with the promise of riches and freedom from the rule of the British Empire. The largest city that was established by humans was called Radiance City and it borders Neshepton, with a deep chasm dividing the human city from the Vampires. A bridge is all that connects the two cities and humans are generally left alone with the understanding they donate to the blood banks to keep the Vampires alive. The Dzepinas wanted to treat all humans as slaves, while the Lucianos believed that humans should be treated with respect. No longer happy with sharing the city, Caldorian Lucianos led his family to kill the Dzepinas and have the city and rule of the country for himself. He succeeded in killing all but two of the Dzepnia girls, who escaped him. Although he cursed the younger one, Marisol, to be a child forever. Caldorian's rule was short lived, his younger siblings realized that he had gone mad with power and had him killed. As much as it pained them to do so. For many years the Lucianos ruled the country, maintaining a peace with the humans and keeping the Lycans at bay. Peace cannot always last, however. As humans became comfortable in their new home, some have maniuplated religion to suit their own needs. Wanting to rid their country of the "demons" that ruled it. Other Vampires are not thrilled with the rule of the Lucianos. All in all, various factors planted the seeds for war...
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    Chase Bardou

    When the Dzepina Vampires had established their new home, the Lycans that had called the island their home for hundreds of years, found themselves on the verge of extinction. A large weakness for the Lycans was that many of the various Packs refused to work together. Before the Vampires had fled mainland New Zealand, the Lycans often had territorial wars. One would have thought that a new threat would have banded them together but it hadn't. The Packs not killed, fled to the woods to survive. While not extinct, the Lycans never were able to regain their former glory on the island. One thing humans and Vampires could always agree on was that Lycans were beasts and should be killed on sight. Most Packs have opted to remain in hiding and keep small. The Bardous is one of those Packs. It only consist of six members, five Lycans and one human female. The Alpha is Charles Bardou, the older of the last Alpha's two sons. James Bardou was the last Alpha, he died from a run in with the religious nuts in Radiance City. His younger brother is Harold, who is married to a Lycan named Clara. Clara's Pack had been destroyed by Vampires when she was a teenager. She had escaped and James had welcomed her into the Pack. They have one a child, a son named Jackson. The sole human of the Pack is named Serena and is Charles' wife. Serena had grown up on a farm near the woods where the Bardous lived. Despite the hatred humans and Lycans generally had towards each other, Serena and Charles fell in love. They have one son, named Chase. The Bardous have always tried to be self reliant and Charles and Harold have raised their sons sheltered from the Vampire and human cities. Chase and Jackson were each other's only playmates growing up. It has kept both their sons safe but it also made Chase think at a young age that there was something wrong with him. He would wish to do things like normal kids could do. Things his mother had done until she married his father. Go to school, go to a store, have friends...He had a desire to "fix" himself. Cure the virus that he was born with and make himself "normal". He eventually decided to become a doctor. He always wanted to help people in need but more then anything, he wanted to cure himself. Chase and his cousin Jackson were standing near the main doorway of the Bardou Family home, ready to leave for Radiance City. After years of arguing and pleading with his father and uncle, Chase was finally going to study medicine at the university and Jackson was going to make sure nothing happened to him in town. Charles was seeing them out. Chase looked a lot like his father but had the blond hair of his mother. Jackson, though, had brown hair like his father Harold and his uncle Charles.

    "I expect you two back home every night."

    Charles told the boys, not happy with the idea but he realized that Serena was right. He couldn't shelter Chase forever. Eventually he could cause him to run away and he could get killed. At least this way, Jackson would be with him.

    "We know, Dad."

    Chase replied, slightly annoyed that his father treated him like a child and not a young man. He was twenty two years old, not six years old any more.

    "I mean it. Do not draw attention to yourselves. Do not associate with humans more than you have to. Do not any under circumstances-"

    Jackson rolled his eyes as his uncle proceeded to talk to them like they were little boys. He was four years older then Chase but they might as well still be children the way Charles acted.

    "Don't worry, Uncle Charles, we won't go around Radiance City in full Lycan form."

    He said with a grin. It was meant as a joke but Charles didn't find it very funny.

    "I would hope not!"

    "Dad, I'm going to be late for my first day of classes if you keep this up."

    Chase told him and was happy to see his mother coming in. Serena knew how protective Charles was of both boys but she also knew that Charles wasn't helping by being overprotective.

    "Let them go, Charles, they'll be fine."

    She gave her son and nephew hugs.

    "Be careful, dears."

    Chase and Jackson promised they would and said goodbye and headed out the door. Charles sighed as he looked at his wife.

    "I'm still not sure about this."

    "I know but Chase wants to do this more than anything. We can't hide him here forever."

    "At least he'd be safe here."

    "Jackson will be with him."

    "I know, it's just...If anyone ever finds out there are two Lycans in the city, they'll-"

    Worried filled Charles' eyes, even if his own family didn't hunt humans and tried to leave the rest of the world alone, they still lived with the stigma of being Lycans. They could not control what they were, all the Lycans in this Pack had been born that way, not turned. Serena was worried too but she also knew worrying wouldn't do much good. She squeezed her husband's hand and told him.

    "Don't think like that. The boys are smart, they'll take care of themselves."

    "I hope so."

    Charles told Serena but he couldn't but worry about the two of them being on their own in Radiance City even if it was only a few hours a day so Chase could attend classes.
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    Rachel Connor

    In Radiance City there is a tavern run by Emma Larkson with the help of her niece Rachel Connor. Rachel's parents died three years ago in a drunk driving accident. Rachel sometimes felt it was her fault, she was the reason they had been on that road that day. They had a meeting to go to but they had always picked her from school. She had taken her time, wanting to hang out with her friends and thus made them late. If she hadn't done that, then they wouldn't have been on the road at the same time as the driver...but counselors and her aunt told it wasn't her fault. It was an accident, Rachel tried not to blame herself, but losing both her parents suddenly was hard. Especially when both her parents had been doctors and she hadn't always got to spend a lot of time with her. They always thought they'd have more time...Rachel loved her aunt but she couldn't replace her parents, not that Emma ever tried. Emma was actually closer in age to niece then she had been her own sister. She was sure that Steven and Elizabeth would have been very proud of the young woman Rachel was becoming. Emma and Rachel were close, Emma always had babysat Rachel for her parents when they were working. She used to joke that Rachel was her youngest employee. Emma's tavern is a popular place with the students because it's only a short walking distance from the university. Rachel and Emma lived in an apartment above the tavern. Rachel was coming out of the kitchen area and looked at her aunt, who was wiping down the bar with a rag.

    "Okay, Aunt Emma, I got every thing set for the lunch rush."

    "Thanks, dear. You better hurry along or you'll be late for your first day of classes."

    "Oh right!"

    Rachel hadn't even realized what time it was. She was so used to helping her aunt with the tavern. Especially since she graduated high school and been helping out all summer waiting for fall classes to begin at the university.

    "I see you in a few hours."

    Rachel said with a smile and Emma gave her a quick hug.

    "Have a good day."

    Emma told Rachel as her niece grabbed her stuff off of one of the bar stools and rushed out the door.
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    Chase Bardou

    Chase and Jackson had to park the car they had drove from their home towards the city a distance from Radiance City. Their families did not want anyone that might suspicious of the two young Lycans to follow them and find where the Pack lived. They had to walk the distance from where they parked the car to Radiance City. As they walked, Chase said to Jackson.

    "I can't believe how my dad was acting. You think we were kids."

    Chase was still annoyed how his father acted. He wasn't a child and his father needed to realize that. Jackson shrugged.

    "I'm sure my dad would have done the same if he wasn't hunting."


    Chase replied. Jackson stopped walking and looked at Chase.

    "Are you sure you want to this? We can turn back."

    Chase was surprised and also annoyed at the question.

    "Yeah, I'm sure. You know I've wanted to study medicine for a long time."

    Chase had told Jackson his dream of being a doctor and being able to cure the virus that caused them to Lycans. While Chase had a problem with being a Lycan, Jackson did not.

    "I know, but why?"

    "You know why!"

    "Why do you want to 'cure' us so bad? Are you ashamed of what you are?"

    "No! It's just....Why should our family be outsiders and hated because of something that isn't our fault? We were born this way, we leave the humans and the Vampires alone but yet if either of them saw us they would kill us without question. Don't you want to stop hiding from the rest of the world?"

    Chase said. He didn't like having to hide from the world. What was wrong with wanting to be normal? Jackson felt he was normal and didn't see why Chase wanted to deny what he was.

    "Screw the rest of the world! I'm happy the way I am and if they don't like it then I don't give a rat's ass. But...I guess this is important to you. So as long as you want to attend the university, I'll be there. Someone's got to protect your ass."

    Jackson said with a smirk on his face. Chase returned the smile.

    "Thanks, Jackson."

    When the cousins got to the city they made an effort not to draw unwanted attention to themselves. They were walking towards the university when they were passing Emma's tavern. Jackson commented as he sniffed the air.

    "Hmm...I think I'll be checking that place out while you're in class. The food smells good."

    "Yeah, it does. So what exactly are you going to do while I'm in classes since you didn't want to study anything?"

    Chase asked his cousin. Jackson's parents had tried to talk him into talking classes at the university because they worried he would get into trouble as he waited for Chase to get out classes but he refused. He wasn't interested in studying.

    "Hmmm.....I'll quietly sight see."

    Jackson replied with a smirk on his face when he saw a pretty woman walk by. Chase shook his head with a smile when he saw what his cousin was interested in sight seeing.
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    Rachel Connor

    Rachel was running late, she kept getting stopped by people who knew her from Emma's tavern. They wanted to make small talk and ask what today's special was. Ask her if she was excited to start the university. Asking what she was going to study. She never realized how people she knew from working at the tavern or how long a short distance from the tavern to the university could actually take her. She rushed down the street, trying to be polite to people like her parents had taught her to be and how Aunt Emma would expect her to act towards customers. She wasn't watching where she was going. She ended up running literally into Chase's back. She gasped as she dropped her books and school supplies all over the street. Her face turned bright red when she realized what she did.

    "Oh my God! I am so, so sorry."

    She said dropping to her knees to gather her stuff. She was so nervous after what she did, she started to ramble.

    "I was running late and I didn't see you there. I should have looked. I'm really sorry. I-"
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    Chase Bardou

    Chase knew perfectly well that his cousin wasn't going to be seeing the buildings in Radiance City. He was teasing him as they walked towards the university.

    "Oh? And what will you be sight-"

    He growled under his breath when Rachel ran into his back. A second later, he dropped the heavy medical book he was carrying on his own foot which caused him to growl under his breath again.

    "Well, you should-"

    He turned around in anger to yell at the person who ran into him and stopped short when he saw Rachel on her knees rambling about how sorry she was. He was taken aback by how pretty she was. Since his family was isolated in the woods he wasn't used to seeing girls, especially pretty ones. Chase stood there like an idiot, not saying anything for a few moments. He just stared at Rachel. Jackson watched his cousin's reaction and coughed very loudly with a smirk on his face.

    "She should what, Chase?"


    Chase muttered and shook his head, he felt like he was coming out of a daze.

    "She should not be sorry. It was an accident after all."

    Chase said bending down to help Rachel gather her things that she dropped on the street. He handed her one of the books and was surprised to see it was the same one he dropped on his foot.

    "You're in Human Anatomy 101 too?"
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    Rachel Connor

    "Maybe but I still should have been looking where I was going. My aunt is always-"

    Rachel continued to ramble even after Chase said it was an accident. She always rambled when she flustered. She looked at him in surprise, though, when handed her the book. She had expected that the guy she ran into was in the same class as her.

    "Yeah. You're a first year medical student too?"

    Rachel asked him and then blushed. She suddenly realized how cute the guy she had ran into was.
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    Chase Bardou

    "Yeah, actually today is my first day at the university."

    Chase told her with a nod of his heah and helped her to her feet after they gathered up all of Rachel's things she dropped. He picked up his own book and said.

    "I'm Chase Bardou and this is my cousin, Jackson."


    Jackson said with a smile and gave Rachel a small wave.
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    Rachel Connor

    "Chase... what a nice name", Rachel thought and smiled.

    "It's nice to meet you, guys. I'm Rachel Connor. And I..."

    Whatever else Rachel was going to say was suddenly forgotten. A loud church bell was heard throughout the campus. The bell ran on the top of every hour and also signaled the start of classes.

    "...and we are now late for class."

    She said shaking her head, great way to start the first day of classes by showing up late to her very first class at the university.
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    Chase Bardou

    "So we are."

    Chase replied, not that concerned about being late at all. "You're not a bad reason to be late," he thought to himself. Jackson watched the looks between Rachel and his cousin and said.

    "Well, I got some sightseeing to do. Have fun in classes, Chase."

    He said with a smile and it took Chase a moment to remember that Jackson was with him. He nodded his head.

    "...Right....Where did you want to meet?"

    "By that tavern we passed."

    Jackson replied and Chase nodded his head again.

    "Okay. I'll see you this afternoon."

    "Yup. Nice meeting you, Rachel."

    Jackson said with a smile as he walked away. Chase then turned to Rachel.

    "I guess we'd better get to class. Better late then never. Right?"
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